Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream Review

Face skin type: Oily and sensitive.
Body skin type: Normal to dry.

Hello, ladies!!

Today, I am going to review Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream. Let’s get into the review.

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream Review2

Price: Rs. 150/- for 175ml
Product Description:

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream Review1

My Experience with Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream:

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream Review

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The Cold Cream comes in a light pink colored plastic tub with a screw on cap. This also has an outer paper box packaging which bears all the product related information on it. Though this nice jar is travel-friendly, but it is a little big in size. I don’t know if it is available in any other smaller size or not but, according to the quantity provided, it is a very affordable product. Now, this cream has a very strong floral smell and it feels quite overpowering but, it doesn’t bother that much once you apply it on the body.

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream Review3

This is a rich and thick cream that glides smoothly on the skin and it feels buttery soft. The thick texture feels quite heavy and greasy on the skin and it doesn’t absorb quickly. It behaves just like a super moisturising cold cream. I only need a coin sized amount for my skin. It instantly provides a great relief to my dry skin and hides the rough texture also.

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream Review4

Its rich formula makes the skin super soft and provides the necessary deep hydration to it. The cream works best for the winter season as it instantly heals my dry skin. Also, my skin looks smooth and soft. But, this didn’t suit my oily skin as it feels very oily and greasy and it made my face look dull. It’s super oily texture might break me out and my face looked like a disco ball after an hour. This cream suits best for women with extremely dry skin or if you are living in a very cold place then, it will work nicely on your skin. But in this Indian weather, it feels a bit heavy.

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream Review5

But, this is not only a face cream. It can be used on the body too. So, it performs really well on my body and it makes my skin super soft and moisturised. It helps to cure all the dryness on my body and instantly provides deep nourishment. It takes a little time to absorb on the body but after that, it looks very smooth. It also adds a nice glow and reduces that winter dullness from the body. With the regular usage, I have noticed significant changes on my super dry skin. Also, the softness stays for long on the body which is so good. My skin never feels dry and I don’t feel the need to reapply it.

Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream Review6

Overall, I prefer using it as a body cream, but not as a face cream. And, I don’t think it will work well in summers. This rich formula might make your skin greasy during summers.

Pros of Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream:

  • Affordable.
  • The rich creamy texture glides smoothly on skin.
  • Works best as a winter body cream.
  • Provides deep moisturization to skin.
  • Heals dry skin instantly and makes the skin super soft.
  • Softness stays for long on my normal-dry body.
  • Repairs rough texture and makes my skin look healthy.
  • Best to use on the body.

Cons of Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream:

  • Big jar packaging.
  • Strong overpowering smell.
  • Too greasy and heavy formula for the face.
  • Makes face oily and dull.
  • Not a summer product.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Palmolive Charmis Moisturising Cold Cream?
No, this is not for my oily face. Dry skinned people can use it as a good moisturising body cream.

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