Oxy Life Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach Review

by Raveena S.

Hi beauties hope you all are doing well. So, today I am going to review Natural Radiance 5 Bleach from Oxy Life. I am not a regular bleach user, but I love the glow which I get after using bleach. So, I use it for special occasions. I don’t have heavy facial hair, so bleaching was never necessary as such. I have oily skin, which is pretty sensitive to foreign products. Thus, I was a skeptical before using this bleach as this was my second time. Before that I used Nature Essences fruit bleach it worked fine for me, but this bleach is gentle and mild for even sensitive skin (says so on the box).

oxy life bleach


Oxy Life Natural Radiance 5 crème bleach enriched with active oxygen and unique post bleach skin radiance serum brightens and nourishes skin to help solve 5 fairness problems and give naturally radiant skin. Instantly it works on:

  • Dark spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dull skin
  • Dead skin cells
  • Sun tan


Rs 80 for 27g (3 uses).


oxy life bleach

How to use:

  • For first time users a patch test is recommended.
  • Bleach and the activator powder should be used in the ratio of 7:1.
  • Bleach should be used once in every 2-3 weeks.
  • Do not use soap for 5 hours after bleach.
  • Avoid going into sunlight immediately.

Also in the information booklet they have given a table where they explain how much time they recommend the bleach requires according to skin tone.

oxy life bleach

My Experience with Oxy Life Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach:

It comes in this blue cardboard box pretty much like all other bleaches. When you open it, it consists of 5 things, which are: the crème bleach, the activator powder, 3 sachets of post bleach skin radiance serum, the spatula and an information booklet.

oxy life bleach

Coming to the price, I think it is affordable considering the results it gives. As I have wheatish-fair skin I keep the bleach for 15-20 minutes. My eyes do water, but just for a minute it doesn’t sting. So, beauties with sensitive skin are going to love it. After the bleach you apply the post bleach skin radiance serum. It has a gel consistency and one sachet contains enough for your face and neck.

oxy life bleach

My skin absorbs the gel giving it a dewy finish. My skin instantly looks lighter than before and has a beautiful glow. If need be you can go out with the serum on your face because it looks natural and lovely like a dewy foundation. After 5-6 hours when I wash my face my skin looks bright. I don’t think it works on uneven skin tone, but it works wonderfully on skin tan and dullness. It has been 3 weeks since I used it and it still has the same effect.

oxy life bleach

Pros of Oxy Life Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach:

  • Works well on tan.
  • Gives a fresh look instantly.
  • Has long lasting effects.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Makes my skin a tone lighter.

Cons of Oxy Life Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach:

  • Except for skin tan and dull skin, I don’t think it works on all other claims, but may be with regular usage (once in 2-3 weeks) it will show positive differences.

Would I repurchase Oxy Life Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach?

Yes, definitely. It has worked wonderfully for me.

Would I recommend Oxy Life Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach?

Sensitive skin people and also beauties who have problematic skin won’t love this because it will be too mild for them.

Someone who is looking for a natural glow will love this.

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  1. It have been ages since I have used bleach. I have very sensitive acne prone so i steer clear of the bleaches but if I ever feel the need to use bleach I will give this one a try since it is suitable for even sensitive skin. 🙂

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