Oriflame Wild Rose and Cotton Protecting Shampoo

I bought the Oriflame Wild Rose and Cotton Protecting Shampoo especially for my dad, who regularly colours his hair. My dad does not have much in terms of hair on his head, but whatever he has, he likes to dye it to hide the grey. He uses the Loreal Excellence Crème to his hair and the colour stays for up to 20 days. I bought the 100 mL travel size bottle of the Wild Rose and Cotton Protecting shampoo so that it would preserve my dad’s dyed hair for a longer time. After having used the entire bottle, here’s the review:


What the Oriflame Wild Rose and Cotton Protecting Shampoo Claims:

Caring shampoo that harnesses the nurturing qualities of cotton and strengthening wild rose in a protective formulation to enhance your colour-treated hair and keep it looking fabulous.

Key Ingredients:

Price: Rs. 99 for 100 mL.

My take on Oriflame Wild Rose and Cotton Protecting Shampoo:
Actually, this is a shampoo specifically for colour-treated hair and one which I had ordered for my dad’s hair, but I tried it for two to three washes, and hence, it’s reviewable by me too. This shampoo is light pink in colour with an attractive whipped-up cottony appearance, but once you start using it, the whipped-up appearance of the shampoo disappears. The fragrance of the shampoo is very mild and dissipates once you apply it to hair. It is a very mild shampoo and not at all harsh on hair, it does not lather much compared to other strong shampoos, and I need to use a little more quantity to work up lather. It does clean the hair, but then if the hair has been oiled too much, then you need a whole lot of shampoo to clean off the oil. As described, it is best for color-treated hair and hair which has been exposed to harsh chemicals. It gently cleans away all dirt and grime. I have not noticed any significant shine or bounce to the hair. With regards to my father, he said, his hair dye stayed for more days with this shampoo, and that I think was because earlier he was using harsh shampoos and this is much milder than those.

oriflame cap
oriflame cap

Pros of Oriflame Wild Rose and Cotton Protecting Shampoo:
• Mild shampoo especially formulated for colour-treated hair.
• Mild rose fragrance.
• Contains the extracts of Rosa canina fruit and cotton seed.
• Effectively cleans hair and gently washes away grime from hair (oil-free hair that is).
• Suitable for everyday use.
• Reasonable price and the fact that it is available in travel size packs also.


Cons of Oriflame Wild Rose and Cotton Protecting Shampoo:

• If the hair has been extensively oiled, will not clean the hair that effectively.
• Contains SLS.
• A lot more quantity of shampoo is required for squeaky clean hair.
• People with oily scalp will need to wash their hair frequently after using this. My hair felt grimy just two days after using this shampoo.

Will I Repurchase Oriflame Wild Rose and Cotton Protecting Shampoo: No because I don’t really need it and I get irritated by the amount I have to take again and again to shampoo. My dad, he is okay with it, nothing he cannot do without.

IMBB Star Rating: 2.5/5……1 from my side and 1.5 from my dad’s side.

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26 thoughts on “Oriflame Wild Rose and Cotton Protecting Shampoo

  1. Jomol suggest me a nice anti dandruff shampoo frm oriflame which shouldn’t make hair dry
    also a good conditioner from oriflame or avon please
    i searched d catalogues bt der r too many options and I m nt able zero in on one

    1. Hi Flippants…no I wouldnt suggest you to use wild rose cotton protecting shampoo as even i have dry hair and it even further dried it 🙁 but the white nettle papaya shampoo is great and it doesnt dry my hair too as it even has conditioner in it..though the conditioner is not very strong..hope this helps :))

  2. Even I have dry hair, so not for me, nice review! Jomol you sale your Oriflame products na in the sunday sale, :tongue:

      1. he he he..thankoooo..I usually use my face wash only to wash the compact sponge..face wash is soap free and mild na..will keep the sponge soft soft for longer time!! 😀

  3. hey jomol, i ordered it once but it was out of stock at that time…. :shocked: :shocked:
    :thanks: for the review…. i dont think i require this now….
    thx for saving my penny….. :jiggy2: :jiggy1: :jalwa: :jaiho:
    btw i bought a khadi shampoo

  4. :thanks: parita fr al ur suggestions wil order nw itself 🙂
    so dat i can get it by d tym i finish my current shampoo 🙂

  5. jomoli……i have tried oriflame;s hair x volume shampoo…that i liked…
    i ll try the papaya one which u always recommend but not dis 😐 😐 😐
    goood dat u reviewd dis :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

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