How To Make Ornaments Hanger: DIY

How To Make Ornaments Hanger: DIY

Hey Women,

I am bringing to you a DIY that I made completely at home and I am so excited to share it with you all here on IMBB. It is possibly the simplest DIY you could do at home and it helps amazingly well in organizing a few ornaments and at the same time it looks beautiful sitting pretty on a window!

How To Make Ornaments Hanger DIY

So, here we go.

Things you will need:

  • Some stones. You can pick any kind of stone or sand or anything that can be filled to give weight to the holder. I picked these from a nearby beach.
  • A sturdy twig or a small branch. This was there in my garden.
  • How To Make Ornaments Organizer

  • A holder. Its been raining heavily here, so I didn’t have the time to look out for a cute glass bottle. Also, my hubby is a teetotaller, so I do not have glass bottles at home. But those of you who can arrange a cute-looking glass bottle should go ahead with it, but please make sure it has a wide mouth if you are using stones to fill it up, else pick up sand as it can slide easily into anything. I used a Lactogen tin box and covered it up with whatever material was available at home.

How To Make Ornaments Organizer

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How To Do:

Very simple. Just three steps:

  • Decorate the holder. You can try anything, in fact get creative. If it’s a bottle, you can paint it up. If it’s a tin, cover it up with a cloth or paper or find any cute holder around the house.

    How To Make Ornaments Organizer

    You can also use a wooden log and drill a hole in it so as to give it a more natural look.

  • Fill it up with stones or sand to give it weight. We are doing this so that the branch or the twig does not fall.
  • How To Make Ornaments Organizer

  • Fix the twig/branch in the holder.


  • Flaunt your accessories.

How To Make Ornaments Organizer

Isn’t it simple? Please try it out and let me know how it went with you guys. If I get good response here, I would soon show you another simple yet amazing DIY that is made from waste materials.

Note: I must thank my helpers around the house who helped me in finding the stuff. In fact, they only picked the stones up from the beach and found the lovely twig and presented it to me at the end of the day as a gift on my wedding anniversary.  Yep, we completed three beautiful years of marriage yesterday.

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40 thoughts on “How To Make Ornaments Hanger: DIY

  1. What a brilliant DIY! Great idea, Surabhi. I love this simple trick. I’m definitely going to make one for myself. And I love those pink bangles. 😀

    1. Hey JW.. where have you been..? I kinda missed you here.. 😀 and yeah.. this is super simple. Do try it out and it looks pretty! and the pink bangles are quite dear to me. They are the bangles my in-laws got for me on the day of my engagement and they adorned my hands that day! 😀

  2. what a brilliant idea . i couldnt leeave it on the ground or else my son will destroy all my jewlerys -__- lol

    1. he he he.. yeah.. even my daughter was like picking the pieces one by one.. and Sahar.. you have a son..!!!! wow.. you look very young.. and dont look like a mother of a baby..

    2. dats true.. I keep everything on top.. but my son is smart enough to use a chair and experiment all my stuff. i took much care to keep everything in secret places.. esp medicines, nail paints and nail polish removers..

  3. great DIY.. never guessed it was a lactogen tin… and those corals look amazing… u could put them in a clear bowl and layer with coloured marble chips.. they would look amazing.. also great to keep in bathrooms..

  4. hey… this is a great idea….
    I hope many ladies would know that there are these flowers you can make at home.. for these…you get a special green colored sticky tape which can be used to make the stem of the flower… this sticky tape can be used on the twig to roll it to have a green colored stand… its very soft to touch you work with it just like your usual cello tape…

    I like your DIYs Surabhi… you have great creative mind… I superlike 🙂

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