Oxy Life Aloe Vera Gel Bleach Review

Oxy Life Aloe Vera Gel Bleach Review

Hello Everybody!

How are you all doing?? I am sure by now monsoon would have reached almost all parts of India. Here in Delhi, it has been raining and this is the perfect time to enjoy monsoon with a steaming cup of tea/coffee and a plate full of pakodas. But monsoon brings with itself, humidity and stickiness and it is very difficult to maintain the texture of the skin. I avoid using cream-based products for these two months, so when I saw this miraculous product in the market, I instantly grabbed it. It is a gel-based aloe vera bleach from Oxylife. Gel-based bleaches are pretty new in Indian market and I am really excited to review it.


Product Description:

An ammonia-free bleach with the unique combination of aloe vera and oxygen in a gel format. Infused with oxygen it opens up clogged pores, gently removes tan and dead skin cells, lightens skin tone and gives flawless fair skin.

Oxy Life Aloe Vera Gel Bleach 2

Key Ingredients:

Hydrogen Peroxide, Aloe vera Extract, Activator Powder, Persulphates.

Oxy Life Aloe Vera Gel Bleach 3


INR 80 for 30 gm.

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My Experience with Oxy Life Aloe Vera Gel Bleach:

The bleach comes in a very cute tin container. The packaging looks like snack dabbas that you get in the airlines. I really like it. The tin contains one container of gel bleach and one container of activator along with a spatula and an instruction guide. The gel looks just like aloe vera gel, with a slight green tint to it. The activator is light green colored powder and has a strong pungent smell like any other activator powder.

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This bleach is perfect to be used on sensitive skin, so for beauties with sensitive and acne-prone skin, should definitely go for this as this is a gel-based formula. I use this bleach to activator ratio of 7:1. So, this pack can be used for 2-3 times depending upon your requirement. After applying, it does not sting at all, in fact it provides a nice soothing cooling sensation.  This is because of the aloe vera it contains.  In terms of bleaching effects, it provides average results. When I say average, I do not mean that it does not bleach effectively. It does bleach my facial hair very well (I do not have much facial hair), but it may not be able to bleach the parts which you would rather prefer to get waxed.

Oxy Life Aloe Vera Gel Bleach 7

Its effects lasts for a long time, I bleached 2 weeks back and still my facial hair have not turned back to their normal color. Now, coming to its best part; this bleach is ammonia free. Ammonia is very harmful for skin and with overuse, it may cause skin irritations and can be very toxic.

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Overall, I am pretty happy with this bleach as it is ammonia free and does not sting after application and is perfect to be used in this humid season.

Pros of Oxy Life Aloe Vera Gel Bleach:

  • Ammonia free.
  • Gives a nice cooling sensation.
  • Contains aloe vera extracts.
  • Gel based.
  • Perfect to be used in monsoon.
  • Bleaches effectively.
  • Gives long lasting effects.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin beauties.
  • Pretty cheap, at INR 80, it will serve you 2-3 times.

Cons of Oxy Life Aloe Vera Gel Bleach:

  • May not be available everywhere as of now.
  • It claims to provide fair complexion, haven’t noticed any such change.
  • Activator does smell of ammonia.

IMBB Rating:


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26 thoughts on “Oxy Life Aloe Vera Gel Bleach Review

  1. thanks for reviewing it 🙂
    even i wanted to buy this but recently i have purchased one so thought of skipping it.

  2. *thankyou* so much for the review…

    I was so tempted to use it when I saw the ad on TV…
    I hardly bleach but this really tempted me… 😀

    1. yeah me too…got really excited when I heard that it is gel based…we are always tempted to try out new exciting things.. *hifive*

  3. The whole world bleaces…then why the hell i am soo scared to try it…!! *waaa* *waaa* *scared* *scared* *nababana*

    1. yeah Gowthami…but these will be available everywhere very soon…since it is newly launched you may find some difficulties..

  4. Great review radhika…. i was just thinking of using a bleach today…. I think i will get this only! Timing of this review is great! *woot* *pompom*

  5. I wanted to try it from the day i saw this on tv.. *happy dance* but i don’t bleach normally so will use it once and then pass it to mum *hifive* *hifive*

  6. Guys please dont be tempted to buy this….its a horrible product. It says that its good for sensitive skin…thats why i had bought it….my face was full of rashes. Instruction says to keep it on your face for 15-20 mins i culd not keep for 1 min also because my face was burning.I have tried that normal fem bleached its much better. Product so disappointing.

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