6 Signs You Are Over-Conditioning Your Hair

A hair conditioner provides sufficient moisture to your locks and makes them look soft, shiny and healthy. But, over-conditioning can damage your hair as an excess of anything is bad. When you over-condition your hair, it forms a thick layer over your hair strands and makes it very difficult for other hair care products to penetrate. Over-conditioning can happen in many ways: using too much of conditioner or hair styling products, leaving your hair conditioner for too long, not rinsing it properly, using silicon-based hair care products, not shampooing properly etc. In order to prevent your hair from over-conditioning, you have to identify the reason behind it.

6 Signs You Are Over-Conditioning Your Hair1

Read on to know them.

1. Greasiness All the Time:

This is the most recognisable sign of your hair being over-conditioned. When you over-condition your hair, it will make your hair and hair roots oily. The greasiness that you experience is because of over-conditioning or an excessive use of hair styling products. On the other hand, greasiness can also make your hair dirtier. In order to treat this problem, you should skip using your conditioner once in a while.

6 Signs You Are Over-Conditioning Your Hair

2. Extra Radiant Hair:

Using a conditioner in an adequate amount provides a subtle shine to your hair while making it soft. However, if you are using too much of conditioner than required, your hair will become super glossy and shiny. It will make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. When you over-condition your hair, you will notice that your hair is stickier and shinier than before.

3. Extremely Soft but Stiff Hair:

When you over-condition your hair, it becomes extremely soft and less manageable. At the same time, it makes your hair stiff and you will find it difficult to style your hair. Stiffness here is related to the stubbornness of your hair. And, when you try to style your hair, it won’t stay in place.

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6 Signs You Are Over-Conditioning Your Hair2

4. Lack of Volume:

Over-conditioning your hair adds more than the required amount of moisture to your hair. Because of this, your hair becomes super soft and loses its natural volume. As a result, your hair will look very thin and sticky.

6 Signs You Are Over-Conditioning Your Hair4

5. Difficulty in Styling:

Do you invest a lot of time in styling your hair? This is probably because of over-conditioning your hair due to which your hair becomes extremely soft, greasy, glossy and what not. And, when your hair is greasy, it will be very difficult for you to style your hair. Also, if you have curled your hair, they will not stay in place and will lose their bounce in no time. This applies to updo hairstyles also. So, in short, if you are having any difficulty in styling your hair, over-conditioning is the reason behind.

6. Flat Top:

Over-conditioning softens your roots thereby, making your top look flat and oily. This is because your supersoft roots are not able to hold their volume for a long time. If your roots are really soft and sticky, then over-conditioning is the reason. Try to reduce the amount of conditioner you use and it will surely make your hair look voluminous.

6 Signs You Are Over-Conditioning Your Hair45

Follow these tricks to prevent over-conditioning of your hair:
• Try to avoid the usage of conditioner too often.
• Do not leave the conditioner on your hair for more than a minute or two.
• Rinse your conditioner properly.
• Avoid using leave-in conditioners after using a rinse-off conditioner.
• Do not use hair styling products frequently.
• You can use a clarifying shampoo once in a while to clean the build-up caused by hair care products.

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