Panasonic Wet/Dry Shaver w/ Pop-Up Trimmer ES2207P Review

Till now I have used the Gillette Razor to shave my legs and I would continue to use it because it is quick, easy to use and gives a neat end result. It is a bit expensive but anything cheaper gives me razor burns and makes my skin appear bruised. One of my friends suggested using the product in this post for a smooth finish.

Panasonic WetDry Shaver Pop-Up Trimmer ES2207P Review


Product Description:
• Use in shower or bath with lather – use dry anytime, anywhere
Smoothly shave legs and underarms with three floating heads
• Comfortably trim bikini area with pop-up trimmer
• Safely shave sensitive skin with hypo-allergenic blades

My Take on Panasonic Wet/Dry Shaver w/ Pop-Up Trimmer ES2207P:

I am not that excited about this product because the first time I used it, it left tiny bit of hair (like stubble) on my legs. Initially I thought it was so because maybe I was not doing it right – perhaps the angle was not right or skin was too dry or wet but then I realized that a trimmer is anyway not designed to give a clean smooth shave like a razor and that the two of them are not interchangeable.


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Trimmer body and controls: It has an optimum ergonomic design and gives a good grip even when used under running water. It is small in size and is easy to store. It has two features which make it desirable – first, it is rechargeable and hence is cordless which makes the whole process a bit easier and second it can be used under running water or shower without causing any equipment damage or electric shock. It has one speed setting and detachable head which can be easily washed after every usage and the trimmer blade can be pushed out a little when dealing with extra long hair.


Usage: Although it can be used wet or dry, I personally felt that it performs better on extremely dry skin and even a little bit of moisture or sweat makes the trimmer skip on skin and give a more unclean finish. When dealing with extra long hair, it is better to push out the blade to chop them off to a desired length and trim them further to get as close shave as possible.

Conclusion: The equipment looks pretty because of pink color and it did manage to remove my hair as well as a trimmer can but it was not good enough to replace a razor. I like to feel my skin after hair removal process and if it’s not as smooth as I desire, I get disappointed and start the whole process all over again except that in case of a trimmer that is the extent of its performance.


Pros of Panasonic Wet/Dry Shaver w/ Pop-Up Trimmer ES2207P:

• Has a pretty rose pink body.
• It is rechargeable and hence cordless.
• It has a detachable head for easy cleaning.
• It can be used on wet or dry skin.
• Can be used under running water or shower.
• It can remove small as well as overgrown hair.
• It is perfect for removing hair from intimate areas (that’s what I personally use it for because razor is just not suitable for such areas).
• Not that expensive.
• Good life time (I have had it for 1.5 years).

Cons of Panasonic Wet/Dry Shaver w/ Pop-Up Trimmer ES2207P:

• Cannot replace a razor – does not give that smooth a finish.
• Better to use it on dry skin.


Would I Repurchase Panasonic Wet/Dry Shaver w/ Pop-Up Trimmer ES2207P?
No, because I think it will last me a while but I do recommend it to others if they are not that fond of razors or if their hair are fine enough to give a close shave after using a trimmer.

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