Oriflame Visions V* For Your Eyes Only Eyeshadow Review, Swatches

Oriflame Visions V* For Your Eyes Only Eyeshadow Review & swatches:

Hi everyone, 🙂

Today I am going to review oriflame “visions v* for your eyes only eyeshadow” .Suma already swatched three of these HERE

Price: 99/- but I bought them for 79/- each on some offer.

Net wt: 1 gm.

What Oriflame claims: Ten fabulous shades of soft, blendable eyeshadow. Use each colour separately or combine to create your own unique look.

They are individual eyeshadows.I bought 9 of them out of 10 from ebay.in. I bought the 2 palettes too(romantic paris:-pink and new york funk:-green) .They come in a plastic packaging initially and i transferred 6 of them in to the palettes.

Oriflame eyeshadows

The oriflame Visions V Palette is made of cardboard.comes with a double ended sponge tip applicator(which i hate).the cap is flimsy and loose.not at all travel friendly.each slot comes with a small sticky tape like thing.I did not like that tape concept at all.i found it quite difficult to stick the eyeshadow in it without almost ruining the eyeshadow! It is good for storing but not for traveling or carrying in your hand bag.

Oriflame eyeshadows

Shades and description:

Palette 1: (clockwise)

1) Mystic: cool dark blue with some blue shimmer.(medium pigmentation and slightly chalky)
2) Lovely: bright turquoise kind of blue loaded with gold and green micro shimmer.(very lovely indeed.this is one of my favs) (nicely pigmented and not at all chalky )
3) Wicked: light blue with silver micro shimmer.(nicely pigmented and not at all chalky)

Oriflame eyeshadow palette- blue

Palette 2: (clockwise)

1) Gorgeous: grass green colour loaded with gold micro shimmer.(this is also one of my favs) (nicely pigmented and not at all chalky)
2) Spicy: metallic copper. (nicely pigmented and not at all chalky)
3) Foxy: pinky purple with satin finish.(medium pigmentation but not all chalky)

Oriflame eyeshadow palette- colours


1) Devil: matte purple.(very low pigmentation and totally chalky) (I guess mine was a defective piece! Because in suma’s swatches it seems to be nicely pigmented *pissed off*)
2) Angel: light creamy yellow with gold pearl.(This is my absolute fav out of all the 9 shadows! I loooove it to bits! This is such a versatile colour..I not only use it to highlight my eyes but also my face.It gives me a gorgeous natural glow when I highlight my facial features.but on darker skintones this may look a li’l bit ashy when applied on face.it works wonderfully for fair-medium skintones with yellow undertones.This shade could be good dupe of NARS ‘‘ALBATROSS’’ HIGHLIGHTER for face which is super popular!!! I’m planning on ordering 10 or 15 more angels this time! :D) (nicely pigmented and not at all chalky)

3) Chic: (broke during delivery 🙁 )  deep brown with red and pink micro shimmer.(highly pigmented and not at all chalky) this one could be a very good dupe of MAC’s beauty marked eyeshadow! 🙂 ) click here to see the swatch of beauty marked


Beauty Marked

Here are the swatches: (used concealer as a base)

Mystic,lovely and wicked.

Oriflame eyeshadows swatches

Spicy,foxy,gorgeous and devil.

Oriflame-eyeshadow swatches

Oriflame eyeshadows swatches

Chic and angel.

As you can see all of them are nicely pigment except for the purple one( :devil: ).I packed the colour nearly 5 times and even then it is not showing up well.:hunterwali: but I saw that suma’s purple showed up relly good! I guess I received a bad piece! Rest of them are really good and are super smooth.They blend really well too.

Pros of Oriflame Visions V Eyeshadow

  • * nicely pigmented. (except purple one)
  • smooth creamy texture.
  • blends effortlessly.
  • decent staying power if used on a base.
  • affordable price.
  • gorgeous colours.
  • good quality for the price.

Cons of Oriflame Visions V Eyeshadow

  • some of them could be chalky and poorly pigmented.can’t tell which ones until you receive them!

Anyways, I am loving them so much.I used them a lot in my recent tutorials too.for 99/- each I think these are a good bang for the buck! 😀

Will I repurchase them? YES! YES! YES! 🙂 ) especially the “angel” shade.I’ll keep buying it forever or atleast till they stop producing it! 😀

Will I recommend them: YES! YES! YES! 🙂 )

Rating: :* :* :* :*

Have you used Oriflame Vision V Eye shadows? Please rate in the box below

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42 thoughts on “Oriflame Visions V* For Your Eyes Only Eyeshadow Review, Swatches

  1. The packaging is sooo cute :woot: :woot:
    And that angel shade is really VERY lovely..that was a great deal Sireesha :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  2. Thats cool….I always used to avoid getting these, thinking about the poor quality products I’ve so far received from Visions Range…I think I can give one of these a try now!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. The eyeshadows are really pretty, Sireesha and they look cute. Sorry that the purple eyeshadow broke. :(( the shade also reminds me of shadowy lady form mac.

  4. Ive been trying to call the oriflame number given on their website but no one ever answers…im always on hold… :reallypissed: :reallypissed: :reallypissed:
    any other numb for mumbai??I’ve been wanting to order few products!!(but not online)

        1. No, I guess she is from Delhi & if you make payment online , she will send the courier to you at nominal delivery charges, that’s what Jomol says, you could send a mail to Pooja & ask any other questions! :yes:

  5. Sireesha, I just got the devil & I too found it to be chalky, dry & not pigmented but the other colors look so nice especially spicy & gorgeous. :yes:

            1. yes bee..they are soooo smooth and lovely.. :heart:

              :toothygrin: :-*

              as for now i use pierre cardin stick concealer for face and for ryes i use oriflame absolute concealer for eyes in “gold” and “pink”.

  6. I was eyeing for Angel, Chic, lovely, gorgeous and wicked…….but they were all out of stock yesterday :wilt: :wilt: :wilt:
    will order them next month…..I loved the color payoff ….worth every penny :heart: :heart: :heart:
    thanx for review Sireesha :thanks:

  7. hey, i have question. What about size of this eyeshadows? i mean, are they in the same size lika MAC eyeshadow, INGLOT eyeshadow? I dont want buy The oriflame Visions V Palette. Will be eyeshadows fit to MAC palette?
    Sorry, my english isnt good

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