Our Bollywood Brigade’s Talents Other Than Acting

It seems like ages when I last wrote for IMBB. I was caught up in my work assignments that I could not take time out for my beloved hobby: writing for IMBB. So, here I am today with yet another Bollywood post 🙂 . Our Bollywood stars are truly multi faceted. They are blessed with so many hidden talents and they are so good at it that you can’t ignore them. I am good with blabbering and nothing constructive! I wish I was good at dancing or singing as they are. For now I am content with just my bathroom singing. 😛


Painting Bollywood red with their talent!

Do you know any other name other than the mighty Salman Khan who paints? Well frankly I did not. Salman is not the only one who paints; there are so many other hidden talents who are also great at painting. Sridevi, who made a comeback with English Vinglish, is great at making abstracts and even portraits. She used to paint during the breaks in her comeback movie. She has all her paintings adorning the walls of her living room; one of them is a huge Michael Jackson’s portrait.

Taking a cue from her ex, Katrina has also tried her hands at painting and she excels at it. New bride Dia Mirza also loves to paint and she finds painting very relaxing and soothing for her mind. Good for those, who can! I can’t even hold a brush without quivering. 🙂


Sensational singing stars of Bollywood.

It’s world known that our very own ‘piggy chops’ has made her international debut with her singles. Not just India, she is going places in the Hollywood circles also after her singing debut. She is not the only one actor who can act and sing well. There is a long list of celebrities who can do both these things equally well. Ayushmaan Khurana’s pani da rang was my favorite for a long time. Apart from singing he can act well too.

Farhan Akhtar is also one such name who can sing extremely well. Just like her sister, Parineeti Chopra croons really well. Latest entrant to this singing brigade is undoubtedly Shraddha Kapoor. Have  you heard her Teri galliyan song?


The Master Chefs.

Some of them can’t even light a gas let alone cooking. But, some of the B’town’s stars are excellent cooks and can dish out any delicacy with as much ease as any top chef. Coming from a very modest background, our dearest Kangy is a great cook and has been cooking since her teenage years. Coming to her co-star in the dud Tezz, Ajay Devgan can make some mean dishes ranging from Indian to Chinese.

Did you know the current favorite star of Bollywood Deepika Padukone can also make some lip smacking delicacies with so much ease. She credits her mother for her culinary skills.


Stars who don’t just hold guitars, but know how to play it too.

Guitars are not just for show in movies. Some actors know their way around guitar strings rather well. Our Nawaab Khan is one such person. Technically his talent is not really hidden as he has played guitar on many public occasions. He plays the guitar beautifully and makes the listeners go crazy.

The next one here is Ayushmaan Khurana. He is one hell of a multi talented person. He can act well, and has featured in Roadies, sing melodiously, write well and the cherry on the cake is he can play guitar too. I wish my man could too. 😛


Very own poets of Tinsel town.

Our oh la la star Vidya Balan claims poetry writing and penning down her thoughts work as stress busters for her. She also shares her writing with her close pals. Other than her we have two actors who write poetry really well. One of them has to be the multi talented Farhan Akhtar (his father’s genes of course!). The surprising one here is Vivek Oberoi. He is apparently very good at expressing his feelings with words. One of his film’s directors wanted to use his poetries, but he refused stating it’s personal. I wonder when he started writing. Probably after his oh so famous break up with Miss World!


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  1. wow!! those are some interesting facts!! I remember alia bhatt also sang a lovely song from humpty. Love her voice too. and that portrait of MJ is so brilliant!!

    fun post! 🙂

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