Oriflame Boosting Conditioner with Kiwi and Orange

oriflame boosting conditioner
Last time I was browsing through the Oriflame catalog, I found this conditioner. I thought I would try it and got it for discount as it is on sale for this month (Holi special). My cousin is an Oriflame consultant so I got it more 20% discount at a bare minimum cost of just 79Rs for 200ml. 🙂

The packing is pretty cool, like all other oriflame shampoos and conditioners. Most of the time, I skip using conditioners due to laziness and time concerns. But conditioners help in making your hair tangle free and easy to manage. Since my hair is wavy, I prefer to use conditioners or aloe gel to moisten my hair. It’s always important to choose proper conditioner and this can help us to avoid greasy, limp locks or dry, frizzy head of hair. People who have limp and fine hair they can use it as it kind of volumises you hair. It boosts your hair and gives volume which you expect.

Some people are allergic to chemical hair conditioners as it causes itching and skin break out, but this conditioner is unlike them. It’s good amd still doesn’t cause any itching and skin break out. I usually apply conditioner only for my hair leaving the hair roots for the fear of hair fall. You can try this and notice the difference.

oriflame boosting conditioner

What the product claims

Volume-boosting conditioner with juicy citrus extracts. Helps to leave hair soft and manageable without build-up effect. For easy, combable hair. 200ml.

How to use

After shampooing your hair and washing it off, apply the conditioner for about 3-4 minutes and rinse it off.

My experience on Oriflame Boosting conditioner with Kiwi and orange:
This a cool new conditioner from Oriflame which is comes in a white transparent bottle which is convenient to use and carry around. The flip cap is convenient and easy to use. I have previously used lot of oriflame products and this time I like the conditioner too.

While we choose conditioners it is very important to check the contents, like “dimethicone” or any other ingredient ending in -cone. These ingredients make hair break and split easily if they are not washed properly. So its better to wash hair properly after using the conditioner or to avoid using the shampoos which have “cones”.

The coolest point about this conditioner is that it doesn’t have any “cones”, that is the reason I tried it. Unlike other conditioners, this conditioner is not that thick and creamy. The conditioner is quite fluid-like. It has very mild smell and not strong. But it spreads easily on wet hair and it’s easy to wash off also.
oriflame boosting conditioner
I am not too happy with the conditioner, as it didn’t make my hair to soft and silky as it claims. Still the tangles were there in my hair but it became little bit soft. Overall it wasn’t that great as expected.

Price: 159/- for 200ml, I got it for 79 in an offer price

Pros of Oriflame Boosting Conditioner with Kiwi & Orange

– It has excellent packing and is easy to carry.
– The price is quite affordable
– It spreads easily in hair
– The fragrance is very mild and not too strong.
– There are no “cones” in the conditioner which spoils your hair.
– Makes hair comparatively soft.
– Unlike other conditioners its very mild and there is not much of hair loss

Cons of Oriflame Boosting Conditioner with Kiwi & Orange

– It’s not so thick
– Its doesn’t show up effective results as it promises to give tangle free hair.

The verdict:
Overall, the product is not so impressive.

Will I recommend the product or purchase it again? No

Product Rating:

Overall product: 3 stars
Quality: 2.5 stars
Packing: 5 stars
Availability:4 stars(will be available with any Oriflame consultant)

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11 thoughts on “Oriflame Boosting Conditioner with Kiwi and Orange

  1. I almost wrote- “nice review Jomol”… :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:

    But really nice review Arpitha.. Wish it had worked out for you..

  2. Rentu….but the nettle and papaya shampoo does work great for me……I have been using it for 5 months now and keep reodering it…..

    But, this kiwi conditioner I have got, but I am yet to try it Arpitha O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

  3. hi everybdy, yea i2 dont like oriflame hair products. I hav tried the coconut milk shampoo, initially it was good but later I dint like it, it created flakes of dandruff…….bad hair range

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