Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick Review, Swatches

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick Review:

Hi everyone, 🙂  Today I’m reviewing oriflame triple core lipstick.

Actual Price: 398/- I got it for 259/- which was their introductory price.
Nt wt: 4 g.

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick

Additional views of the packaging:

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick

This is for Cali… 😀

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick

What the company claims: World’s first triple core lipstick fusing caring balm,passionate colour and dramatic gloss.

These lipsticks were launched in November.Total shades in this range are 10. When I first saw it in the catalogue it was like love at first sight! <3 the colours in this range looked AMAZING! I instantly ordered three lipsticks whose shades I liked the most.they were “amazing peach”,”spectacular nude” and “ravishing rose”.she was also selling the sample packs of these lipsticks in another three colours which are “explosive pink”,dazzling cherry” and “striking plum” on ebay and I decided to buy them too.so totally I bought 6 shades out of 10. The packaging is quite classy looking and is of good quality too.each sample pack is divided in to three sections in which each of them contains the three layers of the main lipstick separately. The main turn-off is the smell of this lipstick.it smells like a strong cherry flavoured tonic! Can be quite disturbing and nauseating for sensitive noses.

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick

The texture of the lipstick is quite creamy and it glides on smoothly.but due to the presence of three layers out of which the balm and gloss occupy 3/4th of the whole stick,the colour payoff of the actual lipstick is sheer-medium.it can be a good winter lipstick because the colour payoff is maximum on cold days when it hardens a bit and also it is quite moisturising.on normal warm/hot days it softens a bit and the colour payoff is almost sheer and it may be quite messy too.i usually wear 2-3 layers and blot after each layer for the colour to show up completely.otherwise one swipe is enough when I don’t want full-on colour on my lips.though it contains a layer of gloss the final colour on lips is not that shiny but has a semi gloss finish.because of the balm and gloss the lipastick’s staying power is low.

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick

Swatches and colour description: (top-bottom and left-right)

1) Amazing peach: frosty light orange colour.(this was the colour which disappointed me the most..i thought it will be a nice warm creamy peach colour but it turned out to be a high frost finish lipstick.it can’t be worn on it’s own if you have dark brownish pigmented lips.it is only good for those with pale rosy lips.but I found a solution too! ☺ I discovered that it is a good layering colour! 😀 so I now sometimes dab it in the centre of my lips when I wear a nude lipstick..it gives a nice perk to nude lips! Yay!)
2) Ravishing rose:
warm mauvey rose colour with brown undertones.final colour shows some sparkles due to the gloss which has some silver sparkles in it.this is a gorgeous everyday colour. this will be a MLBB shade for many Indian women.
3) Spectacular nude: medium brown colour with peachy mauve undertones.final color shows very little gold/silver sparkles.this colour can look ashy on very dark pigmented lips.otherwise it is a nice nude colour which looks even more flattering when a peach/pink gloss is worn on top.
4) Striking plum: sparkly deep plum colour.
5) Dazzling cherry: sparkly true red colour.
6) Explosive pink: sparkly cool fuschia pink with purple sheen.

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick swatches

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick swatches

Pros of Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick

  • Quite moinsturising
  • Good colour range.
  • The shimmer particles in the gloss part are fine,non-gritty and doesn’t look OTT even in day time.they spread evenly and comes off easily with a good make-up remover.
  • Packaging is quite sturday and classy.

Cons of Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick

  • Low staying power.fades off completely within 2 hrs.
  • Very strong cherry flavoured cough syrup kind of smell which can be quite disturbing and nauseating.
  • Every lipstick’s gloss layer contains sparkles. They could’ve included some non-sparkly gloss layer in some colours. Not a big con if don’t mind those sparkles.
  • Can Settle in fine lines if layered 2-3 times without blotting and can bleed too.
  • Considering the staying power, Price is quite high.
  • Can’t swatch or see the actual shade before buying.catalogue swatches can be quite misleading for some colours(like amazing peach!) a 398/- wala lipstick can go unused if you don’t like the colour,finsh or smell of the lipstick.
  • Available only through oriflame consultants or on ebay.

