Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream Review

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream Review

By Isha Sharma

Hello everyone,

So till now, I have been an avid reader of IMBB and have silently enjoyed and also benefited from all the reviews posted here. Trust me on this Rati and Sanjeev, your blog helps me save a lot of money as I don’t end up buying every new product in the market.  Hubby dear should be sending you gifts of appreciation 😛  Anyway, I had this noble thought of sharing my views with fellow IMBBians yesterday, when I was advising my friend on the following product. Why not give something back to this wonderful IMBB community. So here it goes:


Product Description:

This is an eye cream to refresh, brighten and de-puff the area around your eyes.


15 ml/0.5 oz for $30. I bought mine from Sephora.


Caffeine, panax ginseng root extract, hesperidin, and coleus barbatus (reduce puffiness); magnolia bark and apple and cucumber extracts (reduce dark circles); mica (reflects light); shea butter and trehalose (moisturize).

I appreciate the fact that it does not contain any parabens, gmo’s, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

Product Claims: > 86% brighter appearance.  >80% reduction in puffiness.  Nature’s clinically-proven morning-after eye cream instantly reduces dark circles. Unsightly bags and puffiness virtually disappear and Origins proprietary complex of Caffeine from Coffee bean, Panax Ginseng, Magnolia Extract and natural optic brighteners rapidly wakes up, refreshes and restores radiance to tired eyes.

My Experience with Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream:

Firstly, I love Origins for their high quality and natural products.  I have been using this cream for a month now. Personally, I don’t have very dark circles unless I pull an all nighter, but hubby dear does have dark under eyes (we love blaming everything on the genes in my house).  So, I have been using this cream on both of us and he has no clue about the product though, but let’s not judge him. He thinks I love giving him eye massages when I am clearly trying to analyze this product. Every morning and night, I dab this cream in the under eye area, massage a little bit in the skin. It gives an instant but very subtle cooling sensation. It makes my eyes feel refreshed. It also brightens the under eye area but applying too much might make your skin look oily. A little goes a long way with this. It is very moisturizing and that really helps when I apply my under eye concealer. Also, there is no specific smell to this.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream 2

Now, one of the things the company claims is that this instantly reduces puffiness and dark circles, I don’t think so. It does give such an illusion by making the area look brighter, but you will definitely need to use a good concealer to hide those dark circles.

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream 3

Pros of Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream:

  • Instant cooling sensation.
  • Brightens, refreshes the under eye area.
  • Moisturizes and improves the texture of under eye area.
  • Better makeup application after using the cream.

Cons of Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream:

  • No instant reduction in dark circles or puffiness.
  • It is expensive for the amount of product you get (though I believe it can stay with you for long if you use it judiciously as you need much).

IMBB Rating:


Final Verdict:

I will buy it again as it does work for me and that is because I don’t expect any eye cream to work wonders instantly. If you have very dark circles and deep puffiness and you want instant results, then this is not your solution.

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9 thoughts on “Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream Review

    1. Aditi…..Aroma magic’s almond cream or Clinique’s all about eyes, there’s one another variant with roller attached.

  1. Looks like a good eye cream *woot* *woot* but why don’t any eyes creams reduce dark circles *headbang* *headbang* great pick and good review *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. Nice review Isha .. I have heard a lot about this eye cream *happydance* .. i think eye creams take a hell lot of time to deliver and is a risky gamble … grt it worked for you *oye balle*

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