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Original Source is one of my favorite brands when it comes to shower gels as they totally keep me lively all the time! They just give a kick start to my day and keep me energized all day long. I picked up three shower gels, one in watermelon, tea tree and orange each. I have already reviewed the former two and will end the chapter with this ‘Blood Orange’ one. Scroll down to know more about this.

Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub Review5

Product Description:
We’ve packed natural scrubs and amazing natural fragrance into this bottle to deep clean and leave your skin feeling smooth.

INR 275 for 250 ml (I got it for 225)

My Experience with Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub:

I have to admit that I am obsessed with the way this shower gel looks. All the Original Source body washes look so attractive and colourful. And they keep launching some amazing body stuff every now and then. If I could access their store or portal, I would surely be having all of the things that they offer. “Daily scrub” is a new launch here and I think they are currently offering just 2 scrubs, and without any doubt, I got both. The shower gel comes in a very different shape, something like an A with an inverted bottle with a white cap at the bottom. I love that the bottle is transparent and hence we can always keep a check on the quantity. The fonts are in white, black and peach which makes it even more quirky and vibrant. It has a flip cap which dispenses good amount at a time.

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It gets full marks for the packaging from me. The shower gel comes in a deep burnt orange kind of a colour and yes it totally matches the name “Blood orange”. The consistency is moderately thick and 2-3 drops are enough for one time. Now coming to the scent, it smells extremely orangey and citrusy blend. It smells like some summer cooler or probably a slush filled with crushed ice and orange syrup. It smells exactly like the orange soft drinks that we have been having since our childhood, like Fanta and Mirinda. I love the scent since it gives a fresh kick start to the sleepy mornings or relaxes you after a tired day at night. It smells very fun, fresh, energizing and invigorating. The shower gel is very gentle on the skin and the fragrance does not linger around for long too.

Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub Review2

It makes my skin extremely clean and I do not find even a bit of dirt on my skin after using this. My skin looks fresh and bright. But what disappoints me is the fact that they call it a “daily scrub”. It has nut-derived scrubby bits, but those bits aren’t sufficient for exfoliation. They are very tiny and are hardly noticeable on the skin, so I don’t think I could observe them doing anything for my skin. But if I think from on a positive note, I get Original Source shower gels at the same price and if they are adding scrubby bits, then why not just enjoy them? They might just do a little work for my skin.

Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub Review3

It lathers very well especially with a loofah. But without one, it does not lather up well and might also not cleanse the skin. I like the way these shower gels prove to be great for everyday and I am going to enjoy all the Original Source shower gels that I got recently. But one thing I noticed about this one is that it is very close to one of the variants which was just a shower gel and not a scrub called Pink Grapefruit. It just did not have exfoliating properties and the colour was a little different, but the scent, the consistency, the packaging – everything was almost the same. Hence I wish they had innovated a bit more with this one.

Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub Review4

Pros of Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub:

• Great quantity and very affordable as you need only two drops a day
• Original Source has one of the best packagings; the bottles are so damn colorful and quirky
• The bottle looks very decent and the packaging screams “Blood Orange” in every possible way
• Although it is a little heavy, it can be fit into the travel-friendly category
• It lathers up very well and leaves the skin super clean
• It smells really refreshing, energizing and invigorating – exactly like an orange soft drink, Fanta, which is very orangey and citrusy
• My skin looks really fresh and healthy after use
• It thoroughly removes dead skin cells and dirt from the skin
• My skin looks refreshed and energized
• A lot of amazing variants to choose from
• Cruelty free and vegan

Cons of Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub:

• Calling it a scrub wouldn’t be appropriate because the scrubby bits do not really do anything great
• It is very similar to the ‘Pink grapefruit’ variant; the only difference is that it does not have scrubby bits; I wish they had innovated a little more with this flavor
• The scent does not linger for long

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub?
Yes, this is a decent shower gel to try out as it is extremely fresh and energizing.  It is a normal shower gel loaded with scrubby bits which add a little extra dose of exfoliation. So why not take the benefit? But I wouldn’t get this again because I have loads of shower gels, and would rather buy a harsh scrub for exfoliation.

IMBB Rating:

This brand has amazing body washes which look and work great too! They have all different flavors with lovely scents. And yes, they have some good looking body washes for men as well like spearmint, black mint, black pepper and chilli. So give this cute gift to your boyfriend or hubby and they will enjoy it.

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  1. This seems very tempting Saloni, and yum yum too. 😀 I like my body scrubs to be a bit harsh, but won’t mind it for the flavor.

    1. I feel the same shikha… i want really harsh body and face scrubs because i just think that they work better lol.. yes even i get these babies for the refreshing fragrances that they have 🙂

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