Palmolive Bergamot and Verbena Refreshing and Aromatic Shower Gel Review

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If we talk about drugstore shower gels, I think Palmolive gels do a great job! They have ample of fragrances; they also have products filled with scrubby bits for weekly exfoliation and all come at a great pricing. I came across this one and it looked totally new to me. Hence, how do I not try a shower gel? Next to impossible right! Also, this looked really perfect for winters, scroll to know why!

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Price: Rs 160 for 250 ml

Product Description by Palmolive:

Refreshing & aromatic! This shower gel is infused with natural bergamot oil from Southern Italy and with verbena extract. It’s refreshing, aromatic blend awakens your senses and leaves your skin pleasantly fragranced. Since 1898, Palmolive has a rich experience in soap making.

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My Experience with Palmolive Bergamot and Verbena Refreshing and Aromatic Shower Gel

The bergamot and verbena shower gel doesn’t belong to the official range available in India and I think it is available only overseas and at a few drugstores here because this has instructions and description in some other language. Coming to the packaging, it has that signature Palmolive shower gel bottle with a navy blue flip open cap. The bottle is filled with bright olive green gel which gives it that aromatherapy style touch. It also has a leaf pattern design and overall the packaging looks very English and classy.

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It is loaded with huge quantity of shower gel but yet it is great to carry around. Only a little squeeze is used at once, hence this will last a long time. The gel comes in an olive green colour and the consistency is super thick. It is thicker than any other Palmolive shower gel I have used. If I could pick a word for it, I would call it “Gooey”. It lathers very well with a loofah and creates a huge amount of foam, but it will not lather up really well without a loofah, so to get the best out of a shower gel, a loofah is a must.

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It creates a creamy foamy lather which adds hydration to my skin and my skin doesn’t turn dry which is a plus point for the current season. It cleans my skin very well and gets rid of all the excess oil near the elbows, impurities from my skin and also clears up the dull and dead cells and makes my skin look fresh and bright. Although, this does not make my skin dry, it will not add moisture to the skin which is why it is necessary for me to apply a lotion after using this especially in winters. Also, the gel does not leave behind any greasy film.

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Coming to the best part, the scent! It smells out of the world. It smells like a perfect jelly blend of verbena and bergamot. It feels like I am sitting in some warm cozy cafe during winters and sipping hot lemongrass tea because it indeed smells like lemongrass tea! It reveals a fresh warm tea scent which is absolutely opposite to my fruity ones, which is why I enjoy it even more. It has a scent of those aromatherapy oils and feels like I am sitting in a spa, but in reality I am just sitting in my shower 😛 It has a very stress-relieving strong aroma which totally soothes and calms down the senses, hence I love using it during night-time because it relaxes me so well! But yes, everyone might not just adore this scent, so sniff it or if you like the description, go ahead and pick this spa product up!

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Pros of Palmolive Bergamot and Verbena Refreshing and Aromatic Shower Gel:

• Attractive English style packaging filled with huge quantity of olive green gel.
• Very decently priced and lots of variants with different scents available.
• Very thick consistency which is why I need only a drop of shower gel.
• It lathers up very well with a loofah and makes my skin squeaky clean.
• My skin looks bright and refreshed.
• It removes all the impurities, excess oil, dead and dull cells without making the skin greasy.
• Very gentle on the skin.
• The fragrance is a fresh aromatic blend of bergamot and verbena; it smells like fresh lemongrass tea which is super fun to have during winters.
• It has a very aromatherapy scent which relieves the stress and soothes, calms and relaxes me and my senses.
• A perfect winter scent to take a gap from my regular fruity ones.

Cons of Palmolive Bergamot and Verbena Refreshing and Aromatic Shower Gel:

• I do need to layer up some lotion after using this.
• Will not lather up perfectly without a loofah.
• Limited availability in India.
• The scent won’t be pleasing to all.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Palmolive Bergamot and Verbena Refreshing and Aromatic Shower Gel?
Yes, I will recommend it for winters as the scent suits the weather perfectly. A nice drugstore shower gel to pick for daily use and yes, I won’t be coming back to this, as so many more shower gels are waiting for me!

If you haven’t tried Palmolive shower gels, try some; they work very well!

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6 thoughts on “Palmolive Bergamot and Verbena Refreshing and Aromatic Shower Gel Review

    1. Yes swathiii…. do try it if you get it around.. me too pretty much like palmolive shower gels because they are so refreshing and gentle on the skin 🙂

  1. Awesome review!!
    I need this shower gel right now. I’ve been using the Nivea Lemon and Oil. I love its refreshing lemony fragrance and its almost over now. The price also sounds good.
    Any suggestions where I might find this one in Mumbai…

    1. Thanks a lot sheryl.. glad you liked the review 🙂 🙂 i know that scent just gives the day a kick.. 🙂 i have no clue yaaa… just a random purchase.. will be available in eauty shops if you have any of those around 🙂

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