Ouai Wave Spray Review

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I have thin, wavy and damaged hair (unfortunately) and it takes a lot of effort to obtain a good hair day. So in between these efforts, sometimes I discover a gem and Ouai Hair care Wave Spray is one of them. Let’s read out in detail.

Ouai Wave Spray

Product Description:
A weightless texture mist for effortlessly chic, undone hair. Infused with rice protein to add hold and memory for that “just got out of the ocean and my hair dried perfectly” look. Free of parabens. No animal testing.

Ouai Wave Spray details

My Take on Ouai Wave Spray:

Ouai Wave Spray comes in a simple yet catchy bottle. The simple bottle with nozzle spray looks appealing because the golden mist shows through from the transparent bottle. It is travel friendly but you might need to seal it when travelling by air because the luggage shuffles a lot in air planes; so there is always a chance of liquid spillage in bag (personal experience).

Ouai Wave Spray bottle

Ouai Wave Spray is completely worth the hype and money! The golden color mist is watery in consistency and easy to apply from the nozzle. The directions guide to apply Ouai Wave Spray either on damp or dry hair but the results are significantly better with damp hair; so I will cover the damp hair experience and results here. First of all, it isn’t a typical beach wave spray. It doesn’t turn hair into salty, crunchy, coarse beach waves. This spray induces waves on straight and wavy hair, but for silky straight hair, you might need some hair tool because I have wavy hair and it actually profoundly adds definition to my waves. On the other hand, it adds brilliant shine and texture to my hair.

Ouai Wave Spray nozzle

I simply spray it to my damp, comb hair and roughly set them. Once dry, my hair attains great volume and bounce, which is my preference when it comes to a good hair day. With noticeably added shine, my hair gets defined waves and look healthier than reality. So, this spray is expert in faking up shine and volume for thin and limp hair. Also, it doesn’t make my hair gritty, crunchy, oily, does not weigh them down. The best part is that the volume and waves stay in my hair for 2-3 days. However, the shine fades in a day. It has a bit of a scent when applied fresh, but it vanishes in a few seconds. Though the ingredients list is long, but Ouai wave spray is free from parabens and chemicals. Also, it is not tested on animals. Lately, researches have been supporting the use of rice water and rice protein for limp hair and luckily, Ouai Wave spray has rice protein as its main ingredient.

Ouai Wave Spray swatch

Pros of Ouai Wave Spray:

  • Rightly hyped hair spray.
  • Gives best results with damp hair and rough styling.
  • Great product to flaunt messy hair.
  • Adds brilliant shine, volume and bounce to hair.
  • Adds and defines waves.
  • Doesn’t make hair crunchy or gritty.
  • Doesn’t make scalp and hair oily.
  • Doesn’t weigh down strands.
  • The results last for 3 days easily.
  • Infused with rice protein.
  • An easy solution for a good hair day.

Cons of Ouai Wave Spray:

  • None.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Ouai Wave Spray?
Yes, I strongly recommend trying Ouai Wave Spray and I will repurchase.

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