Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothness & Life Intensive Hair Mask Review

Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothness & Life Intensive Hair Mask

My hair has been really dry and lifeless lately and I needed something to nourish it. My regular hair mask had run out and I was in desperate need for a hair mask. So after looking at all the hair mask in the store I decided to buy this, obviously because of their ‘smoothness and life’ claims.
Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothness & Life Intensive Hair Mask

Product Description:

Professional quality intensive care for flat and heavy feeling hair.


After conditioner apply onto damp hair. Leave on for 3 minutes then rinse of thoroughly. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week.


INR 150, I think.

Shelf life:

3 years.
Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothness & Life Intensive Hair Mask Ingredients


My take of Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothness & Life Intensive Hair Mask :

I have basically done everything to my hair. Any kind of damage or torture you think of, my hair has most probably been through it. From torturous hair rollers to crazy hair colors, from incredibly heated styling tools to chemically infused hair products. I’ve kept my hair in a tight bun for days without combing it, and then manhandling it to take the knots out. Since I love my hair so much I do try to keep it healthy, I oil my hair once a year(lol) and use hair mask few times a week.

So my hair has been very dry lately. Maybe because the sun is taking a toll on my hair (and my face). I’ve been out in sun a lot a few weeks ago. There had been nothing but constant heat on my head for 4 days straight. I don’t even go out of my house now. I’ve been looking like a vampire. I stay awake at night and sleep during the day. Sad times!

I bought this in hope that it would revive my lifeless, dry hair. I was very excited to try this. Boy, was I disappointed. I had followed the instruction on the tub. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, and then applied this. I waited for around 3 minutes. I must have read all the labels twice of all the products in my shower while waiting. So after I rinsed out the product from my hair, my hair felt very soft and smooth while it was wet. I let my hair air dry. My hair turned very wavy. My hair has always been straight with slight wave to it. But after my hair dried, my hair looked very wavy and felt greasy. My hair didn’t look like it had been washed. It looked like I hadn’t washed my hair for a few days.
Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothness & Life Intensive Hair Mask   (5)
There was this oily greasy sheen on my hair. You know how our hair looks if we don’t wash it for 3 days in this hot weather that’s how my hair looked. It didn’t feel weightless or soft. It felt a little coarse and heavy. Like I had a lot of product built up in my hair. I felt like if I my pull my hair even lightly all the hair on my head would fall out. My hair felt and looked very weak. It was horrible; I had to tell my mom to oil  my hair, that’s how scared I was.

This hair mask is nothing special texture wise or quality wise. The consistency is the same as any Pantene conditioner maybe a bit more jello-y and it has the same chemical smell that all the Pantene products do. When I opened this tub to try it the first time I thought they had just put in some random conditioner in there. It did not look like a hair mask, because generally hair masks are a bit thicker than conditioners. I’ve had my share of bad hair products (a lot of them), but this has to be the worst.

Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothness & Life Intensive Hair Mask   (2)
I have only ever used one hair mask religiously and that’s the Matrix Boilage conditioning balm. I have been using that for years and years now. After I had found that I have never went back to any conditioner or hair mask I had used in the past. I think sub-consciously I’m trying to find something better than Biolage, but I don’t think I will.

Pros of Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothness & Life Intensive Hair Mask :


Cons of Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothness & Life Intensive Hair Mask :

  • Smell.
  • Doesn’t not make hair smooth or full of life.
  • Makes hair look greasy.
  • My hair felt weak and brittle.

IMBB Rating:


By the way guys, did you know that the heat and UV rays from the sun are more damaging then our heated styling tools? I think it’s time we use heat protector on our hair not just for our straightener but for whenever we go out in the sun.

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29 thoughts on “Pantene Nature Fusion Smoothness & Life Intensive Hair Mask Review

  1. Good morning everyone *happy dance* *happy dance* when i started to read the review i thought it would be great.. *happy dance*
    But sad it did not work.. It would make the hair even worse *headbang*

  2. ewwww….such a waste.. *headbang*

    i feel naturalhomemade hair masks are osm..atleast we r sureof usingsomething thats safeand notloaded with chemicals….

    1. ive never really tried homemade mask…. i tell myself tomorrow youll google a good recipe for mask and try it… but tomorrow never comes… lol *headbang* *headbang*

  3. hey maansi, thanx a tonne for this review. i was going to buy this on my next shopping trip.. u saved me from this torture.
    abt the uv damage, really? more than styling tools? dint know that.. thanx for sharing.
    btw, have u tried keune lecitol? when i used to do bad things to my hair like perming, rebonding, coloring etc… this one product was a saviour..kept my hair healthy. it was long time back..i dont know wether it is still available. plz use the product sparingly els it may feel heavy..

    1. pantene products have always worked for me… this was the first time i had a bad experince with pantene….. *cry*

  4. i know.. *smug* its because of the ingredients… i had the same experience with a hair mask.. gummy sticky. *pan* *pan* .. finally i combined it with steam and it worked…
    you can also try applying it and shampooing off… 🙂

    1. it most probably is the ingredients….. *cry* *cry* *cry* i actually did try shampooing it of but it was the same result….. *cry* *cry* *cry*

      1. oh ok.. ya even i was considering this.. but the shampoo and condish have bad reviews na… i think i will get the sunsilk keratinology mask… 🙂

        1. the sunsilk kertionology has a mask…. i didnt no…..ive never seen it at stores before!! is it nice????

  5. Well I think that one is probably not the original one cause the original one’s colour is light green but your one is yellow. So for this I think it didn’t turned out well for you. But I have used probably the original one cause I’ve purchased that one from a big chain shop in Uk and the possibility of being fake is very low, And it turned out pretty good.

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