Palmolive Naturals Mild and Sensitive Shower Milk Review

I have constantly loved Palmolive bath and body range. What an absolute delight to the senses! This happens to be my third Palmolive shower gel/milk review, and I have couple of more products in the pipeline. I was always a big fan of Imperial Leather body washes, but I am glued to this one now. I usually change my shower gels to try something new, and today I am going to review this shower milk from Palmolive Naturals range. Read on.

Palmolive Naturals Mild and Sensitive Shower Milk Review

Palmolive Naturals ‘Mild & Sensitive’ Shower Milk is especially formulated for beauties with sensitive skin. It contains 100% natural origin ingredients of pure milk and aloe vera extracts. This gentle yet effective formula is designed to leave tender skin clean, soft and hydrated. Palmolive Naturals has many other products with amazing ingredients like honey, almond, cocoa, coconut, macadamia and many more suiting consumers’ fancies and needs.

Product Description:
Palmolive ‘Mild & Sensitive’ Shower Milk is enriched with ingredients of 100% natural origin: pure milk proteins and aloe vera extract, as well as with a vitamin complex.

Benefits – Its delicate formula leaves your sensitive skin feeling hydrated and soft.


GBP 1.99

My Experience with Palmolive Naturals Mild and Sensitive Shower Milk:

Generally, many of us are quite alarmed about the artificial chemicals and components being used in body products. Since skin is the most imperative element of our system, it’s always safe to use products with natural products. Isn’t it?

This product comes in a white and mild blue long oval bottle with a flip top lid. The shower milk is pure white in colour with an extremely creamy consistency. The cap opens with a light pressure and there is no product leakage. Like all the skin creams and lotions, it does get collected near the lid and it’s essential to clean up.


I don’t have an extremely sensitive skin, but yes since I am a little allergic to a few ingredients, I typically do prefer dermatologically tested products. Previously, I have used Palmolive Naturals Black Orchid Moisturising Milk and I was quite impressed by its fragrance and hydrating properties. And so this time, I have picked this product. Though, the fragrance is not that strong (as I usually favour), but it’s so fresh, soothing and pure.

The shower milk is very creamy as it is induced with moisturising milk and it lathers effectively on the skin. Just a dollop of the product and that’s it! It creates soft creamy bubbles and cleans the skin perfectly. It leaves the skin perfectly smooth, soft and supple. Since milk is the important ingredient in this product, skin doesn’t feel dry or greasy and it leaves a suave feeling throughout the day.


There are no issues of any irritation or discomfort or itchiness. Aloe vera, known for its soothing and calming properties, helps the skin to keep the natural moisture intact and as it is dermatologically tested. So it’s good for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. When used regularly, you can actually notice that the skin is getting more hydrated, nourished and nurtured with every passing day. However, applying a moisturiser is evident be it any season.

There is no downside of the product as such but as it has a mild fragrance which doesn’t linger long at all. Nevertheless, I usually pick up shower gels which carry a floral or fruity fragrance; it’s definitely good to try something different which is fresh, light and elusive.


Pros of Palmolive Naturals Mild and Sensitive Shower Milk:

• Soft and smooth
• Keeps skin hydrated
• Reasonably priced
• Mild yet fresh fragrance
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Has a rich, creamy consistency
• Dermatologically tested
• Natural ingredients

Cons of Palmolive Naturals Mild and Sensitive Shower Milk:

• Fragrance doesn’t stay long
• Availability in India

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Palmolive Naturals Mild and Sensitive Shower Milk?
Why not? It’s wonderful. It’s creamy, soft and supple. Beauties with sensitive skin should definitely vouch for it.

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