Osmo Effects Straighten Up 3 Day Keratin Straightening Complex Review

Hi ladies,

How many of you are looking for aids to support your hair straightening routine? These days, despite using a flat iron, my hair does not tend to remain straight for long. I feel extremely upset about it and humidity drives me crazy on such days. To aid in my straightening routine, I have invested in this product called Osmo Effects Straighten Up 3 Day Keratin Straightening Complex. I have tried the John Frieda 3 day straight serum, but that did not work anything great for me, so this treatment from Osmo looked like a good alternative to me.


Product Description:
If you have naturally frizzy or curly hair and want to flaunt a straight mane, then Osmo brings a perfect solution in the form of this “Straighten Up Gel.” Enriched with Keratin-based complex, it promises to not only make your hair softer, smoother and manageably straight, but also to protect its natural moisture. Spray evenly over damp or wet hair, section by section avoiding the root area. Comb through. Blow dry hair with a large barrel brush. Finish by using straightening irons in sections.  A revolutionary new Keratin-based straightening complex that works with styling irons to transform curly, frizz prone, unruly locks into sleek, smooth, visibly straighter styles whilst retaining the hair’s natural moisture. Heat activated formula.
INR 950


My Experience with Osmo Effects Straighten Up 3 Day Keratin Straightening Complex:

Well, this product is huge, so I was happy that I got the right quantity for the money I paid. Osmo products don’t come cheap but they do come in huge bottles. I have used their Keratin Blow Dry Potion and that has been the best product that I have purchased from them. The Osmo curl fluid didn’t do much, the heat defense potion was fine too, but somehow, this brand has products that are otherwise not that easy to find. I always need an aid to tame my frizzy and dry hair. When I use the potion before blow drying, my job is done faster and the style holds better. The bottle is very heavy to travel with, so I suggest you to use some travel bottle to hold this in case you want to travel for a time period where you will shampoo often and need to blow dry.


This is a spray bottle, which has a slimy thick liquid which needs to be sprayed evenly on to the hair. You can blow dry first and then use a flat iron. I am not okay with it as I could then use my blow dry potion for the same. I do want to reduce heat and just make it a one-step process.


The blow dry goes on better with the blow dry potion rather than this. The flat iron works well with this like they claim.  This complex kind of makes the number of times you go over a hair section with your flat iron less. Say my hair would straighten in three passes, this product would do the job in one, so this is a plus point.


Another point I have noticed is that it does help to make hair straighter than otherwise when I don’t use this product. My hair remains straight easily for three days until the next shampoo or till the hair gets greasy, so it is true to its claims. My only problem with this product is that I was hoping for straight poker hair, but this managed to give me hair that’s just straight with softness to it.


Pros of Osmo Effects Straighten Up 3 Day Keratin Straightening Complex:

  • Tames dry and frizzy hair.
  • Reduces the number of passes with the flat iron.
  • Softens hair while using flat iron.
  • Hair stays straight for three days, as they claim.
  • Can replace your serum, use this product on damp hair.

Cons of Osmo Effects Straighten Up 3 Day Keratin Straightening Complex:

  • Doesn’t give me poker straight hair.
  • The blow dry potion works the same way to straighten my hair with a hair dryer.
  • The blow dry with this spray doesn’t really impress me.
  • Double heat and time, first use on damp hair and blow dry, then use a flat iron.
  • May make hair greasy sooner if you have an oily scalp.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Osmo Effects Straighten Up 3 Day Keratin Straightening Complex?
I will recommend and repurchase Osmo’s blow dry potion, as that works the same way for me.
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