Orly Lacquer Cotton Candy, Prince Charming and Oui Review, NOTD

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Today, I am bringing to you a review of a few nail polishes from one of my favorite brands – Orly. Orly produces some really good quality nail polishes and many salon professionals are known to favor Orly. So, when I found a set, I immediately bought it. There are quite a few nail polishes in this set and I will be reviewing them in batches. The shades that I am reviewing today are Prince Charming, Cotton Candy and Oui. Read on to find out how these shades fared on me.

Orly Cotton Candy, Prince Charming and Oui  (1)

$8 for 0.6floz / 18 ml.

Product Description:
As one of the nail care industry’s renowned color houses, ORLY has established a dynamic palette composed of subtle sheers, vivid cremes, dazzling shimmers, smooth glitters and hot neons. Each ORLY shade is free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene, and features the award-winning Gripper Cap.

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My experience with Orly Lacquer in shades – Prince Charming, Cotton Candy and Oui:

Packaging: The Orly lacquer comes in circular glass bottles with an award winning Gripper cap. This cap is ergonomically designed so as to give the user a firm hold allowing for smooth and precise application. Honestly, I did not find too much of a difference in application due to this cap. I mean it is not as if other nailpolish caps slip off your hand in the midst of application. So, I did not understand the brouhaha much!

Brush Applicator: I found the brush to be okay, nothing special to write about. It picked up fairly good quantity of the polish and the application was easy too.

Drying Power: The nail polish dries pretty fast. Even 2 coats dry out fast and I surely did not have to wait for the nail polish to dry before I could get back to my work.

Staying power:The staying power is really good and the polish easily stays on my nails for 4-5 days before it starts fading.

Now, for some detailed review of each of the colors:

1. Prince Charming
This is a lovely dark brown shade which totally reminds me of dark chocolate. The finish is a crème. I like that inspite of being a dark color, it does not end up looking vampy. It instantly brightens up the hands and is sure to suit most skin tones.
The nail polish is decently pigmented but 2 coats are needed to even it out and give a nice finished look.

Orly Cotton Candy, Prince Charming and Oui  (4)

2. Cotton Candy
This is a light pink shade with a hint of peach in it. It is not a unique shade and I myself possess at least 2 similar looking nail polishes. The good part is that it is not cool toned as many pink nail polishes are and hence looks good on Indian skin.
This one applies a bit streaky in single coat. But 2 coats evens it out and the final finish is a nice glossy crème.

Orly Cotton Candy, Prince Charming and Oui  (5)

3. Oui
This one is my favorite from this lot and is an amazing purple and gold duochrome. It beautifully changes colors with light settings – in natural light, it looks a purple with gold shimmer but in artificial light, the gold flecks become much more prominent. In slightly low light settings, it appears almost bronze. A stunning nail polish for sure. It will definitely look good with Indian festive wear. It applies sheer in single coat and you need 2 coats to get an opaque look. The nail polish is slightly difficult to remove due to the glitter.

Orly Cotton Candy, Prince Charming and Oui  (6)

Orly Cotton Candy, Prince Charming and Oui  (3)

Pros of Orly Lacquer Cotton Candy, Prince Charming and Oui:

• Good staying power (4-5 days)
• Dries very fast
• Nice variety of colors
• Glossy finish
• Good consistency of polish, applies well

Cons of Orly Lacquer Cotton Candy, Prince Charming and Oui:

• Cotton Candy is a fairly common shade and you can find a dupe at lower prices.
• Most shades need 2 coats for an intense color payoff

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/RecommendOrly Lacquer in shades – Prince Charming, Cotton Candy and Oui?
Yes, I would especially recommend you to try out Oui. The other 2 shades are nice too.
I already have a few more Orly nail polishes and might not repurchase.

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