Oxyglow Bearberry & Grape Fairness Face Wash Review


Hi folks!! Today I’ll be reviewing OxyGlow’s bearberry face wash. According to me it’s a great product. I got it 2 weeks back as a gift at an event that I had attended and oxy glow had sponsored, and have been prudently using it. I just love it (didn’t expect such good results). My skin is moderately oily. If you to have the same skin type then it is a must-try for you.

oxy glow face wash

Some facts you must know :-
BRAND – OxyGlow

RICH IN – Vitamin E (it is good for skin)
RECOMENDED FOR – All skin types (oily in specific)
INGREDIENTS- Bearberry extracts, grape seed oil, vitamin E, olive
AVAILABLE IN- Strawberry, Neem tulsi, Bearberry and grape
PRICE- Rs. 60
CLAIMS– Rich in conditioning agents, this special face wash serves the dual purpose of preventing the roughness of skin by deep cleansing the pores and restoring the optimum moisture balance. Its regular usage makes the skin visibly clean and radiantly youthful.

oxy glow face wash

This face Wash comes in a tube like transparent packing with a flip-cap top. So it makes this face wash easy to carry.
My Take:-
The face wash has beautiful tiny granules which thoroughly clean the skin leaving it fresh and revitalized. It has worked wonders for me and has ended my long search of an ideal face wash. I’m very happy with the results and intend to buy the other two types also. I’m also very keen on buying other products of this wondrous brand. As far as I know it has a great range of face packs, massage creams, scrub masks and bleaches.

oxy glow face wash

The face wash opens up all my skin pores and allows my skin to breathe. Especially, when used at night it ensures a good rest for the skin too. It feels so good to wake up in the morning and not spotting even a fraction of oil on your skin or around the nose.
At the end of just the first week my skin felt visibly lighter and was able to breathe. And has lent that extra softness and feeling of cleanliness to my skin. It is recommended for all skin types though I personally think it works better for oily skin types.

Directions for use:-
Once you have a speck of it on your hand, I suggest putting a little water on it and then massaging in circular motions gently on your face especially on the forehead and areas near the nose. A rich lather gathers up within seconds which may be disturbing to dry and normal skin types but for us oilies . 🙂 – it’s a boon!! After rinsing for a minute or two, wash your face with cold or Luke warm water (never use hot water for your face; it may cause early wrinkles).Pat your skin dry and get ready to face the world without oil dripping off your nose for about 3-4 hours. If necessary you can also apply oil free moisturizer from clean and clear or OxyGlows saffron and liquorice fairness cream.

Pros and Cons of OxyGlow face wash:-

Pros of OxyGlow Face Wash

• Great product for oily skins.
• Works up large amounts of lather within seconds.
• Deep cleanses the skin and rejuvenates it.
• Shows results from first use.
• 3 types available – Bearberry and Grape, Strawberry, Neem Tulsi.
• Easy to carry.

Cons of OxyGlow Face Wash

• May cause dryness to normal skin types and extreme dryness to dry skin types.
• As mentioned above; has a quite strong soapy system.

(Sorry I am unable to find any more cons in it!! :))

My rating: :-* :-* :-* :-*

Have you used Oxyglow Bearberry & Grape Fairness Face Wash ? Please rate in the box below.

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16 thoughts on “Oxyglow Bearberry & Grape Fairness Face Wash Review

  1. Great review Tommy!! And at this price it is soo affordable!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 …Mine is oily combination..so I can give it a try..Is it available at Health and Glow counters?

  2. hey tommy gr8 review :waytogo: :waytogo: …even yestrday i saw oxy glow range of skin care…hey tommy can u or can any1 suggest or let me know that is der any strawberry or rose facepack available in market..any brand..?????

  3. I think this will work for me….price is also great…….this is from the Oxybleach makers kya????? just a dumb question ?:)

  4. Great info Tommy! I wasn’t aware of this facewash…and it has come at a perfect time as I’m just getting over with my current facewash and was thinking of trying a new one not tried yet and since I have oily skin this has come as great news to me :thanks: :yahoo:

  5. hi guyzzz once who hav a problem of having dry skin after u used face wash like i hav n u feel completly lack of moisture n dry skin u may give a try to himalaya neem face wash ,first fo all its very affordable n its perfect for people having dry skin it worked for me n my search for face wash ended finally hope this comment wil help any of u guzz too cya

  6. its a great brand m using their products and find them very mild.but its not from that oxy bleach brand u can check out their products at their website oxyglowcosmetics.com :happydance:

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