Oriflame Orange Peel off Mask

Oriflame Orange Peel off Mask

Hello beauties, I have been using this mask occasionally since past 2 years. I was tempted by the packaging, and also the name “Orange peel–off” when my parlour girl showed this to me and the price also sounded reasonable enough. I used this for some time and passed on mine to my mum, because I had read somewhere that peel-off masks should not be used frequently before 30 (please correct me if I am wrong) and when my mum liked it, I got the same for mum-in-law when I got married and she also has been using it since then. (Although both of them use other intermediate products as well).

Oriflame orange peeloff mask

Let us get into the details:

This is an exfoliating mask for Normal to Combination skin.

Rs. 198/- (I got it at discount) for 50 ml.

What the Website Says:
Contains orange extract to help soften, moisturise and refresh skin. Apply an even layer of gel around face. Set for 10 minutes and peel off to reveal more radiant skin.

Aqua, Alcohol Denat., Polyvinyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Pvp, Oleth-20, Parfum, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Extract, Ci 15510, Ci 17200. Citrus Aurantium Dulcis is the botanical name for Orange.

My Experience with Oriflame Orange Peel off Mask:

I liked the feel of the product when I took into my hands and when I applied it. The mask has a nice mild orangey smell. Consistency is good enough, neither too thick nor too drippy; one can easily apply this evenly without any blotches or something like that.

This is how it looks: Very clear and transparent.


It looks something like this after applying:


Takes 18-20 minutes to dry completely. Gives a fresh look to the skin once removed. This is the snap immediately after removing it.


It comes off very easily and doesn’t stick very badly to your skin.

You can see that my skin is glowing. Plus it neither stretched my skin nor made it dry. My skin feels soft and clean after using it, although the glow is not an everlasting glow, it does have its effect for a few days. It leaves behind a mild smell, but I use it only sometimes when I am bored of my face packs and masks.

But the reason both of my mums use it are:

1) Because their skins have become sensitive.

2) They do not want to try out different things, they are happy with the product, and that is it. They ask me to order the same thing for them.


1) I like its smell.
2) Spreads evenly, so easy to remove.
3) Gives a fresh glow to the skin once removed.
4) Leaves skin very smooth and clean and yet, not dry.


1) Although it says “exfoliating,” there are no such beads or granules to facilitate exfoliation. I am surprised why did they even mention that.

2) Availability.
IMBB Rating:

3.5/5. Its an average peel off.

Will I Repurchase:

No, not for myself.

As I already said, I am not very inclined to use peel-off masks and secondly because whenever I want to use it, I can use my mum-in-law’s tube :P, but for sure, it is worth a try.


Nidhi Pandey.

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10 thoughts on “Oriflame Orange Peel off Mask

    1. this looks good..i wish my oriflame distributor had continued selling oriflame….i like their hand creams and was also curious to try their anti-ageing products..

      Monika – me also use the everyuth orange peel off mask and like it very much. i tried the himalaya cucumber peel off and was quite irritated ..took a lot of effort for it to come off..

  1. Nidhi….I have this affinity for peel-off masks…..but I read somewhere not to use it before 30….here on IMBB itself I think 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

  2. I think I would like to have this Oriflame Orange Peel Off mask. I’ve been looking for a perfect mask for quite some time now and your review makes me believe it’s gonna be an amazing product.

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