Orange Peel Off Face Mask Review-Everyuth Natural Golden Glow, Lala Peel Powder


Who does not like the look, smell, and taste of orange. Orange is the most favored fruit from the citrus family with lots of vitamin C that does a whole lot of good to the body and skin, but think of orange peel as a beauty product. In fact, in my teens, when I had acne-prone skin, I used to dry orange peels under the sun and powder them to a fine consistency to be used along with Fuller’s earth and honey to get a radiant and blemish free skin. I always had an affinity towards orange and papaya, and if any beauty product mentions orange and papaya as its ingredients, I cannot simply let it go. So, this time, orange came before me in a peel-off avatar. I got my hands on it while on a trip to Gujarat. This peel-off mask with orange peel extract is from EverYuth Naturals.


Dust, pollution, and the environment cause impurities to clog skin pores and make the skin dull. EverYuth Naturals Golden Glow Peel-Off is a home facial with orange peel extracts and glitter particles, which gives you an instant glow and fairness when there is no time for a parlour facial. Its 3-way action works wonders on your skin by peeling away dirt and bacteria from within the skin pores. It stimulates blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin, and gives an instant fairness with a golden glow.

Everyuth Golden Glow Peel OFF Pack
Everyuth Golden Glow Peel OFF Pack


Water, alcohol, Polyvinyl alcohol, PEG 1500, propylene glycol, orange peel extract, vitamin A, C, E, and F, Methyl Paraben, Fragrance, Mica and Titanium and Calcium Aluminium Borosilicate, Gellan Gum, Color Sunset, Yellow C.I. No. – 15985, Lactic Acid.


Wash face, pat skin dry. Apply evenly over your face avoiding eyes and mouth (do not apply a very thin layer). Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Peel off from forehead in a downward direction towards chin and wash off. For best results, use at least once a week.


Rs. 60 for 50 grams.


This medium-sized yellow-orange colored tube consists of gluey sticky gummy bright orange substance that has bright golden glitter particles in it. This glue smells so stinkingly orangish that even orange does not smell so orangish. The abundantly glimmering glitter particles did put me off initially, but I had to give this a try for the sake of the orange peel extract. I washed my face, patted it dry, and applied the orange glue all over face and that too thickly. I also allowed it to air dry. After about 20 minutes, when it was feeling all stretchy, I started to pull it from around the forehead area and then from all over my face. It was then that I realized that it was so much fun. I cared a damn whether I got any glow or whatever after the peel-off, but the peel-off session itself was so much fun. I thought I will never ever complain of getting bored if I had this peel-off tube with me, since it was such a timepass. After I had taken down the peel from my face, there were certain bits and pieces of the peel that got stuck in my hair near the forehead and ears and it was a little bit difficult to remove them. Apparently, there is no need to wash the face after the peel and evidently there was a bright radiance to the face that I could see, not anything remarkable, but nevertheless bright. For the money, I paid for it, it did give me results, but I do not think it washes away bacteria or increases blood circulation.

Everyuth Golden Glow Peel OFF Pack
Everyuth Golden Glow Peel OFF Pack


  • Ingredient list contains orange peel extract, anyone who has used dried orange peel powder before would know how much wonder it does for the skin.
  • Peeling of the mask is so much fun that whenever I get bored, I just apply this mask, and peel off. Anyone who has played with sticking Fevicol on hands and then peeling it off would realize how much fun it is.
  • Price is very reasonable.


  • It smells so garishly orange to the extent of being stinky, they should use less of orange perfume in this one.
  • There are so many glitter particles in this glue that it can put anyone completely off the peel.
  • “Peels away bacteria and stimulates circulation” claim is exaggerated.


Yes of course, it is not heavily priced and it is so much fun to peel this off and since I cannot apply Fevicol all over my face, I will opt for this one on a boring day when I have nothing to do.



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Lala Orange Peel Powder
Lala Orange Peel Powder


Lala’s orange peel is a natural cleanser astringent and skin toner. It helps in maintaining natural moisture thereby rejuvenating the skin. It also removes acne (pimples) blemishes of the skin.


`Lala Orange Peel Powder
Lala Orange Peel Powder

  • Mix Orange peel with water to make a thin paste.
  • Apply the pate on the face and neck.
  • Allow the paste to dry thoroughly.
  • Wash the face with cold water.

PRICE: Rs. 20 for 100 gm.

Orange peel is an excellent skin cleanser and works wonderfully for oily and problem skin. As I mentioned earlier, I used to dry the peels under sun and powder them, but since now, I do not have much time to do all that, I chose to buy this easily available Lala’s orange peel powder. I use this once a week as a face mask mixing it with honey and sometimes Fuller’s earth and slowly rubbing the paste over my face and then letting it settle down as a mask. It works wonderfully as a cleanser and I feel refreshed after every use, but then it leaves the skin a little bit dry and using a moisturizer is imperative, but overall, worth the money and stands true on whatever little bit it claims.


