Oriflame Soothing Foot Cream with Chamomile Review

Oriflame Soothing Foot Cream with Chamomile Review

Moisturising and soothing foot cream enriched with camomile and primrose extracts to help reduce foot dryness.

Oriflame Foot Cream
Oriflame Foot Cream

Ingredient List:

Price: Rs. 198 for 75 ml.

What I think about this foot cream:
It’s a blessing in disguise for people with cracked heels and pretty much dry feet. Initially, I got this for my mom and she told me she noticed a change in her feet in less than a week! I was totally impressed and got myself a couple of tubes which was on offer and from then on, I have never liked any other foot cream so much . 🙂

Oriflame Foot Cream
Oriflame Foot Cream

The cream comes in a very attractive green tube with a very hygienic packaging. Texture wise, it’s pretty thick, white in color and has the consistency of a very rich cream. It’s loaded with moisture and hence, is a bit heavy if you want to use it during the day. So, I’d say keep it for use during the night, just before going to bed, and oh, give it some time to absorb or else wear socks. I know it sounds like it’s too much of a pain, but I’ll tell ya, it’s totally worth it. 🙂

Oriflame Foot Cream swatch
Oriflame Foot Cream swatch

I massage this cream onto my feet very well. Mind you, it takes some time to get absorbed so, give your feet a nice massage till it does. Even after it is fully massaged in, it leaves a moisture film so, wait for a bit before you walk around the place ☹ Wearing socks after using this would be your best bet. It would help retain the moisture and you can walk around in peace without having to worry about stuff sticking onto your feet 😉 I had super dry feet and this worked like a charm for me. If you feel it’s too heavy you can just apply on the heels alone if that’s where the problem lies.
The smell is nice and minty. The usual smell all foot creams have. Not very strong though.

Oriflame Foot Cream
Oriflame Foot Cream

It’s on offer most of the time on Oriflame. If you happen to catch this on a 50% off (that’s like Rs.99 and awesome) do stock up!
What I like about this cream:

  • Cures dry cracked feet in less than week. If you have just a case of mild calluses, 3 days is all you need.
  • Delivers a super duper dose of moisture.
  • Reasonably priced. You would need very less cream since its thick and hence this tube would last you a good 2-3 months.
  • Smells minty.
  • Tube packaging which is convenient.

What I dislike about this cream:

  • Takes a while to get absorbed. Can be a bit inconvenient to walk around without footwear/socks.
  • Will I re-purchase it? Yes. Definitely. There is no Oriflame in the US and my tube is going to get over soon. So, the next time I get a chance I am gonna stock up on this!!
  • This is by far THE BEST foot cream that I have used and I totally recommend it to everyone with dry cracked feet. Even otherwise it’s an awesome essential to include in your foot care regimen. No regrets whatsoever. 🙂

Have you tried soothing foot cream from Oriflame? Do you have anything as good as this? Share your thoughts.


40 thoughts on “Oriflame Soothing Foot Cream with Chamomile Review

  1. hey appu………………..
    i just lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrv this prodcut…..cant live without it…………….its jst amazing………… 😀

  2. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: ..nice review appu. Let me get over with my Himalaya foot cream, will take this one next!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Hey Appu…nice review :yes:
    I’ve been using this foot cream for a while now….n i love it… 🙂
    Though m too lazy to use it daily… i just use it on n off but its amazing….

  4. Okay, I am buying it next month. You know I have got used to the foot creams that take a while to get absorbed. Atleast you wake up with happy feet in the morning. It’s all worth it. 🙂

  5. Thanks Appu, your ost acted as a reminded to go put some cream on my cracked soles, I currently write this comment with socks on :P, Im using Himalya foot cream but I’ll definitely try Oriflame once the tube is over.

  6. I have used this cream.. i like it so very much. i bought a new tube n now its expired. can i stil use it as i am not finding to buy a new one?

  7. I would not recommend you use it if it’s expired Prashu 🙁 Where do you stay? Maybe you can look up for an Oriflame agent in your city??

  8. Heyyy nice review … Dis and the Oriflame Heel Relief Cream r lyk my feet saviours …. I have really dull, dry n cracked skin not only on my heels bt my feet top side skin also … So i have to use these creams to make my feet n dry knees n elbows look normal …. It really works wonders …. Amazing stuff … N price is also good enuf

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