Ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner Review

Ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner Review

ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner

How To Use :

ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner review

Claims : 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner feeds and strengthens curls with a combination of essential amino acids, proteins, and effective moisturizers. It is the foundation for restoring and maintaining your hair’s health and beauty. Due to a curl’s tendency to lose nutrients and moisture, frequent deep conditioning is necessary to replenish the hair strength, allowing each strand to regain its internal weight and body and minimize the tendency to frizz. Used with heat, the mix of proteins and Amino Acids effectively penetrates hair to bond with the cuticle, leaving hair revived and restructured for enhanced performance. Essential for re-building over-processed or dried-out curls.

Price : Rs 1600


ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner how to

My Experience with Ouidad 12 minute Deep Treatment Review

I have been using this deep treatment since the time I picked it up a few weeks back. I use it twice a week. It’s a thick cream like consistency protein deep conditioner that is supposed to add nourishment to your hair. I follow the steps mentioned – Shampoo my hair, apply the deep conditioning treatment along the lengths of my hair, wear a shower cap and blow dry my hair for a few minutes, lock the ends with the conditioner and rinse of most of the product. Let my hair air dry or blow dry.

This works like magic on my hair. It is actually supposed to be a product for curly hair but I feel anyone can benefit from a good deep conditioning treatment. It makes my hair soft, shiny and adds so much volume. You know all the abuse you have done through styling with your hair through out the week and then you use this.It’s like it forgive s all your hair sins. 😛 Once you follow up with conditioner, I feel it helps with the hair hydration even more.

It rinses off easily without weighing down my hair. Also, I can see the effect for good 3-4 days. I wash my hair quite frequently because I workout , plus it’s too hot in Delhi. Somedays I just need to put water on my head to cool my head. So, for me the results last until I wash my hair again. Since it is a deep treatment, I restrict its usage to only once a week.

You don’t need a lot of product so the tiny bottle works. It comes in a fuss free white flip top cap bottle. The product is on the thicker side so you have to squeeze it out with a bit of an effort, but it’s okay.

The 12 minute thing every Sunday is sooo good. It does not take ages to show the results and you get a hair spa kind of results.

The main issue would be the availability. I got it at Sephora but all the Sephoras are only in Delhi at the moment.

Overall, I am very happy with the results and I totally look forward to my Sunday spas with this treatment. 🙂

Best for – dry, damaged, coloured,treated, especially curly hair. I have straight hair and this protein treatment works great for me.

Rating : 4/5


ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner bottle

Swatchouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner swatch

And here’s a video showing you how to use the deep treatment :

Have you used Ouidad 12 Minute Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner?

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        1. princy…if u go to delhi….even i will send my looooooooong list of products to buy from sephora and bobbi brown…. *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*

          1. Arpita, you first give me all your Bourjois Rouge Velvet lipstick 😛 I’ll happily get what you want *hihi*

  1. wow..its a review cum tutorial.. *woot* I am on the way to find out the secrets of your beautiful hair Rati *shy* *preen*
    I noticed that your hair were looking super gorgeous from last some time. and here is the secret,,loved it, and definitely going to buy Ouidad…going to sephora coming sunday definetly. *happydance* *happydance* *happy dance* *happydance*

  2. You sold it to me Rati… I want !! *drool* *drool*

    My brother is coming to meet me next week and he is coming from Delhi… but I doubt he will go to sephora and will be able to pick whatever I want without getting mad at me…. that’s not the place a guy can do justice too 😛

    still I will try my luck and ask him….. fingers crossed 😀

  3. Sounds like a miracle worker Rati! And good to know that it doesn’t weight down the hair. Would love to try – if only i could get my hands on it. You have 2 Sephoras now, right? Second one is in Ambience Mall Gurgaon?

  4. It sounds so good, especially for dry hair. It’s convenient too that you only have to leave it on for 12 minutes. *pompom*

  5. Do u keep it actually keep for 12 mins ?? It sounds like a wonder!!and best part i think tht it gives volume..most deep treatments dont give much volume ..very well reviewed Di 🙂

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