Orange Peel Powder For Clear Skin

Orange Peel Powder For Clear Skin

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Orange Peel Powder For Clear Skin

Today, I will be telling you about my HG face wash that I use every day. Now, I called it my HG face wash because its a face wash-cum-cleanser-cum-scrub-cum-skin-lightener-cum-spot eraser, phew!! Well, everything that is possible to list can be listed here. You may be wondering about the company I am talking about, well, the good news is that its the easiest and best homemade product ever and you need very few ingredients for it and let me tell you, no more suspense, it’s a face wash made out of orange peels. Simple, isn’t it?

I have been using this for three-and-a-half months and during this time, didn’t let my skin get in contact with any soap or face wash.

Ingredients To Make Orange Peel Face Cleanser:

Let me list out the ingredients first:

You will need:

  • Oranges.
  • Roses.
  • Green gram powder.
  • Turmeric Powder.

Rose Petals

Now, when we talk about benefits:

Oranges are extremely rich in vitamin C, which acts as a good astringent and makes your skin glow, works well on spots, pigmentation, dullness and makes skin smooth.  It evens your skin tone as well.

Now, coming to rose.  It is believed that roses make you bloom like a rose and trust me, it’s true.  I always use Dabur rose water as a toner after washing my face and at night to remove dirt and other impurities before I go to sleep and it’s something I am proud of because my skin always has a pink glow to it because of this routine.  Roses make skin soft, can be a very good toner and keeps skin smooth and hydrated.

Turmeric is the most effective antibacterial and antifungal herb ever known on this planet. It is more effective than any skin lightener, keeps away acne, slows skin ageing, protects from environmental damages, heals scars, and makes your skin glow.

Orange Peel

Now, I have used green gram powder only as a base for the scrub as the peel powder is extremely soft on the skin. It’s a good cleanser cum scrub and helps a lot with blackheads.

Green Gram Powder


  • Eat the oranges. Did I mention delicious before? You can use mousambi or lemon as well whichever is found during that season. Lemons are most effective.
  • Collect the peel and keep it in the fridge for two days.
  • Collect some roses which are not hybrid. Just normal pink ones and dry them under the sun. It takes around 3 hours, so put all of them together, the orange peels and the roses.
  • Take the peels from the fridge and dry them under the sun for a day. Make sure they are crisp and make small pieces of them for easy grinding.
  • Put all of them along with a cup of green gram seeds to make a fine powder.
  • Add 3 spoons of turmeric to the powder and mix it.
  • Now, store this mixture in a air-tight jar where moisture cannot reach.

This is how it looks.

Orange Peel

I used one-and-half kilo of oranges and got the final powder filling up to one-half of the jar. One whole jar of powder lasted for 4 months. Here, I didn’t add roses, but when you add, it looks more brownish-orange in colour. It smells mildly of oranges, has a granular texture which you may assume will be harsh on the skin white it’s exactly the opposite.

Once the powdered mixture gets in contact with water, the particles swell and it has a massaging effect on the skin and scrubs mildly. As it is mild, I use this powder every day. No need to worry about the shelf life as its made out of completely dry ingredients.

I have used this mixture day and night for 3 months on my face and still I have a whole jar left. This miracle powder made my skin soft like babies. There are no spots anywhere, no lines, and my pigmentation has gone completely.  My faces glows and dark circles, what dark circles?  I use this powder minus the green gram as a masque as well on occasions to get instant glow. I swear I will never touch soap in my life again. While using this powder in the under eye area, just apply the paste of the powder with water and leave it on. Rinse and pat to dry.  This is very economical, extremely effective and gives results every day. Try this and have the skin you have always been dreaming about. Let me know girls.

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53 thoughts on “Orange Peel Powder For Clear Skin

  1. will it work on freckle and dark circles?I mean you mentioned dark circles already..Ive tried so much but nothing seems to work on them.

    1. ya it worked on my dark circles really well…make sure u dont rub just apply and leave it and after 2 min rinse

  2. orange peel work wonders for the skin..very true. I have started using it as face pack mixed with home made butter along with some other ingredients my mom know of (butter because I have very dry skin). And I can see the difference in 2-3 days only.
    Will add rose petals to it as well. Thanks for the post 🙂

    1. yes it can be bought…well it works freshly made from home but sure u can try any good herbal ones as well

      thank you fahima

    1. u see wen u switch from commercial to herbal..its kind of a shock to the skin as it is used to the product….initially u may experience such things..thats the reason u experience breakouts some times while using new products….be patient it will adjust and will work its way

      1. use basan with curd and add this as well works really well…make sure u keep ur skin hydrated and wear comfortable cotton clothes..irritatio due to friction also is a cause for body acne

  3. hey few questions here –

    is it ok for all skin types? i dont want to experiment too much also
    can someone plsss make this and sell it if its ok for combination skin? 🙂 me toooo damn lazy

    and you know i wanted to try the 3 step from clinique and the SA asked me all these questions and in the end she told me my skin was quite allright and i didnt need to use the 3 step..i was really impressed and makes me want to go back and buy something after all..:) i mean the cost was going to be 4100 bucks and she wasnt pushy at all..that was such a pleasant experience..

    1. it suited my normal skin properly…works extremely good on oily skin and dry skin may need a bit of moisturisation later…u can try mixing one part of milk powder to gts creamy after adding water..yummy fragrance as well

  4. fantastic dharini. this can be used as ubtan as well for those who have body acne or ingrown hair. just mix a bit of milk or malai for softening. 🙂

    1. thank you ashu….ya u can add that way as well…works really well..i use it as a body scrub completely skipping soaps and body washes every 3 days

  5. wow going to try this soon..but what type of turmeric powder do we use? one ready made one we get in packets??

  6. i normally during my bath wet my face apply this all over my face leave it take care of my body..thus it sits for 5 min atleast and then slowly rub and rinse with warm water…never ever ever rub ur under eye skin area even for cleansing and make up….just apply in a stroke. rubbing is the main cause for dark under eyes….this technique works the best as u give time to do its work

    1. sorry dear for such a late reply…i usually check comments but was busy these days…..sagging skin i dont know but pores…yes…the orange peel fresh if used will definitely reduce your pores dear…dont leave the peel for too many days in sun..keep in fridge for a day and one day in sun is ideal for best results…and use it without waiting much pls…the more time its stored the less effective it becomes…fresh is always good..its makes our skin baby smoooth…… *hifive* 🙂

  7. I have too much dark circles and wrinkles n I’m just 30 years, my skin is combination, I’m little confused, for dark circles only orange peel powder mixed with water and just apply?? Or to add turmeric & rose water also?

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