Osmo Curl Fluid Volumising Curl Definer Review

I have stopped straightening my naturally curly to wavy hair as of now. I am off heat damage at the moment, no highlights as well. So the best thing to style my hair now is to make them naturally more curly. Hence I am seriously investing in curling products. This product caught my attention online. See if it worked below:


Price: £7.65
• Don’t allow you style to curl up and die. Grab Osmo Curl Fluid, a curl enhancer which is designed for incredible shine and movement.
• Defines and revitalizes permed or naturally curly hair.
• Leave-in volumising curl enhancer.
• Revives curls for a natural effect, leaves hair bouncy and healthy while eliminating frizz.
• Creates smooth definition and shine finish.
• Suitable for all hair types.
• Quantity 150 ml.


My Experience with Osmo Curl Fluid Volumising Curl Definer:

I use this after proper shampoo and conditioning. Curls need to be tamed before anything can be done to them in my case, else they end up super frizzy! This curl definer is supposed to be used on damp or towel-dried hair. I toss my hair upside down and scrunch my hair with this cream, only the bottom half avoiding the scalp area. Then I leave my hair to dry naturally.


Coming to the claims, yes, this helps me detangle and comb my hair through easily, without a serum. It does work like a conditioner. Yes, it defines my curls and sets them slightly. I can feel a very mild stiffness to my hair wherever I put this on. I can see a very mild shine and some control of the frizz but nothing too impressive. It helps my hair tame itself and control the excess volume that frizz lends. It makes my curl last longer than usual.


What I do not like about this is that I can feel some product on my hair. It steals that shampoo clean feel, all leave-in conditioners do that. Also, it does not work anything extra with my heated rollers or normal hair rollers, it should have helped aid the process. It kind of coats my hair and I don’t like that feel, even if I use a very small coin-sized amount. I have used the B Blunt High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream and that works slightly better than this one honestly. I have a huge tube to finish, so I will use this to tame the frizz and set my curls in place, but nothing extraordinary happens with this product.


Pros of Osmo Curl Fluid Volumising Curl Definer:

• Sets the curls lightly
• Detangles hair and conditions it without any external serum
Adds definition to the curls
• Controls frizzy volume
• No real scent to it


Cons of Osmo Curl Fluid Volumising Curl Definer:

• Coats hair, I don’t like that feel
• Doesn’t do anything extra with rollers on
• Will work better for quite curly hair, not wavy to curly hair

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Osmo Curl Fluid Volumising Curl Definer?
No, I don’t think so. I think I will stick to BBlunt.

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2 thoughts on “Osmo Curl Fluid Volumising Curl Definer Review

  1. I am not very happy with this product. It does not tame any frizz for me. The curls would keep looking healthy and refreshed for not more than 30 minutes. Plus I feel the stiffness in my strands. The softness is gone 🙁

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