Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Wash and Tone Gel- A Review

Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Wash and Tone Gel- A Review

I had never had troubles with skin eruptions until two-three years back. Then I realized that this was the period when I never used any face makeup. I have been wearing kajal since birth and lipsticks since I was 10. But I never felt the need and was never allowed to use any face makeup other than talc.

Then, I started using face makeup when I got a job. And, they arrived….

Nasty zits, blackheads and whiteheads…… Aaaargh!!!!!

So tried a variety of cleansers and face washes: till I found my HG Himalaya Cleansing milk. But I still haven’t found my HG face wash.

On top of that I have extremely dry skin, so I can’t use those strong, alcoholic toners.

So you can understand how elated I was to find a Purifying Wash and Tone Gel in the Oriflame catalogue.


This wash and tone gel is part of the Tea tree oil purifying range, out of which SDush has already reviewed the Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Blemish Solver.

So I ordered it without further ado. Its MRP is Rs. 298/– but me being a consultant, got it for Rs. 238/- (At 20% discount).

Me with dry skin and my friend with really oily skin bought this together and we both have been using this twice a day, since past 20 days.

Oriflame Tea tree purifying gel

So here is how I found Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Wash and Tone Gel:

  • It does purify and tone. I was worried a bit about both, as I didn’t want it to over-dry my skin.
  • But, no. It does deep cleanse, removes any oil residue that may be there on my nose area. And also my skin feels toned, and not stretched after using this.
  • It cools and soothes the skin instantly. So if you have a lot of painful zits, it will calm your skin down.
  • The smell is intense but I like it a lot. It smells like pure organic tea tree oil which it claims to contain.
  • I have seen a reduction in whiteheads and blackheads since I am using it. Though not very drastic. But I am sure if I keep using it religiously, it will help a lot.
  • I didn’t even get a single zit even during that period of the month.
  • My skin looks and feels better.
  • The toning effect is mild and not at all discomforting.
  • You only need a 50 paise coin sized amount. I haven’t finished even 1/4 th of the tall bottle in 20 days. So this is gonna last me long.

Oriflame Tea tree purifying gel

  • The quantity is WOW for the price. 150 ml!!!!
  • The packaging is nice and simple. I quite like the intense green colour of the gel and the bottle.
  • The cap is screw-on and tight.

Oriflame Tea tree purifying gel bottle

  • It dispenses the product through a small hole. So you can easily control the quantity.

Oriflame Tea tree purifying gel

The cons I found with Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Wash and Tone Gel are-

  • It may be too strong smelling for some people.
  • Despite of containing SLS, it doesn’t lather well.
  • I like my face wash to lather a lot, to make me feel cleansed.
  • It doesn’t lather on your face, but if you mix with a few drops of water and rub it in your palms it lathers satisfactorily.
  • So initially you may waste some product to generate some good lather. I did.

So all in all, I liked this face wash. I won’t say this is my HG face wash. But it is good if you have skin eruptions.

I will give Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Wash and Tone Gel– :-* :-*:-*

Now, here is what my friend with Oily skin thought.

  • She also liked the smell, packaging, quantity and feel.
  • But, it didn’t clean her face as well as mine.
  • Her skin became oily after just 15 minutes of using it.
  • She didn’t feel any toning effect.
  • She loved the cooling and soothing effect.
  • She tried to use a bit more of the product to get rid of oil, but it didn’t work.
  • She doesn’t have blackheads or whiteheads but often has 3-4 zits on her face at the same time.
  • This gel did nothing to control her zits or oiliness.
  • She also hated the fact that, this gel doesn’t lather well.

So all in all, she is not happy with it.

She gave it- :star: :star:

Now, you may ask why two people with such different skins tried this face wash. That is because, the product does not say, which type of skin it is suitable for. I bought it to prevent zits and to avoid using toner.
My friend bought it to control zits and oiliness.

So after this experiment, I am forced to conclude, that this product is only suitable for dry to combination skin.
So all you IMBB ladies with oily skin- Stay away!!!

Lotsa love,


53 thoughts on “Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Wash and Tone Gel- A Review

  1. hi mrun!!i too have oily skin but i loved the tea tree face wash gel..i dnt have like super oily skin but it is oily nevertheless!!my bottle lasted me for around 6 months!!it worked wonders for me!!i have severe acne prone skin but this facewash definitely reduced my acne noticeably!!
    and love its smell too.very refreshing and cooling during summers!!
    .-= sree´s last blog ..crushed flowers =-.

    1. Hey Sree.. I think this one reacts differently to everybody..

      Glad it worked for you!!

      And i know, the quantity is amazing…

  2. I agree with Mrunmayee’s friend that this product is not for ppl with oily skin. I have super oily skin and used this product but it dint does justice to my skin. I will not recommend this for oily skin.

