Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel Review

Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel Review

After reading positive reviews on the Original Source shower gels, I decided to pick one for myself. I brought the Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Shower Gel imagining that my bath is going to be relaxing and the bathroom is going to be filled with fascinating lavender fragrance. So here’s my take on the shower gel.


Product Description:

Original Source says, “We’ve collected 157 Lavender flowers for this calming shower gel and mixed them with Tea Tree before pouring into our fully recyclable bottle. Relax in this and unwind.”

Directions, Original Source + Water = 1 Tranquil Moment.

Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel 2


Rs. 195 for 250 ml.


Please take a look at the picture.  I am searching the lavender essence or oil in the ingredient list. Seen nowhere.

Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel 3

My Take on Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel:

First let me tell you all about the nicer things.

Packing- It comes in a sturdy, triangular shaped, recyclable bottle, with a flip open cap. Somehow I like the packing.

Consistency –  The gel is neither thick nor runny, medium consistency and looks pale purplish in color.Oh yeah, it is made of 157 lavender flowers. So, it has to be purple. 😛

Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel 4

Cleansing properties – It gives you a squeaky clean bath and lathers pretty good on a wet loofah.  It doesn’t make you skin slippery smooth like how Dove and Nivea body washes make. Nothing extraordinary about this. Does a good job like all other shower gels.

You might wonder, why haven’t she spoken about the smell and the aroma. Here you go.

Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel 6

Don’t ever imagine this is going to smell amazing and aromatically arouse your senses. Like what Original Source claims “Original Source + Water = 1 Tranquil Moment,” you will not experience any tranquility. I found the shower gel smelling more of tea tree essence and smells like some ayurvedic soap. If you have used “Chandrika soaps,” widely available in South India, you will be able to relate to the smell. There is nothing awe-inspiring about the fragrance and nothing relaxing.

Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel 5

157 lavenders flowers and still no trace of lavender in the shower gel. I feel they haven’t added anything like lavender flowers or even lavender perfume in this shower gel. You get a medicinal smell, only when you pour the gel on a loofah and start lathering. The moment you cleanse off, the smell vanishes. You don’t get any trace of good smell, when you open the cap and sniff. Overall, it’s a dud!

What I Like Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel:

  • Sturdy packing with attractive words printed on it.
  • Claims to be vegan and environment friendly.
  • Affordable price.
  • Pretty good in cleansing.

What I Do Not Like about Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel:

  • The aroma – where have the 157 lavender flowers gone ? Total crap.
  • Weird medicinal smell.
  • Not true to its claim.

IMBB Rating:

2/5, such a dud!

Do I Recommend Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel?

Do you think I would?No way!!

Girls, do not get carried away with the description of 157 lavender flowers and calming shower gel. It’s a gimmick to trick buyers.  I felt very disappointed by this and happy that at least I did not spend a huge amount on buying this. I am going to use this lavishly and finish this up as soon as possible.  I am happy that along with this I picked a shower cream from Imperial Leather, review coming up soon.

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14 thoughts on “Original Source Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Gel Review

  1. I am not a fan of lavender fragrances but this sounds like a joke rofl rofl 157 flowers *hihi* Thanks for the heads up rama *clap* *clap*

  2. Hahahahahaha i loved this “where have the 157 lavender flowers gone?” lol rofl rofl rofl rofl but its got a very attractive packaging … seeing it on the shelf i would have bought it too *pompom*

  3. i totally agree with u Rama…even I sniffed it and I dint like its fragrance…so didnt buy it…n also the smell does nt stay for long…

  4. I also instantly bought this in chocolate n mint after a review from Radhika….must say it smells heavenly when u sniff the bottle *drool* ….but moment ur bath is done…dnt know where that fragrance gets lost *hunterwali* ….i am using it at the moment for the chocolaty fragrance otherwise its a duh….but bad Rama, u dont even get to have the fragrance… rofl rofl 😛

  5. *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* this is for the 157 flowers lie…hehehee…Ugh medicianl smell such a turn off *nababana* *nababana* *nababana* *nababana*

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