Outfit of the Day: Casual Denim Shorts and Nautical Stripes

Outfit of the Day: Casual Denim Shorts and Nautical Stripes

I am back with another outfit – this was what I wore last weekend. We had lovely weather, as always, and it was just perfect to wear shorts. Denim shorts are comfortable, casual, and can be paired with just about any kind of a shirt or blouse depending on the look you’re aiming at. It was a cool and windy day, so I paired my denim shorts with a tube top with nautical stripes and my trusted denim jacket. The tube top is long and flowy and very comfortable. Wearing this made me wish we had a beach here, walking along the soft sands with the waves lapping at my feet, it would have been so refreshing!

Outfit of the Day Casual Denim Shorts and Nautical Stripes

Accessories were keeping in with the overall outfit mood – a seashell jewellery set in bright blue. I also added a Turkish evil eye bracelet that my mom once got me on a trip to Istanbul, and completed the look with simple Converse flip flops and a bright blue bag.

Blue Bag

You can wear these shorts with different types of shirts and blouses. A halter top in a bright colour would look great with dark wash denim shorts, as would a simple t-shirt in a catchy design or colour. You could even wear a sheer blouse with tropical prints and wedges. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s a look at the accessories:

Outfit of the Day Casual Denim Shorts and Nautical Stripes

I didn’t do a lot of makeup with this look – just used my normal kajal, and lined the outer corners with some seagreen eye shadow.

I hope you liked my look! Will be back with more soon! xoxo

Shorts: Fashionandyou.com
Top: Thrifted from Pondicherry
Seashell jewellery set: 99Labels.com
Bracelet: Thrifted from Istanbul
Jacket: Mystic Monk
Bag: Random
Flip flops: Converse

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28 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Casual Denim Shorts and Nautical Stripes

  1. owww Nandhini..u look super cool..
    u got the denim shorts from F&Y?
    never online purchases for garments work out for me 🙁

    1. Thanks Rama! It’s Nandini 🙂 Yeah I usually don’t buy lowers from websites but this one fits perfectly! I usually only buy shirts and blouses online.

  2. Great outfit, Nandini! I am a big fan of nautical stripes. They make me feel so relaxed and happy. 😀 And I love your jacket. The red thread on blue material makes it so much cooler than regular denim jackets.

  3. nandini, i am totally not a shorts person. I only wear them at home. but you made them look so formal and wearable. Loved the outfit. you look really chilled out and relaxed.super cool! 🙂

    1. Thanks Rati 🙂 I recently started wearing them when I go out, they’re so comfy!! I also mostly used to wear them only at home.

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