Outfit of the Day: Orange Skirt and Colourful Bangles

Outfit of the Day: Orange Skirt and Colourful Bangles

Aloha Ladies,

This is my second OOTD on IMBB and I am still very nervous. I wore this look when I went out with a few friends to a Saturday movie, “Vicky Donor.” Needless to say I am super duper excited.

Outfit of the Day Orange Skirt and Colourful Bangles

So, I wanted to go with the boho chic style of this summer and this is my personal favourite attire.  When I was living in Florida, bright skirts and plain-coloured spaghettis with lots of bangles was my dressing style. I found this very Indian and very comfy.

The top is a black spaghetti from aeropostale, the ones you get for 5 for 25 in deal.

Neck Piece

The neck piece is a pick from Janpath in Delhi for Rs. 125, the second or third shop from the right.

rati beauty ad


The orange skirt is a pick from a random store in Miami, somewhere on the ebach and it said “Made in India” on it. I still wanted to pick it because it was so beautiful and for about 15 dollars.  It is cotton and very comfortable, I love the skirt!

Colourful Bangles

The “juttis” are my mom’s and we picked it up from a store in Rajori a while back for Rs. 750.  I love it because its the only black “jutti” I have and it looks very royal to me.  I also have a collection of normal punjabi “juttis” (the very punjabi side of me), but this one I love!


Hope you like it, please comment and let me know what’s your summer outfit.

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74 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Orange Skirt and Colourful Bangles

  1. Loved the Outfit Fly Girl, very chic 🙂 🙂 loved the skirt and the neckpiece
    I couldnt see your face properly :cry :cry :cry :cry

  2. Aww ur ootd reminded me of my skirt…me luv it tooooo!!! I have its pic in my blog 😛 And I loved ur jootis…pretty royal indeed 😎 😎

      1. I’d link you to her fb profile but it would probably go into moderation :/ anyway. she looks a lot like you, she’s pretty and slim as well.

  3. Very well accessorised must say , ‘juttis’ were a great addition – It`s somethng i have lying in my shoe closet but i have never used it – Great OOTD again 🙂

  4. heyy i just loved it..very boho chic like you wanted it to be. I love that type of jewelry too..and nothing like orange cos its so bright and cheerful..me inspiredddddddddddd..will bother u guys some day with something i put together too Big thanks to you, Sahar, Rati and Nandini ofcourse..looking fwd to more.

  5. vry well accessorized! looking so nice in black and orange(one of my favorite combos 🙂 ) really like this OOTD..

    1. hey beee thankoooo nope not now was while flying training am home now.few of my friends are still to your north in vero beach

  6. What a wonderfully boho look! Love the skirt and the jutti. Super cool idea to pair them together. 😀

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