5 Pair of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

I am back with my favourite topic – shoes!!!  The onset of spring comes with a perfect excuse to go shopping and re-inventing your wardrobe and what better “item” to start than shoes! Shoes define the person that you are. So, if you are ready to go splurge, check out my list of 5 must-have shoes:

Shoes every fashionista should own

Beach Sandals:

Beach Sandals

These come in “handy” all the time.  They go with your jeans, shorts, summer dresses and skirts. A brown and a golden are the basics, but you can always go beyond and pick up some in bright colors. They instantly pep up your outfit.



A basic brown kohlapuri chappal is an excellent piece to add to your footwear collection. It looks chic and goes with all your Indian outfits. Remember that a basic brown kohlapuri chappal must have that red thing on the top. Once you have that, you can choose from a variety of peppy colors and embroideries.  A good quality Kohlapuri chappal in basic brown will cost you around Rs. 500-600.

Open Heels:

Christian louboutin Corneille Sling Black

Open heels or heel sandals as some may call it come in “handy” in summers. They can be formal as well as dressy.  There is a wide variety to choose from in terms of heels (wedges, stilettoe, kitten heels, chunky heels), shape (peep toes, sandals, gladiator), material (patent leather, snakeskin, suede) and so on.



Pumps are the HG for all shoe fanatics. I feel that pumps are the chicest type of heels. They take your formal wear to a new level. They are sexy yet comfortable enough to wear all day.



Boots are the cute little things that keep your feet snugly warm during those freezing winter days.  At the same time, they make your outfit look complete and fashionable in the dry and dark season. They are essential in your winter wardrobe.

Running Shoes:

running shoes

We all understand the importance of a little exercise. The kind of life we live, the food we eat, makes a little running or jogging or aleast a morning walk mandatory. But why not make it stylish? These days we are seeing chic and colourful sports shoes more than ever! But we are not complaining.

running shoes

So let us know your favourite from the list and add in your ideas. Comment below!!

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22 thoughts on “5 Pair of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

  1. I wannna go shoppppingggg :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Good afternoon everyone!!!! :woot: :woot:

  2. Pumps! my favorite.. the only problem is finding good ones in a little less heel.. i look too tall and i cant pull off very high heels too :waaa:

  3. i have em all :happydance: :yahoo: i dint quite like kolhapuris at first but now that i have entered my 20s (sadly not a teenager anymore :struggle: ) i find that i really like them! I loooovvved that beach wala dress..where is that one from rati??

  4. I love Kolhapuris. :yahoo: I had two of them but lost them somehow while shifting. :waaa: Will get another pair soon. 😀 thanks for reminding me 😉

  5. Am a complete (Boots + Kolhapuris)-o-holic.. :haanji: Me too have an elaborate collection of all kinda shoes in diff colours + patterns + Size of heels (though Sky-high-heels are not my cuppa tea/coffee or milkshake either :toothygrin: ) As I believe in proper Ensemble..gotta have variety of ’em to coordinate with diff attires..!! Though these days my love for Bags is speedily overtaking all other stuff… 🙂

  6. loved d boots n d beach chappals n d gold sequin shoes… :drool: :drool: :drool: …………..but not a very big fan of pumps….

  7. in order of preference – pumps, running shoes, open heels, boots, kolhapuris, beach sandals..i dont have kolhapuris either..infact all my ‘indian’ ones are with heels so am wearing closed heeled shoes even with churidars/tights..:)

  8. Beach sandles are so cute….rest other shoes are also classy but only beach sandles and running shoes can go with me , in heels i keep falling:-p :dance:

  9. ballet flats! I’ve got tons of those and keep picking up more, sigh. I walk a lot, so I choose flats most. And I have a different pair of dressy high heels just for sarees.

    Those loubs look even more fab!!

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