Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel Review

Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel

Hi everyone,
Today, I will be reviewing a new launch from Palmolive which is the Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel. I prefer cream based body wash over gel ones. But, as soon as I saw this pretty pinkish purple gel in this range, I wanted to try at least one of them. So, here it is, read on to know more.

Price and Quantity

Rs.160 for 250 ml.


Product Description

Rediscover your well being and inner harmony with Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous, inspired by the world of ancient Indian Ayurvedic traditions. Enriched with blend of Indian mulberry and lotus flower extracts it helps clean and leaves your skin feeling nourished for a pleasurable experience.


Directions For Use

Palmolive aroma shower gel can be used with a loofah or by hand. Directions for use with loofah: pour a little Palmolive Aroma Shower Gel on your wet loofah. Apply gently over wet skin. For best results use loofah to work up rich fragrant lather before rinsing off.


The shower gel comes in a plastic bottle. The product details like ingredients, product description, price and quantity are printed on the bottle. The bottle comes with a gold colored flip type lock which fits perfectly and thus there is no product leakage. There is a small nozzle provided to take the product out. The bottle is completely transparent, which is really convenient to keep track of the product left over a period of time. Overall, a decent packaging for a shower gel.


My Experience with Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel

The shower gel in Joyous appears to be a purple colored gel in the bottle but comes out as a light pinkish colored liquid. The texture of the product is like a medium thick gel.

The shower gel has an amazing fragrance which reminds me a lot of Indian flowers. I am really happy for the product to carry the same Indian-ness as promised in the packaging and the product description. The fragrance is definitely refreshing, soothing and calming. The shower gel is formulated with Indian mulberry and lotus flower extracts.


The consistency of the shower gel is runny and liquidy. As it has a runny consistency, it works in creating lather easily with a small amount of product itself. The shower gel glides smoothly on the skin. It leaves skin clean and supple. It can be washed away easily from the skin and doesn’t leave skin slippery or greasy. The climate here in Chennai is moderate so this shower gel works really fine in moisturizing my skin decently. This shower gel will work across a lot of skin types. It doesn’t dry out my skin but people with dry skin might not find it really moisturizing. Overall, I really like this shower gel and definitely a must try considering the price.

Pros of Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel

• Affordable
• Packaging – small nozzle works fine and easy to use.
• Travel friendly
• Amazing fragrance
• Lathers well
• It gives a refreshing and soothing bath experience.
• Affordable

Cons of Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel

 Contains SLS

IMBB Rating
Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel?

Yes, I will be repurchasing it again as I find the fragrance really nice. I will use it till I get bored with it. And I recommend it to everyone, do give this a try.

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