OPI Spotlight on Glitter – Chasing Rainbows Review

OPI Spotlight on Glitter – Chasing Rainbows

Hi glittery gals!

I have another glitter for you so brace yourselves. This is another one from OPI Spotlight on Glitter collection and it’s called Chasing Rainbows. I had reviewed Blush Hour from this collection before. So how did this one perform? Read on.

Product claim: OPI presents a selection of glitters that are extraordinarily bright, unapologetically colourful, and undeniably fun. That’s a lot of excitement to put in a bottle! New particle shapes and sizes make these glitters out-of-the ordinary. So versatile, you can wear them on their own or layer them over regular lacquer shades to add depth and turn the sparkle up a notch.

OPI Spotlight on Glitter - Chasing Rainbows

All OPI Nail Lacquers contain No DBP, Toluene, & are Formaldehyde Free.

Price: 9$/ 0.5oz

My take on OPI Spotlight on Glitter – Chasing Rainbows:

Chasing Rainbows is a multicolor glitter in clear base. It is a mixture of small and large hexagonal glitters. You can see rainbow colours. Majority consists of silver glitter along with green, blue, fuchsia, orange and yellow glitters.

The glitter pay off is very good. It is almost opaque in two coats. It dries quite fast. The finish is not gritty even after two coats. It has none of Blush Hour’s problems. The base dries smooth and clear.

OPI Spotlight on Glitter - ChasingRainbows

It is not thick so you don’t have to be afraid of a goopy mess on layering. You can wear this alone and you will literally have little disco balls on your finger tips. Perfect for evening parties. You can layer this over other colors like I have done here.

OPI Spotlight onGlitter - Chasing Rainbows

If you are in to glitter nail paints, then this becomes a must have multi color glitter in your stash. Only problem is the availability in India.

Pros of OPI Spotlight on Glitter – Chasing Rainbows:

Beautiful multicolor glitter
Great glitter pay off
Dries fast
Non gritty finish

OPI Spotlight on GlitterChasing Rainbows

Cons of OPI Spotlight on Glitter – Chasing Rainbows:

Availability in India

IMBB Rating: 5/5

OPI Spotlight on Glitter – Blush Hour
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