Outfit of the Day: Navy Blue Midi Skirt

Outfit of the Day: Navy Blue Midi Skirt

Hello everyone!

Here’s today’s OOTD.


You know, my father may not agree, but I am a very cautious-shopper! 😛 I think a LOT before buying things, and do A LOT of calculations in my head (and, on my phone!) 😛

Navy Blue Midi Skirt 2

I always start with the color- like, blacks and whites are forever the winners! Then, comes the wearability of the piece- like, I would always prefer to buy a pair of denims in different colors than a skirt. Comes following the pricing. Off late, I have made it a point to invest ONLY in statement pieces. Say, I would instantly buy that leopard blazer over the black one. 😀

Navy Blue Midi Skirt 3

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But then, there are days, when you leave all the calculators back home and shop all you like! This skirt was all about that! 😀 It was a Rakhi gift, so I splurged. *jalwa* Also, it made me feel like I were wearing culottes, which I have been on a lookout for since long now.

Paired it with a cute peter pan collar top, and pink peeps.

Navy Blue Midi Skirt 4

Outfit Details:

Skirt: Zara
Top, Cuff: Forever21
Shoes: Rialto, GK

Navy Blue Midi Skirt 5

Thank you so much for the comments 🙂

Have a great week ahead, take care you all! :*

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17 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Navy Blue Midi Skirt

  1. You look super classy seems like you belong to early french era *preen* *jai ho* plz suggest a top for a coral high low skirt. I have hourglass figure .broad shoulders *secret* *thankyou*

    1. Thank you Shrutika *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*
      You can wear a cream-ish button down. Because winters are approaching you can add a black leather jacket, which shall make your upper frame look slimmer. High heels are a must with high-low skirts; you can wear black stilettos, which will again make you look slimmer and taller.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

      1. Oh Thankyou So Much Yeah Heels Are a Must …! *happydance* It Helped A lot Basically I wanted To wear it on my birthday which is approaching . im confused whether to wear a skirt or I have a semi full sleeved sea green dress I dnt Have Problem With My broad shoulders I Consider It As My Beauty But If skirt I wanna look feminine ! *oye balle* Can You Suggest something from Zara . I need a Zara Dose . My Height Is 5’5 . Thank You Didi *hifive* *jai ho*

        1. I’m so glad it did. 🙂 I was worried if you’ll like my idea, cz I’m not at all a high-low trend person. 🙁
          I love the color sea green, and semi-sleeved dresses are my favorites any day! I’m sure it would look fab too. But if you wanna wear that skirt, you can try out this Zara top (http://www.zara.com/in/en/trf/t-shirts/lace-top-c269214p1436132.html) I picked up just recently. It fits great!! Would look perfect with your skirt! And would be just appropriately dressy for the event. 🙂
          Wishing you a great birthday in advance! *puchhi*

            1. Ooooooooh ! I Love The Shirt !! I ‘ll wear This Pakka You Got this from Trf Section Which mall Did You Visit Cuz I found Unavailability of Some Pieces In Particular Malls U frum Delhi Naa ? I knw It But Jst confirming If You Think Sea Green Dress Would Be Fun Then I wear 2 Outfits probably !! 😛 *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* *clap* *clap* *haan ji* *haan ji* *jalwa* Thanks So Much Diii !! *puchhi* One More *pompom*

  2. The skirt looks so good on you but it won’t suit short people like me. *waaa* *waaa* *nababana*
    I love the shirt very much *drool* *drool*

  3. So chic yet cute like little school gal.. *happydance* *pompom* You are a rising star of imbb.. *oye balle* love all ur ootds till date.. *jai ho*

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