Palmolive Naturals Delicate Care Shower Milk Review

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So, after 3 reviews from Palmolive Naturals range, you would know how much I like these shower milks. Yes, they are reasonably priced, creamy and effective and most of all they are perfect for daily use. And here is my 4th review from the range i.e., Palmolive Naturals Delicate care shower milk with almond, aloe vera and their patent ingredient moisturising milk. The main selling point of the product remains the usage of almond in the shower milk as it is highly popular for its nourishing properties.

Palmolive Naturals Delicate Care Shower Milk

Palmolive Naturals Delicate care shower milk is one of the most popular products from the range as it mainly boasts of almond. Why not? Almond has a sweet and natural intoxicating perfume combined with antioxidant and moisturising properties. This shower milk is in pearl white colour and I felt it’s very soapy in nature. It comes in a 250 ml white sturdy plastic oval bottle with a pale orange flip up lid. It claims to use extracts of 100% almond and aloe vera. It has a quite pleasant smell and the aroma remains for a long time in the washroom when used. Well, to know if it also stays on your body after shower, please read on.

Palmolive Naturals Delicate Care Shower Milk details

Product Description:
Palmolive Naturals “Delicate Care” Shower Milk is enriched with extracts of 100% natural origin of Almond and Aloe Vera. Its velvety formula respects the natural balance of your skin.
Price – £1.99 for 250 ml (Check out for offers. You can easily get this for just a pound!)

My Experience with Palmolive Naturals Delicate Care Shower Milk:

After using almost all variants of Palmolive Naturals, I have concluded that they definitely score high on their moisturising properties. In addition to this, they stand creamy, rich and foamy. These are the usual components you look for in any product. So the basic properties are covered. Now what they add differently is the fragrance and their wonderful combinations of ingredients. And this time it is a good blend of aloe vera and almond.

Aloe vera helps to maintain the softness in the skin whereas almond works as a powerful anti-oxidant. Luckily, this is suitable for all skin types, so all you sensitive skin beauties, this will work for you. And though it says natural origin when you look at the ingredients list you will see all sorts of chemicals used! (This really sounds flat!)

Palmolive Naturals Delicate Care Shower Milk packaging

As this shower milk is quite creamy, you need not a pop out more than a coin for one wash. It builds up into a bubbly lather and wonderfully absorbs into the skin; and you see the result. The skin is extremely soft, rich and cleansed and you will notice a vast difference in your skin’s health after using it for just 15 days. The softness remains for a long time, however please don’t forget to seal it with a good body lotion. No matter how wonderful the bathing product is, a moisturiser is certainly required to nourish the skin.

And now the last point comes to the fragrance of this shower milk. Well, you will not be surprised that this also smells like any typical Palmolive soap. I have been a regular user of Palmolive and Lux soaps in my childhood, so I know this smell easily reminds me of a Palmolive bar. Not exceptionally well, but the scent is pleasing, comfortable and elegant. It may not hang around with you for a long time, but it does feel good. As the product is dermatologically tested, it doesn’t cause any itchiness or irritations.

Pros of Palmolive Naturals Delicate Care Shower Milk:

• Nourishing.
• Fresh fragrance.
• Lathers well.
• Good packaging.
• Reasonably priced.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Suitable for all skin types.

Palmolive Naturals Delicate Care Shower Milk swatch

Cons of Palmolive Naturals Delicate Care Shower Milk:

• Availability in India.

IMBB Rating – 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Palmolive Naturals Delicate Care Shower Milk?
Yes please. Try this product for a soft and healthy skin.

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