Oriflame Beauty Urban Shield Gloss Review, Swatches

Oriflame Beauty Urban Shield Gloss

That I like tube glosses would be an understatement :p That I adore them would seem more like it 😀 the last time I tried a tube gloss from Oriflame, I was pleasantly surprised with its stunning results ( remember, I even reviewed it on IMBB citing how it is one of those glosses that always elicits stares from passers-by?) I had my mind set then on trying another tube gloss from Oriflame. But since the previous Oriflame Gloss Booster in Sugar Glaze was a nude shade, this time around I decided to order a more pigmented tube gloss and what better shade than my favourite pink?:D

Oriflame Beauty Urban Shield Gloss

What it claims: Protecting lip gloss with incredible high-shine, pearly colour. Non-sticky formula conditions and moisturises. Contains antioxidant vitamins and Liptection Complex to improve skin’s ability to protect and repair itself. SPF 10.

Price and Quantity: Rs 279 for 10 ml
Shades Available: 2 (Frosted Rose and Pink Lustre). I have tried only Pink Lustre till now but intend to buy Frosted Rose as well soon.

Oriflame Beauty Urban Shield Gloss

The Good about Oriflame Beauty Urban Shield Gloss

  • This is an extremely moisturizing gloss. It keeps my lips hydrated even long after it has completely vanished from my lips. My lips also feel nourished, supple and well looked-after as long as it is on.
  • The gloss is slightly sticky but then that also why it stays put on your lips for about 2-3 hours. Besides, it does not result in ugly lip stains all over your glasses and mugs !
  • Very mild, pleasant and refreshing smell. Actually the fragrance is the same as that of the Oriflame Gloss Booster (I am thinking maybe all Oriflame glosses smell the same? In that case, I am going to get all of them just for the scent :D) but a slightly milder version.
  • Makes fine lines on my lips less visible
  • Since it is rather pigmented, less is always more. 🙂
  • Contains SPF

Oriflame Beauty Urban Shield Gloss


The Bad about Oriflame Beauty Urban Shield Gloss

  • This is a rather pigmented tube gloss and drastically alters the shade of the lipstick if you intend to layer it over a lipstick. This holds true even if you are wearing a lipstick from the pink family where this gloss belongs too. As such, I mostly have to wear this gloss on its own or on a very pale pink/mauve lipstick.
  • The applicator! Ugh! Initially when I purchased it I had such a difficult time in trying to squeeze it out! 🙁
  • This gloss has an inbuilt plastic wand with the tiniest nozzle. The wand flaps back and forth on your lips even as you squeeze the tube and the liquid emerges from the nozzle. I have also tried twisting , turning and actually pulling out this wand but it has not worked. Anyhow, I have got used to it now and do not find this to be much of a problem. But it definitely required a lot of practice.
  • I find it too long a tube to be carried. I would have rather had it fat and short than long and slim! It sometimes looks as if I am holding a thin pink plastic stick in my hands! The edges of the plastic tail are also too harsh for my purse pockets . 🙁

Rating: :-* :-* :-* :-* ( I would have given it 4.5 had it not been for its length and that plastic flap!)

Verdict: A good purchase for dry lips especially in winters.

Would you purchase again? : Yes but in the other shade called Frosted Rose as I would definitely want it to be less pigmented so I can layer it over my lipsticks . 🙁

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24 thoughts on “Oriflame Beauty Urban Shield Gloss Review, Swatches

    1. yeah me no like this packaging ratidoo 🙁 i did send u pic of my lip with this? i guess u hven’t put it up because my moojh was rather visible :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: i havewn’t got it trimmed in a while :yelo:

  1. 😥 😥 😥
    i so wanted to order this but it was out of stock………
    i want that ………..BADLY nowww…… :((

    lucky that u gt it natasha…. i was skeptical bout the applicator and it doesnt sound that its a gud one….. but the colour is reallly really pretty… m happy fr u… :evilgrin: :green:

  2. Natasha…..I love this kind of shades and it looks so great….I am definately getting it :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

  3. Love the shade…..so pretty :yahoo:
    But I din’t like the tube too…..so long to be carried in the purse! :((
    And I think the color won’t suit me….me not fair! :((

    1. yeah jinal, the tube is so long. i hate tha packaging! but as far as the shade goes, i think u can carry it off . i am , of course, keeping in mind the complexion of your pic visble to me :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  4. wow this shade is lovely. Even I don’t like such long tubes. I have tried like this packaging one in Nyx but they have a nice brush applicator without a nozzle so its pretty easy to apply.

    1. i don’t like these applicators ratidoo :(( who told u that? :yelo: me also deducted amrks just for the cheap plastic and that wand waala applicator :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

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