Organica Masala Green Tea Review

Organica masala green tea

Hello dear lovelies,

I will be writing about a green tea again today.

Last week while shopping for grocery I saw this silver tin which said green tea on it. I picked it up without second thoughts because green tea is nowadays more important to me than my face wash. Yes. Having said that I also like to experiment and taste all the possible types of teas available.

I picked this tin and saw the price. It was just on the border line for a green tea and for the packaging it came in. Had it been a little more expensive I would have not tried as I know like me most of us fall in the ‘very middle Indian’ category.

I researched about this brand online and here is what I found:
And here is a list of where all you can buy organic in India:
Some must read information about organic stuff from the website:

Organic is good for you and your planet, is kind to animals and wildlife and allows us make a big difference – simply through the way we shop. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why organic delivers such good value for money. When you buy organically produced farm products, you support farming techniques that improve soil fertility without the use of petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers. You protect surface and groundwater from exposure to persistent, toxic pesticides. Organic farmers work with, not against, the balance found in a healthy eco-system: wildlife is encouraged by including forage crops in rotation and by retaining fence rows, wetlands and other natural areas where wildlife can thrive.


Better for your planet
Today, substantial amount of greenhouse gas emissions come from food and farming. Nitrogen fertiliser manufacturing is the worst offender. To produce just one tonne takes one tonne of oil, seven tonnes of greenhouse gasses and one hundred tonnes of water. Organic farmers work with nature to feed the soil and control pests. By choosing organic, local and seasonal – we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Great for You
No food has higher amounts of beneficial minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins than organic food. Organic food avoids pesticides and all controversial additives including aspartame, tartrazine, MSG and hydrogenated fats. Organic food contains higher levels of vitamin C and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium as well as cancer-fighting antioxidants and Omega 3.

Encourages wildlife
The plant, insect and bird life is substantially greater on organic farms. Organic farming relies on wildlife to help control natural pests, so wide field edges are left uncultivated for bugs, birds and bees to flourish. They are also not sprayed away by the fertilisers, chemicals and pesticides routinely used on non-organic farms. GM free Genetically modified (GM) crops and ingredients are banned under organic standards.

Organica is an Indian brand. They believe in presenting the organic benefits to the country in the form of stylish packaging and wide availability. According to them they grow their products without pesticides in a very pure environment and hence bring us more close to nature. Like everyone claims to have natural products organica has gone a step further and obtained certification for their products.
Keeping up further with humanity, with every product we buy there is an amount of 50 paisa or 25 paisa which goes towards charity. (This part I noticed in the store itself when I read the tin and couldn’t help but smile)
The products organic sells which includes black tees, green teas in many variants like masala green, tulsi green ,elaichi green, ginger green and basic green tea, honey, pickles and holi colours as well.

Am yet to try anything else from them.

Here is a link of their green tea page which lists benefits, uses and brewing ideas:
About the masala green tea and its ingredients:
A flavour packed blend of green leaf tea, organic spices and tulsi, this masala tea is a healthy infusion that has a calming effect on stressed-out nerves while it revitalises the body.

Organica green tea is handpicked from organic tea plantations in the highlands of the Himalayas. Low in caffeine and rich in anti-oxidants, it is a natural relaxant, anti-inflammatory and metabolism booster.
Can be taken several times a day.

INGREDIENTS: Organic green tea leaves, organic tulsi, blended organic spices.


HOW TO USE: Heat a cup of water. Just before boiling point is reached, put off heat and add organica masala green tea to taste. Cover with lid and allow to infuse for a couple of minutes, strain and drink plain or add honey or sugar to taste.
Best consumed without milk

Packaging and quantity:
The 100 g very cute silver tin of this masala green tea comes for a price of 140 rs. The can is very cute to look at, is air tight and can be used to store other stuff after you are done using this tea. The tea inside comes in another sealed packet. There is this very lovely lady with a bindi on her forehead drinking tea on the front which makes it look very elegant and Indian. In summary I really like the packaging.
Earlier I though it’s a copy of the fabindia green tea packaging but this tin is smaller and much classier.
Here is a comparison review of fabindia green tea vs khadi kangra green tea I had written earlier; it also states the benefits of green tea:
You open it and see a mixture of tea leaves with the masala dried up.
There is a strong smell of masala when you open the pack. It is like the usual masala smell of normal masala chai.
The green tea smell is not there.

Why buy organica masala green tea:
• It is all organic and herbal. Certified
• The quantity and price, not too bad together.
• When I brewed this tea for the first time the aroma was lovely, when I sipped it I found it quite strong than the khadi kangra green tea which I usually have.
• The next time i brewed it i made sure i put just a pinch or 2 pinch of this tea unlike other teas which i even pour a spoon ful.
• It turned out really well. For people who are bored of having the basic green tea and always need a dab of some ginger or masala in their chai this is for them.
• This can be also one of those special days green tea when you need and extra punch for a hectic day or a health problem.
• The colour is very familiar light yellow-green.
• While reading the website I read that the best way is to cover the green tea with a lid after you switch off the heat and pour the tea into the pan. This gives it a much stronger flavour. I have been doing that with my other tea as well.


Why not buy organic masala green tea:
• Availability, I just spotted it on a shelf in one particular store and have also given the link from the website but it might just not be easy to find this green tea.
• The fact that if I put just a little more than usual the tea turns out to be bitter. I do not like drinking it all then.
• You have to very careful with the quantity you put in as more makes it bitter.

For all that this tea is and not I give it a medium score of 3 on 5.but I feel that whatever a new brand like organica has to offer is a must try once atleast. I will try their pickles and other stuff in future.

Stay healthy
Love all
Fly girl
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13 thoughts on “Organica Masala Green Tea Review

  1. Looks tempting to buy! I also love spiced tea……my sunday morning must-have!

    Elaichi, ginger and sugar….bas….milk aur chaai-patti……water bhi…..boil boil boil….voila…..amazing drink done!

    I like green tea….I do have it after meals sometimes!

  2. Haha! My mum makes her own green tea with elaichi, tulsi and ginger and is always wishing for a combined green tea masala powder. I’ll look for it here and gift it to her.
    BTW, nice information on organic products and their benefits. The rate at which we’re destroying our planet, this is the least we can do to contain the damage.

  3. Hey Rauni…… know I had got these packets of green tea from munnar tea gardens and they taste so yucky….but the leaves na….when you boil them in water…..they just open up so beautifully though its tastes so much bitter…… :yuck: :yuck: I am kind of off drinking green tea for now……l…I like the can rauni….I can store my earrings in that :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  4. even I like nice teas… great aroma naa…
    I got the TAZO green tea tin from starbucks… very different 🙂 will make a post on that too 😀

  5. Hi,

    Good review. This is also available at Khadi stores. I had bought the ginger flavor, which I quite like. There are dried pieces of ginger, so I know its not just flavoring. I use about 3/4th teaspoon in one cup of tea and works well.

  6. All the IMBBians do try Fab India Tulasi green tea it’s awesome and easily available too in fab india stores

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