Palmolive Moisturising Shower Crème with Mandarin Extract Review

Palmolive Moisturising Shower Crème with Mandarin Extract

Hello Gals! How are you all? This summer has been quite harsh on us. The heat is just becoming unbearable .I have been trying various options to keep the heat at bay. One of the best things I personally feel is using shower gels rather than body soaps. They are just so refreshing, rejuvenating. Just awesome!! I have noticed that everyone is sharing their favourite shower gels lately. So, I thought of sharing one of my all-time favourite shower gel cum crème .It’s a product from Palmolive, a moisturising shower crème with Mandarin Extracts. Read on to know more about it.


Product Details:

Featuring decadent creamy moisture and fresh fruit fragrance that skin craves, each of the three variants in the range – Pomegranate, Mandarin and Kiwi – will instantly transport you to an indulgent oasis and leave you looking and feeling radiant inside and out.

The first shower gel from Palmolive to combine moisturising cream and fruit extracts in a stunning swirl formula, Palmolive Naturals Nutra-Fruit will wrap you in its heavenly scent and leave your skin feeling so soft and moisturised, and you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.


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Price: It is priced at $5.50 for 400 ml

My Experience with Palmolive Moisturising Shower Crème with Mandarin Extract:

Let’s start with packaging of this shower crème. It comes in a translucent oval shaped plastic bottle. You can easily see the contents inside. There are pretty swirls of crème and mandarin extract. The bottle itself is an easy to use squeeze top bottle which means it’s easy to use in the shower when you have wet hands you simply just flip the cap back and squeeze the required amount. It can be used directly on the skin but I prefer to use it with loofa as it helps in better lathering of the product.

Coming to the texture, it is thick, opaque and creamy .You can see a mixture of orange and cream colour. Only a small amount is required .I generally use a pea size of the product and it works for my complete body as it lathers and foams so well.


Coming to high points of this product, first and foremost the fragrance of this shower crème is just awesome. It has citrusy mandarin scent to it which is so strong that whenever I use it my whole bathroom is filled with its aura. The smell stays with you for the whole day .It isn’t overpowering but pleasantly strong. It completely lifts up your mood and makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Secondly, the moisturising quality is unbelievable. It leaves your skin so soft and supple without over drying. Many of times, I have skipped applying any moisturiser to my body as I didn’t feel the need of it. My skin felt so nourished after using it.

Finally, it’s a great value for money as I have already mentioned a little of product is required per use. So, this goes a long way.

So,gals this shower crème is a complete winner for me and is highly recommended by me.

Pros of Palmolive Moisturising Shower Crème with Mandarin Extract:

• Fresh citrusy mandarin fragrance
• Quite moisturising
• Fragrance stays for the whole day
• Only a little amount is required per use
• Great value for money


Cons of Palmolive Moisturising Shower Crème with Mandarin Extract:

• There are hardly any cons

IMBB Rating: 5/5.It gets a thumps up from me.

Will I Repurchase ?

Yes yesyes and I would like you all to try it too.

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7 thoughts on “Palmolive Moisturising Shower Crème with Mandarin Extract Review

  1. This looks very refreshing Abeer *woot* especially the mandarin fragrance.. *pompom* *pompom* will try looking for this if its available here.. have tried all the palmolive shower gels that are available in India and they smell amazing too *announce*

  2. I really need your help Abeer ,do tell me from where and how can i get the palmolive naturals , i have a very problematic skin and it worries me alot , i m tired of my experiments with soaps now.

    Long ago palmolive naturals were available here in india and This naturals (almond and milk)was the only product that had suited me perfectly, but soon they stopped the production 😐 i tried for the imported one every where possible but couldnt find it anywhere . i m really thankful to you for posting this <3 and it would be amazing if i could get this ! you will b my hero *puchhi*

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