Oriflame Overnight Foot Cream with Avocado Review

Oriflame Overnight Foot Cream with Avocado-A Review

Before I get into the review, I want to share my experience of how I ended up buying this product.  I had initially picked an eye and lip make up remover by Eyetex. When I got home I was shocked to see that the product had expired six months ago.  When I went back to the store I was further shocked to find out that the entire lot had expired. I am not sure if the manufacturer palmed off expired products to the store or if the store has been keeping expired products on its shelves. Just like there are random checks on super markets to ensure no expired food products are being sold, wouldn’t it be great if we had something for cosmetics as well ?  Incidents like this remind me of my commerce class where we learnt that “Customer is King”. Well looks like none of these stores had my commerce teacher. 🙂

As a replacement the store offered me Oriflame’s overnight foot cream with Avocado. I have never used Oriflame products before, so I was hesitant. But I am aware of the deep moisturizing properties of Avocado, so that encouraged me to give it a shot.  Also I was little surprised to see Oriflame products being sold in a store. I thought their products were always sold via an agent. My guess is that either the store owner is an agent or an agent sold a bulk lot to the store. The SA was helpful but was a little lost when I enquired, so I dropped the subject.

Oriflame AVocado Foot Cream

Price = Rs 191 (I got it for Rs 121) for 75gm.

What the product claims: Care for your feet while you sleep with this complete treatment to condition, soothe and freshen feet with avocado extract and active moisturisers. Use overnight with or without socks for softer feet.


I was initially confused when I couldn’t find avocado in the list of ingredients. Than a little bit of research showed that PERSEA GRATISSIMA, is the oil obtained from avocados .


On reading up on the mosturizing properties of avocado I discovered that this exotic fruit is know to be a treasury of vitamins, minerals and natural oils.  Vitamins A, C, E, iron, potassium, niacin, pantothenic acid apart from its natural emollients. The oil that is found in the peel of this fruit has been used by several ancient civilizations as an intense moisturizer. The fruit’s oil contains a humectant, a substance that holds moisture and is used against dryness in skin and hair.

I have been applying this cream very night for the last two weeks and I am pretty impressed with the results.  The cream has a mild minty smell probably because it contains panthenol.  It goes on smoothly and instantly get rids of that dry parched look. I have also noticed a slight improvement in my skin over the days. This gives me confidence that it will have some long term benefits. I also noticed it works better when you wear cotton socks after application.
More than its deep moisturizing qualities, what I like about this product is its body butter like consistency. I am a big fan of body butters from The Body Shop, Boots etc. What I love about body butter is that they provide intense moisturization without leaving an oily residue on your skin. And they are also instantly absorbed. I have found that this cream has the same qualities without burning a hole in your pocket. In my opinion this is a good dupe for body butters.

Pros of Oriflame Overnight Avocado Foot Cream :

  • Provides good mosturization
  • Leaves your feet silky soft
  • Instantly absorbed/ no oily feel
  • Mild fragrance
  • Reasonably priced
  • Convenient tube packaging

Cons of Oriflame Overnight Avocado Foot Cream :

  • Apart from the avocado oil, which is featured at the bottom of the ingredient list, it contains nothing but chemicals. I try my best to stick to natural products so this has made me a little apprehensive. I know this may not seem like a con to many.
  • Since Oriflame product are available only via agents (with this instance as an exception), it not as easily available as regular drug store products. .Like if I realize if I have run out of this product, I will have to place an order with an agent and wait. While with my other creams I just have to hop across to the store.

Will I re-purchase Oriflame Overnight Avocado Foot Cream ? Yes. Well at least until I find a more natural body butter dupe!

Being satisfied with product I am now encouraged me to try out other Oriflame products. Any recommendations ladies?

Rating:   :-* :-*:-* + 0.5

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25 thoughts on “Oriflame Overnight Foot Cream with Avocado Review

  1. I am eyeing at a few things from oriflame these days but so indecisive about everything. Just making a list. This goes in my list. My foot cream is almost over so I have to pick up himalaya foot cream first and then will take a look at this. You know I feel that when I have specialized products according to body parts , i tend to take care of myself more. I mean I didn’t really take care of my feet until I bought a foot cream. Although I know moisturizer would do an equally good job but foot cream just made me more disciplined. what do you think?

    I am also becoming a fan of The Body Shop body butters. :))

    1. I agree on your point about using specialized products. I also do the same. While my face is oily , my feet are super dry and my body alternates between normal and dry. lol So i have to use specialized products 😀

      TBS body butters zindabad!

  2. nice review, Avocado is quite a wonder fruit, I know it makes a very good face mask too :), Im surprised you found a store which sells Oriflame, makes it more accessible to try 🙂

  3. HEy how come a store’s selling Oriflame???? Somebody must check….

    But sooo glad you liked the cream… i have ordered it… Your review just made me more onfident about my order… Thanks… 😀 😀 😀

  4. its a good cream really
    coz it claims that overnight thing(so no mess sticking on ur feet when u wear this overnight)
    arey but oriflame is available in a store??
    its not supposed to… :idk:

  5. Nice review… I should chk this out… I think I know a place that stocks Oriflame.. ?:-) I remember seeing a catalog at someone’s place..

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