OPI Natural Nail Strengthener Review

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You all know by now how much I love nail paints.  They are the most-used makeup items from my kitty. 😉 I change them every week and sometimes it’s more than once a week. 😉 And the shade doesn’t depend on the trend or weather, but my mood. 😛 As much as I love well-painted nails, taking care of them is equally important so that the nail lacquer goes on smoothly and does not harm the health of my nails. Using a good base coat is equally important which helps nail lacquer to adhere to nails for a longer time and also prevents nails from staining too. I used base coat regularly too, but still my nails chip, break, and peel off! I have tried massaging them with olive oil, even argan oil, but these remedies take time to show some effect. Then, I bought OPI Natural Nail Strengthener and hoped that this product will work and help my nails recover. Let us move onto the review and see how this product fared. Did it live up to its name or not.
OPI Natural Nail Strengthener

Product Description:
Builds in layers of protection to help natural nails grow strong.

How To Use:
Apply to clean, dry nails with cuticles pushed back.

USD 9 for 0.5 fl oz/15 ml (price may vary from store to store).

My Experience with OPI Natural Nail Strengthener:

OPI Natural Nail Strengthener comes in the standard OPI nail lacquer bottle. The cap is long and I like it as it makes holding the brush easier. The brush is broad and covers my nails in just two strokes. However, it might be an issue for girls with smaller nails, but I personally like it as it means less work for me. 😉
Nail strengthener bottle

The consistency of the product is just like any other nail lacquer. It is not very thick or thin, and goes on the nails easily. The bottle I have, has been in the use for around 5 months or so, and the consistency is still the same; it has not become thick or goopy. I apply it every single time, before applying nail lacquer, and hardly 1/4th of the bottle has been used up because a single coat is good enough. It dries pretty quickly.
Nail strengthener

By the time I am done with my second hand, nails of my first hand are dry and good for nail paint application. Sometimes, I just apply it on its own and it gives a healthy shine to my nails. I apply it even when I want to give my nails a break from color.  Nail paints go over easily on this and it protects my nails from staining too. It does not makes my nail paint fade or chip easily, however, it doesn’t even extend the staying power of paints.
Nail strengthener brush

I have been using it from the past 4-5 months now and have seen a lot of difference in my nails. Prior to using this, my nails had become very thin and used to break on and off. I love long nails, but somehow, with regular breaking of nails, this was not achievable. But with regular usage, my nails have become stronger. They don’t peel or flake and are not brittle anymore. There is no chipping or breaking either.
Finger swatch

Pros of OPI Natural Nail Strengthener:

  • Even and smooth application.
  • Broad brush aids in easy application.
  • Gives healthy shine to the nails, on its own.
  • Protects my nails from staining.
  • Consistency is just right.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Made my nails stronger.
  • My nails do not chip or peel or flake.

Cons of OPI Natural Nail Strengthener:

  • None for me.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend OPI Natural Nail Strengthener?
I would definitely recommend it to everyone who worry about weak nails. I like this product but I have been using it for so long now that I am bored. 😛 I might try some other product but will repurchase it again if I do not find anything better in this price range.

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