Outfit of the Day: Gold Chanderi Saree with Gold Jewellery

Outfit of the Day: Gold Chanderi Saree with Gold Jewellery

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I am back with another OOTD post.  My husband is back from his leave! So, I have got a photographer! Today, we had “havan” at my sister-in-law’s place for her newborn baby daughter. So, I chose to wear this off-white Chanderi saree my husband gifted me before our marriage. It’s a beautiful subtle creamy gold saree with rose/lotus bud motif. It has a raw silk and dull gold zari.

Chanderi Saree

Its super light cotton silk saree, ideal for this sweltering Delhi heat. I wore my favourite thali mangalsutra, a design native to Andhra Pradesh. Its quite similar to the Marathi mangalsutra design which has waati. I love the length, ideal for sarees, does not get hidden behind the pallu.

The coral in it matches my blouse, which is made from rust orange brocade from Banaras. Love my sexy blouse (so does hubby dearest *wink*)

Blouse design

I am wearing earrings from Tanishq, loved them for their design, very different, goes with all Indian outfits. The ear piece that I am wearing at the top of my ear is call as “bugdi.” It’s a traditional Marathi ornament that was handed down by my grandmother.

Gold Earrings

I finished off with lip balm (thanks to the heat rash on my lips of all the places!) , Inglot kohl Pencil 01, that’s it! I do not use hair dryer or straighteners, so my hair was still damp when me and hubby dearest snuck out to take these photos. Hope you like the photos.


Loads of love 🙂

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62 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Gold Chanderi Saree with Gold Jewellery

  1. *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* Beautiful saree…. beautiful smile…beautiful saee…… *hifive* *hifive* *hifive* to punjabi suits and sarees

      1. le???? aisha hai? good hai ji…. u r from? mumbai or pune? basically i m gujju but born and brought up in pune *announce* *announce* *announce* *announce* *announce* *announce* *announce*

      2. hey Saee,

        love love love your OOTD
        the Saree, blouse, tatoo , mangalsutra, everything is just fab.

        you are also very cute

        vijeta Dangwal (Atlanta)

  2. perfect indian woman!! i am loving your hair..its so beautiful, u dnt really need straightners…and i see a peekaboo tattoo..the saree is incredibly nice..very nice ootd!! *pompom* *pompom*

    1. *thankyou* Rima! Yup! I do have a tattoo. It’s a rising phoenix. It symbolizes my life after a critical accident *haan ji* . My hair is all thanks to my grandmother, who oiled it, steamed it and refused to speak to me for a while after I had my first haircut at the age of 17 *headbang*

      1. Wow! My grandmother was the exact opposite. She was after me to get a bob cut since she thought long hair interferes with academic performance! When I finally got my hair cut to shoulder level at the age of 18 (since it got spoiled due to swimming), she was probably the happiest person! :-/

      2. ya actually moms and grannys are the best whn it comes to haircare,i realised this after going to many salons and trying different hairstyles which has actually damaged my hair.waiting for more of ur ootds.tk cr

  3. You look Beautiful *drool* *happy dance* i loved your blouse …the design is sooo cute… *hifive* and i loved your tattooo….. damn hot *haan ji* *puchhi*

    1. Thank you Saloni! I love deep back blouses. I fashioned it based on Parineeta movie. Loved Vidya Balan in it *clap* .

    1. Thank you Abhinaya! I am not yet a mother *hihi* . I am married for just a year or so. It’s my sister in laws child. She was named Shanaya.

    1. *thankyou* Siri. I am not from AP. I hail from Maharashtra. I loved the Mangalsutra design when I was in Hyderabad. Just got it copied *secret*

  4. chaan ahe get up . ani yes , thali magalsutra is ideal for saree 🙂 as it doesnt hide behind pallu like marathi mangalsutra . btw , magalsutra che kiti prakaar kele ahes 🙂

    1. Thank you Preeti! I have 3 types of Mangalsutra. One typical Marathi one with two Waatis, one with two diamond Waatis and this one.

  5. you look gorrrrrrgoeus saee. I rarely ever wear sarees because I find them difficult to carry off. You make them look so easy and beautiful. Love your earrings. :-*

    1. Thank you so much Rati! *happydance* . Even I used to stay away from Sarees. Then when I started earning and had to start investing in saleaar suites and ghagras for all those weddings, I realised that saree is the best and economical option. You stand out and a traditional silk silk saree never feels repitative, compared to anarkalis and ghagras that one refuses to wear again because everyone saw it *duh* . I love your dressing style. One day, I hope, I will be able to carry your style with equal confidence.

  6. beautiful saree and beautiful uuuuuuuuuuu saeeee.. *clap* *whistle* always love ur ootds u look really gorgeous in sarees.. *jalwa* *pompom*

  7. you look simply gorgeous in a saree. So elegant and lovely. Just love the whole attitude. Stunning really!!!

  8. Wowwww Saee you look beautiful:) loved you blouse it’s so se*y.. N ur tattoo popping out makes it look more hot! Even I hav a tattoo at d same place n a little part peeping out makes it look hot:))

  9. Saeee you look simply elegant… wow… love the saree and the blouse is “Oooooh la la”. Love ur smile and those khaddaas.. hehehehe.. Many congratulations to you and your family for Shanaya…
    I too love to wear sarees but rarely get a chance to wear them.. but I never miss out on any opportunity to wear one.. I too want to buy some very good silk sarees which are traditional yet western.. like the ones in tusser silk, upada etc.. something which is evergreen types… :-))

    1. Thank you Shraddha! Aren’t sarees the best? Even I wear them at the smallest opportunity *happy dance* . Do let me know if you need any help in finding your evergreen sarees

  10. *woot* wow saiee..lovin ur bugdi….u luk too good n i loved al ur traditional posts…..greedy for more 😀 😀

  11. Hi Saee, the sari is indeed beautiful…and you look lovely! I have always been very fond of chanderi…however have been scared to invest too much in it due to the maintenance issues. I have heard that if you keep it folded for too long, the garment tends to cut from there 🙁

    I was also admiring the backdrop of your photo…its a very green place…is it in Delhi ? Can I please know the location as Im on a house hunt!! 🙂


    1. Dear Swati. First of all thank you so much for your comments *puchhi* . Yeah Chanderi do tend to tear if kept folded for too long. I do have to keep opening and refolding them once a month. Anyways I do air my silks twice a year. Its very important. Like they say, vanity has a price *preen*

      1. Oh yeah! Forgot *scared* . That is my sister in laws balcony. She stays in sector 56, gurgaon. It’s a colony called Devinder Vihar. It’s a AWHO colony, that’s why so much greenery!

  12. aww u looking gorgeous saee..i love the red and gold combination *drool* *drool* and ur blouse is so secy *pompom* *pompom* ur post about choosing the silk sarees is pending na *waiting* *waiting* *waiting* i am waitinggggg

    1. Neha! Thank you so much! I am working on that post. Waiting to see Aie (mom) to get her tips and opinion. *haan ji*

  13. Do u hv any idea how hot u r looking… I will say this outloud….i will copy everything in this look

    1. Sakshi! *puchhi* Thank you so much for your comments! You are more than welcome to copy whatever you want from this look *happydance*

  14. b’ful ootd saee..I hail from M.P n so chanderi n maheshwari saree are my fvt ones..they are so comfy,airy n pretty..btw nowadays chanderi saree requires less maintainence than before..i remember how my mom’s beautiful beige chanderi saree got teared up as it was kept folded for less thn a yr..

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