Outfit of the Day: Polka Dots and Stripes

Outfit of the Day: Polka Dots and Stripes

By Ritika Khanna from Bling sparkles and you

Today’s post has both polka and stripes. I like both individually, so then I thought why won’t I like it together ? I think the combination is hip, trendy and perfect for all year around . You have a lot of options with how you mix and match. You can go striped shirt, polka dot bottom or vice-versa. Or, you can have both polka dots and stripes within the same piece of clothing. What makes it fun is the combination, so choose one that suits your style.


I recommend sticking to one general color scheme. Since you have two significantly different prints, I wouldn’t go too crazy with a ton of colors or it might look like you just threw something on as you ran out the door. You want your outfit to look like an outfit, not just random pieces you put on.

Stripe skirt

Black and white is classic and can always work with a third complementary color.

Striped long skirt

Polka dot top

Skirt stripes

Also, you don’t have to do polka dots and stripes throughout the whole look. I like the idea of a pattern mixed top and a solid bottom. The options are endless and the look is classic, so have fun putting a new spin on a timeless trend.


About the Author:

Ritika blogs at Bling Sparkles and You. You can check her Facebook page here. Her instagram id is @ritikakhanna08

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