Will I repurchase? NO! the smell irritates me a lot.

IMBB rating: :-* :-*

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41 thoughts on “Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick Review, Swatches

  1. What a review Sireesha….I could have easily fallen for the packaging………I always had these lipsticks on my mind….but thanks to you….I am offloading them :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  2. Nice review Sireesha!! 😀 😀 I always wanted to buy these lippis, but I guess er..I wont now…..and you displayed that “Made in Germany” specifically for me!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛

  3. NIce review Sireesha. I too was attracted to them when i saw its advertisement on some magazine. :thanks: for the review..

    1. i have a li’l sensitive nose pooja.. so i did not like the strong sweet smell of them.. :sick: non-sensitive noses may happily use it.. :bravo: and pata nahin y..i doesn’t stay long on my lips 🙁

  4. OMG,,,, :thunder: :thunder: U saveD mY INR 260 + 260…. :thunder: :thunder: fuLL on pLanning to pUrchase atLeast twO shades..,, :zombiekiller: bUt i Vil fOr suRe nOt gOnna bUy,, :reallypissed: :reallypissed: because Smell nD tAste is mY 1st prioritY,,, :smug: :smug:

    :thanks: for the Post..

  5. Thanks fr reviewing Sireesha! I’m waiting for you to receive the Chambor duo on 20th so that you can review it soon! These lipsticks looked quite tempting but I don’t think I’ll be getting them now..I like my lipsticks with good coverage and no sparkles. Ravishing rose looks very pretty though!

    1. :thanks: :toothygrin: will def review that chambor duoh ankita.. even i hate sparkles in my lipstick but dunno y i just fell for the colours and bought these. :reallyangry: me like glossy semi sheer lipsticks and looooove glosses of any finish :-*

  6. welll i actually quite liked them…n the smell wasnt bad at all…
    i have just tried explosive pink,ravishing rose and blazing red….
    loveeeeeeeeeee these!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. glad they worked for you radhika.. :)) but people like me who have sensitive noses will not be able to bear the smell na.. so i thought i’ll do this post for such girls who can’t bear strong smelling lip products or don’t like any smell in their lippies.. :haanji:

    1. i don’t think so bee.. you either got to have a consultant in your area or you yourself need to be a consultant to get the oriflame prods. as far as i know oriflame is not there in the US. 🙁

  7. Thanks for reviewing it Sreesha. :thanks:
    Can’t believe they turned out like this, catalogue me to they look so pretty pretty na..the colors and the triple core… 😐 😐

    1. :thanks: u r right shruti.. they look sooooo pretty in the catalogue.. i liked some of the colours in reality too.. but only the smell is too much for me.. :sick:

  8. Amazing peach looks prettier in tube than in swatch. 😐 I liked the ravishing rose and cherry one. For some reason I feel the names are a little misleading..isnt it? ?:) These look cut though. I mean it’s fun using a 3 in 1 product. :toothygrin:

    1. it looks like yuck on bare lips rati.. :sick: but looks so good when layered on top of nude lipsticks :inlove: me too love those two shades sooooo much.. :heart: and ya..names are misleading on some shades..but many of them are aptly named :haanji: they are so much fun to use..wish they smelled a li’l bit pleasant :headbang:

  9. i have ravishing rose siressha, liked the review a lott … !!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    n yar my lipstick to doesnt smell bad, its smells ok… ?:) ?:) ?:)

  10. I have spectacular nude…..and I am really loving it. I layer it over my matte lipstick and thus they become long lasting. I don’t mind the smell at all.
    Sad you din’t like it :(( . I find them highly moisturizing and with nice glossy effect. :))

  11. My upper lip is more pigmented and I hv wheatish complexion…. so Im confused, which one to buy Ravishing Rose or Spectacular Nude? Plz help ladies.

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