  • Works as a cleanser and toner leaving the skin taut.
  • Gives a refreshing feel to the skin.
  • Cheaply priced.


  • There is no ingredient list mentioned, which means it might only contain orange peel and nothing else, but then how does it sustain for 3 years without any preservative.
  • Skin feels a little dry after its use and moisturizing should not be skipped.


Yes and I have been using it on a regular basis for years now.




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  1. “gluey sticky gummy bright orange substance” and “smells so stinkingly orangish”…… :jump: :jump: :jump: have to buy this 😀 😀 😀 😀 Peel-off masks are such fun na..wonder why they put the glitter in it though ?:-)

        1. I hav tried both the peel of mask… as you said its a good time pass..
          and some times it irritates too.. v should be very careful with the amount that v apply…

  2. because they know we are still child-woman….we haven’t grown up yet…and there is a small child in us who likes to play with glitter 😀 😀 😀

  3. did you get this to remove the kambli effect u got from the fairness cream?? Everyuth products are very reasonably priced but then I always wonder if they work?

    1. Hey HD……this does not work in the big way…..I have moved from the “Kambli phase” to “Muthiah Muralitharan” face now…at least my teeth are gleaming white now 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. lala’s orange peel :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:
    a ha ha ha hha

    sorry 😐 😐
    i bought the sachet of the everyuth one but found it difficult to peel off
    and so much of glitter….. 😥
    so now i am scared of peel offs

        1. Ohhh…sachet has lesser quantity, is it? I have never tried sachets, but its a nice idea…can try without spending too much. I have only seen some VLCC sachets..

  5. Ah nice fun review Jomol!!! words like “substance”, “fevicol days”, “timepass” are just so peppy! 😀

    Peel Offs sound fun. being a bit finicky abt things i avoid as it irritates me to take it off. but will try now 🙂

    have heard very good things abt everyuth packs in general. heard everyuth does these in small sachets for some 5 or 10/- each and are amazing! never get them though 🙁
    .-= Gaea´s last blog ..Lakme Aquashine Lip Color – Sangria – My views =-.

    1. Gaea….I had really bad experience with Everyuth packs though, they are cheap, and they leave the skin horribly dry……… 😀 😀 …scrub and now this peel off from Everyuth….only these are somewhat better…. 😀

  6. Hi Jomol..i m from bangalore… 🙂 nice review..i have also used Everyuth product 2 gives some brightness for sumtime.. :beauty:
    and i love u’r cutie fights :giggle: u’r comments also…never seen u’r pic but u’r son’s pic is very nice..r u from bangalore?

    1. Thanks Anshu….Rads is from Bangalore… know I am fight against all evil here :fighterf: :fighterf: :fighterf: :fighterf: :fighterf: :fighterf: :fighterf:

      1. Hey Rads, Anshu said profile “pis”… :giggle: :snicker: :giggle: :snicker: ….that word is short of just “one s”, but anyway….we all understood what it meant :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  7. even orange does not smell so orangish?? :rotfl: :rotfl: :-* :-*
    and the swatch of the product is like a shiny orange comet or planet? 😕
    how did u manage to take such a pic J? 😛

    it does smell strongly like rotten orange

      1. Oh HD…. :-X :-X :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: ….you daaty girl…..finding something wrong with a simple pic of an innocent orange glue with glitter……..

    1. Neha…. 😥 😥 😥 :-(( :-(( :-(( … too….I don’t know whenever I try to take a good pic….it becomes very odd………maybe because I take HD and Rads name before taking any pic…..some “daaty girl’s” magic working here… :-X :reallyangry: :reallyangry:

  8. nice & funny post. 🙂
    i am gonna buy a 12 bucks sachet of this mask to give it a try.
    btw, this Lala’s mask( :laugh: ),is this available in kolkata?

