Palladio Rice Paper Oil Absorbing Blotting Tissues Review

Palladio Rice Paper Oil Absorbing blotting Tissues

Hi everyone :pompom:
I got a whole lot of gifts last fortnight from one of my best friends who was returning from US and the product which I am going to review today is the best off the lot, its specially a boon for oily skinned beauties. I was on a look out for oil blotting sheets since long, I know TBS makes them but could never lay my hands on it so when she gave these oil blotting sheets to me I was super excited and after their usage I have become extremely happy too. Lets take a detalied review of the same :
palladio rice paper oil absorbing blotting tissues
Product being reviewed: Palladio Rice Paper Oil Absorbing blotting Tissues with rice powder.
blotting tissue
Shades available: Translucent, Warm Beige and Natural, I got the translucent one
Price/Quantity/Packaging : $ 3.99 for 40 tissues. These sheets come in a normal cardboard box packaging. It is a little difficult to pull out the sheets as they are firmly packed, I always end up taking out more than one sheet

My take on Palladio Rice Paper Oil Absorbing blotting Tissues with Rice Powder

I have already mentioned in the beginning that I am too happy with the results of these tissues. These oil blotting sheets are of the size of a 2 rupee note, one side is matte ( not coarse though)whereas the other one has rice powder on it. The sheets are quite soft when dabbed on the face or even rubbed against the skin. The efficacy can be judged by looking the pictures below:
The above photo shows how the sheet looks when the sheet is wiped once on one of the cheeks
cleansing full
This is how the sheet looks when the whole face was wiped.
The rice powder gets transferred to the face and instantly the face feels clear devoid off all traces of oil. The powder so transferred feels very light and the face remains oil free for a good 3-4 hours. Also, there is no fragrance whatsoever. It does nothing to treat the existing acne though it does not claim also, so no complaints on that front. It did not aggravate them so a plus point there.
tissue packet

Pros of Palladio Rice Paper Oil Absorbing blotting Tissues

1. Does the job of absorbing oil very nicely, awesome product
2. No fragrance
3. Keeps the face oil free for 3-4 hours after their usage
4. Nice compact cardboard box
5. Not tested on animals, no cruelty towards the innocent creatures
6. Three variants available to match your skin tone

Cons of Palladio Rice Paper Oil Absorbing blotting Tissues

1. Pulling out the sheets is a problem from the narrow opening
2. Not available in India 😥

IMBB Rating
4.9 out of 5 ( .10 deducted for the difficulty in pulling out the sheets)

Will I buy again?
YES YES YES… Have asked my friends to get bundles of them when they come back to India.

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34 thoughts on “Palladio Rice Paper Oil Absorbing Blotting Tissues Review

  1. cooooooool..but what you have done is more of wiping than blotting no? if you are outside wouldnt you need to redo your makeup?

    1. Aruna, yes i did wipe my face and at that time i dint have any make up on….havent tried them with makeup so cant say :nababana:

  2. silly question bt shivani if it removes makeup thn can’t use it just as a botting paper ri8 :silly: :silly: :silly: i mean is it makeup on the sheets or oil :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  3. It’s opens from top lid. Try lifting the top lid and paper will come out easily. You have opened it wrongly from side

  4. Agree with concerns of Aruna and Jyo. :yes:

    Probably the tissues pulled away the makeup along with the oil. :pan:
    Or the tissue changes color like a chameleon when contacted with oil. 😆

  5. Haaawww!! :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: Muxhe bhi chahiye,Shivani!! Achhe cheeze India mein kyon nahi milti? 😥 😥 😥 😥

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