How To Organize Bags and Clutches

How To Organize Bags and Clutches


I love organizing a lot and I am always on the lookout for stuff that will help me achieve this. More often than not, I invest more on the organizing stuff than on the stuff that is being organized. A lot of my friends come up to me for their organizing queries on different stuff. Let me share with my way of organizing “Purses and Clutches.”

How To Organize Bags and Clutches

More than 90% of the time, I get ready to go out in a hurry. So, my stuff should always be organized and well sorted to be my savior as I cannot dig through to find my stuff. Dust is another problem that I need to always have in mind. With such busy schedules where we rarely have time to buy groceries and other important needs, I need to place my stuff away from dust too.

My clutches go in this kind of a box.

Jute Bag

The box is made of a thin jute material and the inside compartments are removable. This I bought from Westside for around 350 rupees.

Alternatively, you can also try storing in this kind of canvas bags. This arrangement is useful for clutches or small purses and also helps in easy identification and spotting.

Foldable shoe rack

Another way to keep small foldable bags and clutches is this portable shoe rack again from Westside for 300 rupees. I had initially bought this to hang in my almirah for storing small stuff that can be easily found when stored in these different compartments, but I found it to be apt for my grocery bags, clutches, and other foldable small purses. This way I save space, keep them away from dust, and also keep them sorted.

Large bags go on the rods in the almirah. Now, in this kind of almirah, the rod is removable and I can just happily hang bags in shape.


Now, if the rod is not removable, you can invest in this “S” type hooks available for Rs. 95 for a pack of 5 from Lifestyle or @Home Stores to hang the bag handles in them. The “S” type of hooks are also available in hardware shops in different sizes, just in case the bag handle is a little big.

S type rods

Well, I was searching on the net for some more ideas on storing bags and clutches and I found this. I have asked one of my friends to bring this from the US for me.


Some more ideas which I found useful for storing bags which we use occasionally is to store them away in plastic containers and easily slide them below the bed. Carefully cover each bag in a soft cotton cover- I use old pillow/cushion case and place them in these boxes.

For people who change their bags/ purses very frequently can try investing in this kind of a storage shown above.  This arrangement can be easily done over the door or inside the wall of the cupboard/almirah.  Also, remember to clean your bags regularly to keep them away from dirt and dust to give them a longer life. I use a cleaner from Aldo to clean and give a fresh look to my bags.

If you have more ideas on how you store your bags, please share with all of us. :))

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  1. Gupreet….nice tips :yes: :yes: I should take more tips from you on how to organize stuff….waise, you can also do your stuff like how rati has made storage for her bags and shoes :yahoo:

    1. o Thanks Jomol.. I guess i missed out on how she is aranging her bags. o wait a minute.. is that shoe cum bag rack.. wonder ful then..

      1. o Thanks Jomol.. I guess i missed out on how she is aranging her bags. o wait a minute.. is that shoe & bag rack.. wonderful then..

  2. o man this is awesome.. Thank you so much Gurpreet.. This has been on my mind for a while.. :jaiho: :jaiho: way to go shopping to lifestyle stores 🙂

  3. greta tips gurpreet. i can imagine how insane organizing could get. i would def check out westside. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Yes Niesha, they are such a saviour. you will find them in different places in my house.. enjoy organizing :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. Greatooo…!! Am hooked to your ‘S’ hooks idea.. :haanji: Its so very practical for large ones. I have sulaaoed all my bags/clutches in drawers.. guess it time to jagaao ’em & hang for sum streching xercises.. :toothygrin: We have one full-room-height wooden rotating pillar in a corner of wardrobe..which is having many rows for shoes/ which my clutches/batuas are lying peacefully O:)

  5. all you were trying to show us how to organize bags and all I could do is admire your collection of bags and clutches..Sorry cant help it.. You have lovely collection and awesomely organized!! Well done………

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