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Ginni Asks,

I am going to Manali in December. I think the climate will be very cold.So please suggest the dress which I can wear in Manali.Because I dont want to be in a monotonous sweater.

I will read your replies and then go for shopping:-)


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  1. Hi Richa Saxena..

    Thanks so much.I dint think about wollen dresses before.That seems to be a good idea. Will look for wollen dress soon:-)

  2. hey ginny, try and get one slim fit basic black pullover. pair it with colored jeans and colorful stoles 🙂 they look fab! tried and tested 🙂 or you can get get one of those black overcoat type sweaters which come to the knees and pair it with black slacks. then add a dash of color with a bright turqoise or a red or a green scarf around your neck. u will look stunning 🙂 hope this helps

    1. wow!!!aparajita…i already have one black pull over.Am sooo happy..can use that.And sure to get a nice scarf..

      He he it reminds me of Denny and Gearge of Becky…am turning into a shopaholic…

      1. i m glad it helped… u know, i stocked up scarves and stoles in every possible color last winter. they cost below 200 bucks here. n it was sooo worth it. they jazz up any outfit 🙂

  3. Carry a couple of warm scarves/mufflers in different colours and you can pair them with whatever you’re wearing to add a pop of colour. If you own boots, wear boots, warm leggings, a sweater dress and a coloured blazer. You could even try wearing a woolen skirt with leggings and a pea-coat or overcoat.

  4. U can check out woollen one pieces from Bella (1 store in MGF saket) and pair it with sleek jackets from Zara. They r very warm n look equally good. Opt for woollen leggings(from Miss Jo, saket city walk) and pair it with high boots(Aldo, Nine West, etc). Also, bubble jackets(UCB, Levis, etc)look awesome. U cn pair them with colourful denims. Warm n chic. Good luck 😀

  5. m planning a sikkim trip this end of oct! i am planning to pack up a hand knitted mid length skirt..and if weather gets cold i don’t mind teaming it wih pink tights and a floral top with a contrasting jacket and goggles and ofcourse nice shoes!!! Planning to get a long feathered haircut..dnt knw if it wl b good a makeover is welldeservd by a trip to the mountains!

  6. Pair sweater dresses with boots instead of plain sweaters. Then there are quilted leather box vests in many pretty shades that will available in stores sooner now. Imvest in it cashmere cardigans, wraps, shawls. They look very classique and are very warm as well. Trench coats over sweaters or warmer clothing look fashionable too. When paired with calf-length boots they make quite a statement. Accessorise with bright printed woollen scarves, mittens. Invest in some great footwear too. Boots ugg-style are quite a rational choice, very comfortable and quite hip. Woollen caps are great too. Try pastels, brights in colots to warm up your surrounding and remaining cheerful. 🙂

  7. Hi Ginni,

    Even i am going to Manali this December. Yayyy… this is my second time in winter. Last time ka winter was horrible, the weather was so bad, we had to walk down 7 km. to take the bus.. The first thing i will pack is lots of socks, once the snow fall starts, every time you go out you have to change your socks. Leggings doesn’t work there, last time i wore those thermocot (Jockey) inside, then the apna normal jeans, top, then sweater, then those quilted jackets.. 🙂

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