Pantene Oil Replacement Hammam – Silky & Smooth

Pantene Oil Replacement Hammam – Silky & Smooth

This purchase is a practical example of how television ad agencies tempt you to buy the products. I saw the ad on TV and thought about giving it a try.

Product description from website:

Oil replacement hammam; Pantene’s ultimate treatment for severely damaged hair.



PKR 230 – 200 ml

Directions for use:

Apply after using shampoo & conditioner, gentle messaging into your hair, making sure to cover it completely from root to tip. Leave it for ten minutes and then rinse. Use 1-2 times a week. For best results, use with Pantene’s entire silky & smooth collection.


Condition of my hair:

Weak, dry damaged, lack volume, oily scalp, split ends

My experiences with Pantene Oil Replacement Hammam – Silky & Smooth:

The packaging is a bulky jar, sturdy but not fancy. Personally, I felt the jar is quite typical and boring; nothing extraordinary. Due to its size, it’s not odeal to carry it while travelling.
This Oil Replacement Hammam works like a hair mask. The milky white product has consistency and texture like a conditioner, and applies the same way too. I apply it once a week, spread it from root to tip and cover with a shower cap for 10 minutes, then rinse off. It spreads along tresses easily without any trouble. Coming to the results, it definitely provides moisture to hair strands, making them soft, shiny and easily manageable. The combing becomes easy whenever I apply it; my hair frizz is very controlled and lesser hair break due to easy detangling. I have observed no improvement in hair’s overall health; no less split ends and no reduction in hair so far though I am using it since three months.


Pros of Pantene Oil Replacement Hammam – Silky & Smooth:

• Provides sufficient moisture to hair.
• Hairs feel silky soft and lesser hair breakage.
• Combing becomes pretty easy.
• Controls hair frizz.
• Easy to use.


Cons of Pantene Oil Replacement Hammam – Silky & Smooth:

• Not travel friendly.
• No extra ordinary improvement to hair’s health.

IMBB Rating:


Repurchase & recommendation:

Well, though I have no complaints with this product but it’s not extraordinary; then why shall I buy it again and keep using extra products to just make my hair soft and easily detangled. Rather I should spend some bucks and put in efforts to find any better brand that improves my hair, I don’t recommend this.

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7 thoughts on “Pantene Oil Replacement Hammam – Silky & Smooth

  1. How many products are we expected to apply on our hair –

    Hairoil, then shampoo, then conditioner, hair mask, this, then serum….seriously????!!! Thanks for the heads up on the dud!

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