How To Pamper Yourself On A Budget

Our economic status should never stand as a barrier when we want to pamper ourselves; am I right? Well, we all love to be pampered, no matter how affluent or not-so-affluent we are and once in a while, it is absolutely required that we pamper ourselves! As the angel of the house, who balances her hectic professional life and tedious household chores with a perfect balance, every woman deserves to be pampered. What can be better if we can manage to pamper ourselves on a budget? Read on this article to know how you can pamper yourself in the best manner possible but in the most cost-effective way.

Pamper on budget

How To Pamper Yourself On A Budget: Top Five Ideas

Pampering yourself would make you look and feel great. Hence, try to take some time out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself for a few minutes everyday, or at least every week! Who told you that pampering yourself goes hand in hand with lots and lots of money? Here are a few ideas by which you can pamper yourself on a budget:

1. Spa Experience at Home: A spa experience is almost synonymous with pampering; but you can easily get a feel of spa in your own way at your home. This is going to be cost effective as well as convenient; you do not have to set aside a whole evening and thousands of rupees in order to hit the spa! Invest in a bottle of essential oil and use a few drops in your bathing water. Make sure that you put on some soothing music and light a few mild incense sticks. Lay your hands on a few spa candles. Make the room dark and light the candles. The fragrance of the incense sticks combined with the aroma of essential oils would create the perfect ambience for relaxation. Give yourself a body wash with your favorite shower gel and at the end of thirty minutes, you feel so luxuriously refreshed! You can get hold of a set bottle of essential oils, shower gel, candles and incense sticks at Rs 500 and the best part is that, they can be used at least ten times each! So, that comes to a meager Rs50 per spa-experience or even less! Now, does not that sound really budget-friendly?

2. Pampering Body Massage: Getting a body massage can be wonderful at the end of the hectic day! Ask your husband to give you a body massage and chances are that he would not disappoint you! A budget friendly idea it is since it is not going to cost you a paisa! A perfect way to wind out without shelling out any money; moreover, you get an awesome opportunity to get the much-desired private time with your beloved.

3. Give yourself a Facial at Home: We all have a basic nourishing cream, a cleanser, a facial scrub, a face mask and a toner at home. If you find that a tub of cream is all that you have ready at hand when it comes to basic beauty products, go for the most readily available kitchen ingredients to pamper yourself. Cleanse your face with combination of milk and turmeric, scrub your face with a lemon-sugar scrub, make a face mask with a fruit base depending upon the kind of skin you are blessed with and finally, tone your skin with cucumber juice, rosewater or tomato juice, whichever is available! This rich and lush facial session is going to cost you not more than Rs. 50!

4. Tomato Facial at Home: From removing tan, to clearing hyperpigmentation and adding a radiant glow, tomato can do it all, and when you can do an entire facial routine at home using just tomatoes – your skin will do a happy dance! Here’s the complete procedure and step-by-step process on how to do tomato facial at home.

5. Hair Spa at Home: Don’t we all dream about healthy and lustrous hair? Spa treatment can help us achieve those dreamy locks, but it’s not possible to visit spa too often. Don’t fret, you can have a hair spa at home that won’t pinch your pocket and you can get salon-like hair at home.

6. Sleep: If you are one of those busy persons who has little time to sleep, get a day off (from office, kitchen, motherly responsibilities and wifely responsibilities) by hook or by crook and sleep! Sleep throughout the day and all night! This pampering session comes free, no money matters involved!

7. Movies and food- Are you a movie-buff? Get hold of your favorite DVDs (movies can also be downloaded, if that is a cheaper option) and spend the whole day watching movies! Order the cheese burst pizza that you like best or chicken tandoori that makes you drool! Get them delivered at your doorstep and enjoy! For a more cost effective and healthier option, munch on your preferred chicken or fruit salad you have made at home while watching a film. This pampering session would come within a range of Rs30 to Rs200, depending upon the options that you choose.

With these easy ideas, you can not only make yourself feel pampered, but also de-stress yourself and make yourself look great! And never feel guilty for having set some time aside for yourself; remember that you DESERVE it!

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