  3. one of my friend also used it.she too has little oily and acne prone skin..worked for her too..as i said i dnt have like super oily skin.but it gets oily during the day and a wash with this makes it all go away!
    and it has got some menthol like thing too feels cool on the face while using it..

  4. i wanted to get this!! but i got the lotus tea tree oil thing just yesterday! guess i’ll just go the the tea tree oil from this range! 🙂 thanks for the review!! :-)) :-))

  5. Ikky the TBS tea tree range has some rave reviews too…but I think their mask and face wash and maybe their spot treatment thing are the only good ones in the TBS lot….of course all this is just my own opinion and is based on the fact that I have never used it myself 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. i’ve heard a lot about the body shop ones! i had their oil. 🙂 worked well.. but it worked for a friend with very oily skin.. so i was skeptical about using it.. plus i tried the vitamin E range and was let down. 🙁 so i gave lotus a try before i move on to this.. 🙂 i am yet to get their mask and moisturizer .. oh and stop ignoring me. just cause everyone(esp Jomol) is saying your are cute and pretty, dont shift your focus Rads!! give me my share of lou and attention! i said my mum is marathi(for the nth time) come here and i’ll feed you bhakarwadi! bah! now i dont think i will. 😐

  6. I left a LONG comment for you..and also grumbled about how stupid this website is…. :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: …cos our comments get jumbled up…grrrrrrrr….I said I will come to Hbad and get so round and fat..I love your mom cos she knows how to make bhakarwadi..yummmm. And vitamin E is the wrong line to pick for your skin type..I dont know who it suits, but I don’t think it would suit you. TBS tea tree mask…and the tea tree spot treatment thingie is what I was talking about.

    1. okay so i’m not katti with you anymore! :-* i replied to those comments. 🙂 you know i have really dry skin.. but 3 days back my doc told me i’m putting too much oil on my face (i still blame that stupid olay) and i got blackheads and marks on my face. now i’m not putting oil.. after it gets fine, i’ll just moisturize appropriately.:D

          1. That was a serious doubt…Rati..did you understand what she said cos you giggling…am thinking she meant something else and now she is going to sit on me :footmouth: :footmouth: :footmouth: :footmouth:

            1. no no i was using almond oil on my face! i know it might be a sin.. but my sking is really very dry :-(( :-(( or was… :-(( :-(( :-((

  7. I does look quite refreshing. I always thought that tea tree was for oily skin and it worked for your skin…Oh! I am all confused 😕

    Suddenly so many green things around no- this, the greeny, the ogre … :giggle: :giggle:

  8. See I left you the “fuming idiot” comment and you never saw it…heheheee..Ikky I told her she resembles a fuming idiot and she never saw that comment..hehehehehehe

  9. I did I did I did I did I did I did I did And I even threw :bomb: :bomb at you.

    Oh!! You haven’t got those?? Here more more more :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:

    :vampire: :vampire: :vampire:

    Fuming :monkey: and after the bombs your hair must be looking like this :lion:

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  10. oh i too tried the TBS spot treatment thing..unfortunately turned out to be a disappointment for me.and also the quantity is too less for the price!! :-(( :-((
    and rati, this facewash has got toning properties and is quite non drying too.i guess it should suit dry skinned people too!!
    .-= sree´s last blog ..crushed flowers =-.

  11. Nice review, I had used the concealer from this range and it was okeyish.Glad I din get the face wash,I was tempted.I rather try the TBS one now.Also A friend of mine told me abt a Body shop balm concealer.Is it good?

    [PS:Tumi ki Bangali?I have a cousin with the same name as u]

  12. Nice review, I had used the concealer from this range and it was okeyish.Glad I din get the face wash,I was tempted.I rather try the TBS one now.Also A friend of mine told me abt a TBS balm concealer/corrector.Planning to try it next.

    [PS:Tumi ki Bangali?I have a cousin with the same name as u]

  13. I am using tea tree blemish solver stick but small small pimples are not going…more over pimple scars are not going advice me which one to use……. 🙁 :struggle: :starving:

  14. Hi friends,

    Tea tree oil is really effective as of i know 😛 😛 . Mine is a sensitive ooooily skin 🙁
    It really worked out well… Boils are getting healed. :cowboy: Am using it since 2004 december (i am satisfied guys… u cud try. As some one said it mighty react differently to different people. Better try 😎 )
    The looks of the bottle has not been changed for past few years. :smug: they can bring it handy with same quality and in non breakable bottles of different shapes.. :highfive: :hugleft: :skywalker: i feel too difficult to carry it in my small pouch 🙁 :worship:

  15. actly i hated his one bcoz m havg combi skin i.e. normal to oily. i nevr had prob of pimples bt whn i started using on evry second dy i ended up with pimple… :smug: 🙁

  16. This product was revised from tea tree gel to tea tree plus rosemary. That’s were the problem started. I stopped using it after that. Started getting pimples after a couple of washes and i dint want to,take risk. But i love t original one.

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