Pampering Night Time Face Treatment

Hello beauties!

I’m here today with a really exciting skin pampering treatment and I’m sure you’re going to love it. Read on to know why! 😀

Pampering Night Time Face Treatment1

What You Need:

1) Almond Oil – It reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. It also helps your eyelashes grow longer.
2) Cotton Balls – They’re soft and not at all harsh to rub on the face.
3) Makeup Remover – So that it cleans away all the dirt and makeup.
4) Rose Water – Cleanses the face properly and cools the skin.

Pampering Night Time Face Treatment


1) Pour the makeup remover you have on a cotton ball. Any remover will do, I’ve used the Maybelline one. Wipe all of your makeup off with the makeup remover.

2) Now, pour some rose water on a cotton ball and apply it all over your face starting with your forehead going down clockwise cleaning your face entirely off dirt and makeup.

3) Now comes the most important part – the almond oil. Take a few drops on your palm and using your finger, apply it on your right eye in circular motion. Start with your upper eyelids and make sure your eyelashes are pampered by the oil going circularly downwards toward the lower lids.

4) Repeat same action on the other eye.

5) You can also apply the oil on your eyebrows so that they grow healthier (if you want). Also, if you have dry skin, applying Almond oil to your skin will nourish it.

6) Now, wear a sleeping mask (if you have one), and have good dreams! 😀

The entire process takes about 5 minutes in total, you can surely spare that much time for your beautiful face. I’ve been following this for a while now and have already started to see following results:

1) My face looks clearer through the day; no breakouts, no matter what!
2) My T-zone stays oil-free for a long time, despite this summer heat.
3) My eyelashes have started to grow and they look so much healthier. I am very happy with this result as I have light colored eyelashes that were not very thick either.
4) The puffiness has started to decrease big time and my dark circles have reduced.
5) This routine leaves my face clearer, softer and better looking than ever. 😀

All the things mentioned in this review are easily available in stores/online and are pocket-friendly too. So, you cannot make the excuse of this treatment being expensive. It’s your skin and can reap so many benefits from it. Start doing this treatment tonight! And, don’t forget to share the results with me. 🙂

Thank You for reading!

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7 thoughts on “Pampering Night Time Face Treatment

  1. I’ve been using almond oil since a few weeks now and i can really see a huge difference to my skin! 🙂 Very nice article! 🙂

  2. dark circles have been reduced with use of almond oil 🙂 and now i got to know that almond oil can be applied on eyelashes. good one shamail 😀 😀

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