Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator Review

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator Review

Hello Girls,

I am here with the review of the Panasonic epilator which I have been using for the last 7 months and I am really happy to share the experience.  For a long time, I was intending to buy a good epilator and reduce my number of visits to the parlor for waxing.  I ended up buying this Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator.  So, let’s see how it worked for me.

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator Review

Product Description (taken from the website):

Comfort is of primary importance with Panasonic’s new range of epilators. Unlike conventional epilators, Panasonic’s new models include a newly developed Skin Protector – unique to Panasonic – that cleverly holds the skin tight as hairs are swiftly removed from the root. This solves the problem of skin being painfully pulled and stretched during the hair removal process, minimizing irritation to the skin. Panasonic’s unique pivot action head further adds to the gentleness of these epilators by causing short and flat-lying hairs to stand erect, making them easier to remove. With three models to choose from, you can be sure there is a model right for you! If simplicity is what you’re after, the ES2024 is the model for you. Offering a two speed setting for extra control, this model is ideal for legs, arms, and also includes an exchangeable epilating head for underarms and bikini lines. Equipped with a soft case and cleaning brush, the ES2024 has everything you need for effective hair removal.

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Kit Comprises of:

  • 1 ES202.
  • 1 Soft travel case and cleaning brush.
  • 1 Small epilation head for under arms and bikni area.
  • 1 Large epilation head for arms and legs.
  • Salient features about the Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator.
  • Provides effective hair removal, even on short or fine hair.
  • Exchangeable epilating head for underarms and bikini-line.
  • Two speed selection with a soft mode enabling gentle whisking away of hairs suitable even for first time users anxious about pain.
  • Innovative skin protector, holds skin firmly as hair is whisked away.
  • Easier on sensitive skin because it’s skin guard holds skin down as it extracts the hair from the root.
  • Sliding epilating head, gives minutes side-toside movement to capture even short and flat lying hairs.
  • Suitable for legs and arms.
  • Includes soft carrying case and cleaning brush.

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator


Around Rs. 2500-2700. I don’t remember exactly because my dad paid the bill 😛

My Take on Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator:

I am in total love with this product. It is a good investment that I have ever made. Ever since I got this epilator, hair removal has become so easy for me. I got this epilator not knowing how to epilate, but this is so good for beginners and now I have mastered the art.

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator

Whenever I feel my arms and legs need to be epilated, I do it in less than 30 minutes, but an important point to be kept in mind is that the hair needs to be short.  The pain is less when you epilate short hair.  Rati had shared the tips on how to epilate effectively, you can check out that post because those tips are 100% useful.

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator

Now, this epilator is not battery operated and you may need to sit near the source of power. The dual epilator heads (one wide and one narrow) are useful.  The big wide head is helpful in epilating your arms and legs whereas the small one is meant for underarms.  I sometime use it for upper lips too, though that’s not advisable, but I never had any side effects.

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator

The epilator has speed selection, one normal and another fast. Fast can be used to epilate your arms and legs, but for delicate areas like underarms or bikini lines, go for the normal speed. Now, I have been using it for the last 7 months and I found less pain while the hair was being removed. It was a mild bearable pain, unlike waxing and there were no bumps and no redness after epilation and I am happy about it.

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator

The epilator heads can be easily cleaned with the brush that is provided in the kit.  A cute travel pouch is also provided which makes the epilator travel friendly.

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator

Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator

What I Like about Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator:

  • Two speed selection modes.
  • Two differently sized epilator heads.
  • Cleaning brush and the travel pouch.
  • Whisks away the hair easily and effectively.
  • Hassle free hair removal.

What I Didn’t Like about Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator:

  • Not battery operated. You will have to search for a plug point if you are going to carry it while you travel.

Do I Recommend Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator?

Yes, definitely.  Finally, if you are looking for a good epilator at a reasonable price range, then go grab it.  This is one-time investment and its a must have.  I am enjoying the benefits of the epilator. No more parlor visits for messy, sticky waxing and I save a hell of a lot of time.

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10 thoughts on “Panasonic Soie ES2024 Epilator Review

  1. Awesome review, Rama. I have a braun epilator which I’ve been using for more than a year and I know how much time it saves (:

  2. I love using epilator rama. It has so sorted my life. And now I feel it is so less painful than wading. plus no chip chip or waiting for hair to reach their full growth. I wear skirts like 20 days a month only because i can keep my legs hair free all the time. 😀

    This one sounds awesome. 🙂

  3. The moment I read Rati’s article on epilation, I brought my Braun epilator out of hiding. I can’t believe how simple hair removal has become now. 😀 Great review, Rama. The Philips epilator sounds excellent too.

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