    1. Hey bulbul….jst try this for fun…and I guess Lala orange peel is easily available…..or even Banjara’s is availble every where :-))

  9. That was useful and somewhat funny review. I was laughing while reading it. :laugh: :laugh: ..

    I have used it sometimes, whenever I go to my mom’s place. She has this peel off, and whenever I go out after using it, my friends would ask if I’ve had oranges today!..
    And those glitters.. 😛 … 😛 they claim it to be the key ingredient for instant fairness and to get a shimmery new look!!…I wonder how much stuff would go in that 60 rs tube!! 😛 😛

    1. He he Cali….there is so many glitters in there…..I wonder what glitter they are using…..but nevertheless I liked it….. 😀 😀

      1. Hey Gaea… :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: ,……we should both do something like that….insert this feviquick into some Everyuth peel off mask and give it to Rads or Ikky and we will have all the fun in the world….you too are wicked Gaea :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake:

          1. I am smart Rads…I will use gloves…..when I have to really get someone into trouble…I take all the precautions :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

            1. And this after I called you hardworking…I shall never say anything good about you EVER. And and and..I said you are pretttttyyy and gave :-* :-* :-* tooooo on that stupid poll…

              1. 😯 😯 you called me hardworking… 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 ….really….missed that………….I am sorry Rads….. :handshake: :handshake: :hugleft: :hugright: :hugleft: :hugright: …. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

                    1. that sounded little like my name.. 😛 that word!:P Rads you know that no!:D:D and Rads and me are very good fraands! shes also seen my ogre makeup! and i hope you get stuck in the bathroom cause we spilled that glue on your WC! :devil:

      2. i have used every glue anyone can comeup with to get the perfect models!:P:P last sem for my urban design studio,( 😎 ) i used this very very strong glue (worse thank fevi kwick):P and the skin on my fingers and knees and other places all peeled off!:( i also spilled some on my laptop screen!:(:(:P but i have glue hurt and thats really funny somehow!:P

            1. :-X :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: …..think about first freeing your lips from Wilbur’s….then we will think of sealing my lips with that dirty Wilbur…. :pain:

          1. Jomol.. you are getting datty ideas!:P but sorry, i, very intelligently used it all on your WC! 😀 what’ll you wear to sit on THAT?!:P:P haha
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                  1. You IKky………RAds hsa sealed her :-* with Wilboo… your companion first…and while you have stuck me to the WC….pass me a James Hadley Chase….. :cigarette:

    1. just cause you dint find it! :reallyangry: i saw it on a post on IMBB only and got it! will review it soon!:D:D its thereee!!!!! in Ratis himalaya ka post long time back..

        1. oh…….Candy, but think about all those good things that you get there….chocolates……..lots of chocolates, those chocolaty chocolates……… :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

            1. i dont think anyone wanna eat that cheese.. yukk! its soo yukky! i just hate it…
              indian cheese is just 1000000 times better than that

          1. hahahahahhaha! yeah i think i will make a mask out of chocolaty chocolates and apply it on my face 😛 😛

            btw i read an interesting post yesterday!..
            about massaging face with olive oil and lemon juice

            do u know anything about that?! caz i really wanna do that but i dont know when and what after the massage, should i wash my face or just sleep with it etc etc :-s

            1. I think you should definitely wash off…I won’t try that myself cos I have very acne-prone skin…but I have a feeling if you leave it on your face it would just block pores and cause irritation…

                1. Hey Candy, you can do that olive oil thing, but then don’t sleep over with it……if you keep it for 20 to 30 minutes….it will work…. :yes:

                  1. thanks jomol! 🙂
                    i was so confused.. caz the last thing i use before going to sleep is rose water..
                    anyways i will try it for a weak! may be it will help!

  10. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…this mouse has gone mad…its got the tremors or something…it just clicks clicks everywhere..a single click means this one will go clickclickclickclickclickclickclick…. :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry: :reallyangry:

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      1. oh…..bad people…you and Rads……now i wnt some more of that glue….some more to seal Rads lips together….. :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth: :shutmouth:

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              1. my external HD got formatted by mistake!(gave the command, then cancelled it immediately) i’m unable to recover the files!:(:( i am so upset! :((:((:((

  14. PEEL OFF MASKS ARE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀
    It’s like putting glue on your hands and peeling it off [ i used to do that when i was a kid..i guess many of us did 😐 ]
    :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: NICE REVIEW JO-MO-LLL!!
    .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Headband collection =-.

    1. i hope the glitter sticks to you forever and you are mistaken for disco Mithun Chakraborty! (considering how lotus worked out for you) :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse:

      1. :handshake: i missed u arnd today when I was online !! BTW I have sent the mail with the swatches to Rads..asked her to fwd u as I didnt hv ur mail id

                1. by mistake!!!:(:(:( i wanted to format the pen drive! that was called ikya and the HD was also called ikya!:(:(:( dont make me feel guilty!:((:((

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    and Rads i meant Pic…. :silly: ..u r really cute.. :cute:
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    1. hi anshu!! he he..go to and sign up with the email ID you put here while placing the comment. There you can upload the pic you want to put!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Hi
    After peel off, should we wash our face? and
    after that shall we continue with other like fairness cream and powder?

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