Original Source Tea Tree Daily Scrub Review

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I have a huge collection of shower gels and that is one beauty product that get used up very soon because I use them every single day. Love trying out new fragrances be it fruity or aqua ones. Recently I spotted few amazing original source shower gel on the shelves of a store. I could spot new launches as I had seen the scrubs from them for the first time, so I picked this Tea Tree one and the Blood Orange one which I am yet to try. So for now, here is tea tree for you guys!

Price: Rs 275 for 250 ml (I got it for 225 from the beauty shop)

Original Source Tea Tree Daily Scrub Review

Product Description by Original Source:

We’ve packed natural scrubs and amazing natural fragrance into this bottle to deep clean and leave your skin feeling smooth.

My Experience with Original Source Tea Tree Daily Scrub:

I have to admit that I am obsessed with the way the shower gel looks. All the Original Source body washes look so attractive and colorful. And they keep launching some amazing body stuff every now and then. I wish I could access their store or portal and I would surely be having all of the things that they offer. “Daily scrub” is a new launch here and I think they are currently offering just 2 scrubs and without any doubt, I got both. I have never ever tried a tea tree body wash, so basically this is my first one.

Original Source Tea Tree Daily Scrub Review comparison

The shower gel comes in a very different shape something like an A with an inverted bottle with a white cap at the bottom. I love that the bottle is transparent and hence we can always keep a check on the quantity. The fonts are in white, black and green which makes it even more quirky and vibrant. It has a flip cap which dispenses good amount to be used for a time. It gets full marks for the packaging from me.

The shower gel is green in color which appears a little lighter than what it looks in the bottle. The consistency is moderately thick and 2-3 drops are enough for one time. Now coming to the scent, it smells like a typical tea tree product. Although I had expected them to put a little different scent, it turned out to be the same as the other tea tree products. It smells a bit herbal and medicinal hence one bottle would be enough for me, would never get it again. I am not going to use it continuously because the scent is something that I won’t enjoy daily.

Original Source Tea Tree Daily Scrub

The shower gel is very gentle on the skin and the fragrance does not linger around for long too. It makes my skin extremely clean and I do not find even a bit of dirt on my skin after using this. My skin looks fresh and bright and I could actually see it because my skin looked fair. But what was disappointing was them, calling it a “Daily scrub”. It has nut derived scrubby bits but those bits aren’t enough for exfoliation. They are very tiny and hardly noticeable on the skin, so I don’t think I could observe them doing anything for my skin. But if I think from an opposite note, I get Original Sources shower gels at the same price and if they are adding scrubby bits, then why not just enjoy them? They might just do a little work for my skin. It lathers very well and I could notice that my little spots were gone. I think this does have actual tea tree properties and now my skin looks clean and healthy. I like the way these shower gels prove to be great for every-day and I am going to enjoy all the original shower gels that I got recently.

Original Source Tea Tree Daily Scrub Review packaging

Pros of Original Source Tea Tree Daily Scrub:

• Great quantity and very affordable as its just 2 drops that you use every-day.
• Original Sources has one of the best packaging; the bottles are so damn colorful and quirky.
• The bottle looks very decent and the packaging screams “Tea tree” in every possible way.
• Although it is a little heavy; it can be fit into the travel-friendly category.
• It lathers up very well and leaves the skin super clean.
• My skin looks really fresh and healthy after use.
• The fragrance does not linger for long (This is a pro because it does not smell that great).
• It thoroughly removes all the dead cells and dirt from the skin and reveals a new layer.
• My skin looked fair and looked amazingly refreshed.
• There were some little bumps and boil on my skin that were gone after 1 week of using this, hence I think it does have tea tree properties.
• A lot of amazing blend variants available to choose from.
• Cruelty free and vegan.

Original Source Tea Tree Daily Scrub Review swatch

Cons of Original Source Tea Tree Daily Scrub:

• Calling it a scrub wouldn’t be appropriate because the scrubby bits did not do anything great; in-fact they weren’t highly noticeable too.
• The fragrance is a typical tea tree one which smells a bit herbal and medicinal, so not all may like this one.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Original Source Tea Tree Daily Scrub?

Although I like this shower gel I wouldn’t get it again because the fragrance is not very fun to use every-day. Rather I pick up some amazing fruity shower gels from them because Original Source makes awesome blends. If you haven’t tried their shower gels, do try it as they are a burst of freshness for our every-day life.

IMBB Rating: 4/5


This brand has amazing body washes which look and work great too! They have all different flavors with lovely scents. And yes they have some good looking body washes for men as well like spearmint, black mint, black pepper and chilli; so give this cute gift to your boyfriend or hubby and they will enjoy it!

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  1. I like the way tea tree products smell, it feels as if they are doing something good to the body. I also use so many bath products- washes, creams and scrubs. I have tried many from this brand too and have loved them. Would love to try this out. 🙂

    1. Hahahaha exactly.. that’s why I picked this up… i sniffed it and i want pleased by the scent.. but then I thought c’mon its tea tree… it will do something 😛 yes this has a variant too.. try the one you like… yes their stuff is awesome 🙂

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